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Discovered reason for my failure to thrive on LFRV: Genetic disorder affecting B12, Folate, & Protein Metabolism

Hey all,

I haven't been posting in awhile because I've been ill with an autoimmune condition that caused me to develop a EMF sensitivity for the first time in my life (now I know for sure that cell phones are bad for people.. I can FEEL the radiation now..crazy!) but I thought you all might find it interesting that I discovered why I wasn't ever able to thrive or keep weight on eating LFRV despite years of diligently trying.

A couple of months ago my adrenal and endocrine systems crashed and I ended up in the hospital... many, many tests and specialists later I find that I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR that interferes with my bodies' ability to use B12, folate and protein. It also blocks detoxification pathways which is most likely why I got CFS and fibromyalgia years ago to begin with.

At first I was very opposed to the idea of supplementation but I already had to get on BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) anyway since I was dying due to lack of hormones (my body is apparently just not able to produce any with the little protein it's able to utilize now) but I realized that while the teachings of NH are very valuable it's important to be open to some intervention in certain cases.. apparently as in cases of genetic mutations.

Now that I know I have this problem I'm on a special protocol of methyl B12 and methyl folate supplementation in high dosages and the theory is that after six months to a year of this I should be much better overall.

I'm still mostly LFRV (indulge in some some pastuerized OJ and salsa sometimes) but now need to avoid folate even in natural forms (much less greens for me in the future)... but that's a whole 'nother post... :-)

I just wanted to remind others that sometimes diet doesn't heal all and more investigation is necessary although I definitely believe that eating LFRV IS the best diet that supports the best health in general overall....just don't always rely on diet alone to fix everything. :-)



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I'm confused, you stated that you are "on a special protocol of methyl B12 and methyl folate supplementation in high doses," and in the next sentence you said you "need to avoid folate even in natural forms." 

EMF is everywhere, in fact the earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field.  Cell phones probably contribute a very small EMF compared to the other things that surround you.  I'd be interested in discovering how your doctors were able to figure this one out. 

If these doctors are the same ones who also believe you have a condition that affects four or five dozen people in the entire world, then good on them.  They were vigilant in their diagnosis.  It seems that this condition is treated because of a low folate intake.  Spinach, corn, lentils, and a huge list of natural sources are available for you.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are very hard to diagnose as there really are no objective tests to determine them. 

I would suspect that your doctors are actually sheisters who are laughing all the way to the bank. 

You, Durianrider and many other people are correct when you say diet isn't the only answer.  I would seriously persue other avenues to correct your problems.  If you really do have a genetic disorder, then I sympathize with you.   Blessings and good health!



I was diagnosed with a genetic blood test that I requested from a brand new doctor that had not yet diagnosed me with any condition other than adrenal and endocrine system dysfunction. My own research into my symptoms and family health history led me to suspect that I had this mutation. So there is definitely not any scheisters manipulating me.

The genetic mutation I have causes my body to have difficulty utilizing any forms of B12 and folate that are not methyl b12 or methyl folate including natural sources. I know it sounds weird but from my body's reaction to anything that has a measurable amount of bvitamins or folate or folic acid it in I believe it. I can take extra methyl folate on the days I eat veggies and greens to compensate so I just do that because I do enjoy my salads and veggies.

Here is a link to more information about this condition: http://www.mindmeister.com/12694596/mthfr-related-health-problems

I have the double mutation of the 677 and 1298 genes.

My body is extremely sensitive. I can not eat spinach, corn, or lentils without suffering very debilitating symptoms. I tried to supplement other sources of b12 for years and could never tolerate them. Like I said, I passed out from a b12 shot once. I'm tolerating the methyl b12 and methyl folate just fine and they are helping many of my symptoms. I don't see why I shouldn't continue. 

I hope you aren't suggesting that EMF sensitivity is not a real condition because if you are you need to do more research. I didn't need a doctor to diagnose me. When my endocrine and adrenal system crashed I became much more sensitive to everything.. I suddenly couldn't eat fruits and veggies that never gave me problems before... anything with some chemicals in it started bothering me more AND one crazy day I noticed that I was feeling HORRIBLE while I was working on my laptop (they put out a lot of EMF and wifi is the worst) so I got up to go laydown and was surprised when I felt better immediately upon standing up and walking a few feet away. I felt much better and was on a deadline so I decided to sit back down and work again.. immediately upon putting my hands on the laptop I felt extremely sick again. Wow.. I stood up again, walked away and felt better.. so then I figure somehow I'm allegic to my computer and decide to worry about it the next day and go to bed but then I walk in front of our entertainment center while the big TV is on and I feel sick again.. then it really seems like the Twilight Zone but I couldn't deny it. I felt that very distinct sick feeling only when around electrical, radio, or wifi waves. I know its related to nervous system function because the symptoms have lessened as my other neuro symptoms have also improved on the B protocol and because I feel them less on days when I'm well rested, fed and hydrated.. It's very real. I promise you. I was ashamed at first because it seems so crazy but people do need to know that these waves are real and do affect us.. they obviously affect healthy people very subtly but if you are sick.. damn.. it's a bitch ..



The link won't work for me, but I trust you and your doctors have it figured out.  That's terrible about a double mutation and I hope you can deal with it and live a normal life.  My heart goes out to you.  Good luck!

The link works when you get rid of the extra http in it. Here it is:


Thank you Audrey for your informative and level-headed sharing. :)

EMF related illness is very real and there have been dozens of studies supporting biological effects on living organism by microwaves for more than 40 years.



And there are much more than a dozen of people with electrosensitivity, here another one, because of the last vaccine.

Thanks for you precious experience.

But I don't understand the folate thing in natural foods because, as methylb12 that is the form produced by bacteria in the gut and in the enviroment, methylfolate is the natural form http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levomefolic_acid

maybe your body were reacting against other components of the food.

I know this post is old, I hope you are doing much better now, it would be interesting to have a new report of your situation, thanks very much.

I did/do have digestion issues, even on 100% LFRV, so I'm not surprised that my body needed more mb12 and mfolate in supplement form. I'm doing a lot better since supplementing those and a few herbs for minerals.

Audrey, I have this same MTHFR gene mutation!!! I am struggling bigtime!!! I cannot begin to explain my symptoms. How are you doing these days? Looks like it has been over a year since you started your protocol. I am praying there is hope for me!

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Blessings to you Audrey...I appreciate you sharing this.  I've been doing diet plans for people with intense health issues lately and it really is tough.  It's necessary for many to have "temporary" diets to allow them to slowly heal from issues before they can go deal with a healthier diet and for some, they may not ever get to that...but I think it's important still to be open to what is healthiest in the best of circumstances and to understand health from this perspective.  Doing your best is the best all of us to do and none of that looks like anyone else's life.  Embrace your own karma...it looks like you're a great example of that.  Thanks for sharing again. :)



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