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Hey ladies!

The topic I'm writing about is one of the most amazing things I have discovered in the past year. Yes, amazing. The diva cup. (or moon cup)

Many of you have heard of these before but have not invested in one, and I'm here to tell you why you NEED TO.

The diva cup (the brand I use) is a menstrual cup. It catches the blood without having to be soaked up by anything and create a mess. You can have it in for up to 12 hours and is reusable.

Menstrual cups save you money, environmental waste, and your health!

Pads and tampons contain numerous chemicals (including bleach) that are very harmful to the body. And you put them WHERE??!  These cancer causing, health damaging, and possibly fatal chemicals are put in a place in your body that should be very well cared for.

I love the Diva Cup and am never going back to pads or tampons. I have a fairly heavy to normal flow and I only have to empty it about every 3.5-4 hours. I think they are 30-40 dollars, but they can last for YEARS! Just clean them with hot soapy (chemical free soap) water every day and you will stay uber fresh!

For the environment, your wallet, and your health...please. Buy a menstrual cup.

Thanks for reading and caring. :)

Comment below about your experience with menstrual cups or any harmful things you know about tampons/pads! Spread the word!

Guys: If you bothered reading this, tell the ladies in your life! :)

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Hi, thanks for sharing!

So you don´t feel the diva cup at all? It´s so big, how can it not be uncomfortable?

Hey Loane, 

No, actually you can't feel the Diva Cup/Moon Cup (or any other brand of menstrual cups).

You can cut the small thing on the down part so you feel comfortable and still be able to take it out easily. The upper part sits similar to a tampon quite high, so you won't feel it. 

Menstrual cups are also very good for women with sensitive skin or women that are chemically sensitive.

i love mine, but it's a lil uncomfortable taking it out . . .  it feels fine when it's in though and really removes a lot of the hassle of having a moon cycle

For how long do you have it? I had problems first, but now it goes fast and easy. You have to get used to inserting and taking it out, it's a bit tricky in the beginning.

Also I think Lady Cup is better then Moon Cup, I didn't like Moon Cup, it was to big and hard for me.

I had trouble taking it out in the beginning too! The trick is to fold the top as it comes out further. Otherwise (as a virgin myself) it stretches my skin a good amount and hurts. That trick realllyyyyy helped me!

thank you! i'll try that . . .  i haven't had it long, maybe two cycles

Thanks for the reply Renardpolaire.

Ok, I should try it. It´s just that I do feel tampons so I wondered how could I not feel something that big! 

I'd check for reviews/testimonials about the softness of the material if you're buying it online.  If you can buy it at a store, just see how flexible it is.  You should be able to fold it in half and then half again very easily.  Keep the top pinched between your fingers and that's how it slides in.

If it feels too wide when I'm taking it out, I can gently pinch the middle to ease it out. Yeah, it's all up close and personal but the gross factor fades fast or, at least, it did for me.  Just keep thinking that you'll never have to spend money on feminine hygiene products again.  *grin*

I've been using a MoonCup (for 7 years) and I've found it to be very flexible and a soft natural rubber from the beginning; no "break-in" time required.  I hated my one time use of a small tampon and felt no discomfort with the MoonCup at all.  Sorry that it's TMI but I've never had children and I'm still pretty tight.

there are various brands of menstrual cup, some with smaller sizes, and some with larger sizes. The Diva Cup is right about in the middle. :)

It is a bendy material and you just fold it and put it up there! If you think about the amount tampons expand when in the vagina, it really isn't that big of a difference!

I love my menstrual cups and would never use any tampons again! 

I've quite sensitive skin, so a tampon with chemicals that has to be changed a lot was never a good option.

I find it shocking, how much waste women produce with pads and tampons and this stuff, also I see friends dealing with their menstruation and it seems so complicated. They always have to change the tampons, remember putting them in their bag, then they need additional pads because a tampon alone sometimes isn't that save.... With a menstrual cup you just need the cup, you can change it everywhere just 1-3 times a day. It's great for traveling and hiking, sports. :-)

Yes! No trash is the main thing I LOVE about it! Especially at school so I can leave class to take care of my "womanly needs" (hahah) and not have to worry about sticking a tampon in my pocket without anyone seeing or something!



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