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Discovered reason for my failure to thrive on LFRV: Genetic disorder affecting B12, Folate, & Protein Metabolism

Hey all,

I haven't been posting in awhile because I've been ill with an autoimmune condition that caused me to develop a EMF sensitivity for the first time in my life (now I know for sure that cell phones are bad for people.. I can FEEL the radiation now..crazy!) but I thought you all might find it interesting that I discovered why I wasn't ever able to thrive or keep weight on eating LFRV despite years of diligently trying.

A couple of months ago my adrenal and endocrine systems crashed and I ended up in the hospital... many, many tests and specialists later I find that I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR that interferes with my bodies' ability to use B12, folate and protein. It also blocks detoxification pathways which is most likely why I got CFS and fibromyalgia years ago to begin with.

At first I was very opposed to the idea of supplementation but I already had to get on BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) anyway since I was dying due to lack of hormones (my body is apparently just not able to produce any with the little protein it's able to utilize now) but I realized that while the teachings of NH are very valuable it's important to be open to some intervention in certain cases.. apparently as in cases of genetic mutations.

Now that I know I have this problem I'm on a special protocol of methyl B12 and methyl folate supplementation in high dosages and the theory is that after six months to a year of this I should be much better overall.

I'm still mostly LFRV (indulge in some some pastuerized OJ and salsa sometimes) but now need to avoid folate even in natural forms (much less greens for me in the future)... but that's a whole 'nother post... :-)

I just wanted to remind others that sometimes diet doesn't heal all and more investigation is necessary although I definitely believe that eating LFRV IS the best diet that supports the best health in general overall....just don't always rely on diet alone to fix everything. :-)



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Hi Gosia,

I'm currently taking 5000mcg per day of methyl b12 and 15,000mcg of methyl folate (as well as a B complex and several co-factors). I'm following the protocol that many have used on this website for people with CFS/ME and other chronic, degenerative conditions: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/showthread.php?11522-Active-B12-Prot...

I'm taking the B12 in a sublingual form.. they are recommended for best effectiveness.

B12 shots would not work for me because they would most likely be the wrong form of b12 and my body is in a state of extreme hypersensitivity  (the b vitamins and folate help control allergic responses and sensitivity and I've been deficient since I was born apparently) and I'd probably react very poorly to the carriers in the injection. Two years ago I lost consciousness right after getting a b12 shot and now I know why.

I've been on the protocol for about two months now and have already noticed some improvement but there have also been some uncomfortable reactions that they call "start up" as the neurological system starts to repair and the methylation process and detox can start working again.

I"m struggling to learn all the bio and neuro chemistry I need to know to figure out what my body and brain are doing and how best to repair them. All this genetic based treatment stuff comes out of the research they've done on treating Autistic kids. I have the same genetic profile that many autistic people have. My environmental medicine doctor told me that if I would have had the misfortune of being born twenty years later in a more toxic environment and had been given more vaccinations I would have most likely been seriously autistic with my genetic profile because it severely affects the bodies ability the methylate and detox. It's very fascinating.

Thanks Audrey for taking time to share. Very informative link! :)

Yes, it is very fascinating. My son has Autism spectrum disorder and so I find this information quite relevant to me too.

Audrey, thanks for your openness. I, too, am struggling with auto-immune issues and just found out that my iron reserves and b-12 are too low, despite supplementing. I find myself really struggling right now trying to be at peace dealing with this. I don't like the idea of having to use animal products, however supplementing does not really fall into my idea of natural health. But I just wanted to wish you well on your journey. I know from first-hand experience that EMF sensitivity is not easy to deal with. Take care!

Hi Jenny,

I wouldn't struggle too much with idea of supplementing if I were you. Sometimes it's necessary to repair and heal.

I tried some raw eggs yolks from my friends backyard chickens because I heard they have b12 but they made me very, very sick. Supplementing was an easy choice after that. LOL.

Jenny, iron is easy to supplement with vegan sources.. you can eat blackstrap molasses (good on sliced up bananas) or take Floradix herbs with iron (search on amazon) or take powdered beet root or if you are not opposed to eating some cooked veggies you can saute some veggies in a cast iron pan for extra iron.

Audrey, thanks for the advice. I was out for 3 days this weekend after a hairspray exposure, but will start supplementing again tomorrow. I have taken up to 4000 mcg, but if you are doing okay on 5000, I think I will give that a go. I have an iron supplement from WaterOz that I got from a place here in town, The owner has pernicious(?) anemia and it is the only iron supplement she can take. I am also going to start doing beets in my smoothies again. :)

Iron is usually "ironed out" when the b-12 levels come up.  

Thank you for this post and for keeping us up to date with what is going on. I am glad you are finally getting the answers that you have been seeking <3


I hope you get better! :)

Audrey, I'm so glad you found out what the problem is, and how wonderful that the doctors are thinking that supplementing will bring you back to health.  I tested low in B12 and D, and supplementing brought them right up into the normal range, so I'm very happy it was that simple and I didn't have to consume animal foods to get healthy.  I hope you are feeling better and better as time goes on, and that you are in glowing good health very soon.  Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, and it's such a good reminder that diet isn't everything, and if we're not thriving despite what we feel is an ideal diet, then we should seek out some answers.

So glad to hear an update and that you are finding help!

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! :-)  Luckily the EMF sensitivity is starting to abate (I think as both my nervous system and immune system heal) so I will be able to be online more often.





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