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Hey everyone,

I fell off the fruit wagon pretty hard the last 2 or 3 weeks, and I'm kind of feeling like crap. We had friends in town visiting and ate out like almost every day. I managed to keep vegan but I ate a ton of crap I would normally never eat - veggie sushi, hummus, a scone, chickpea & corn tamales, a quinoa and black bean bowl with some kind of really fatty avocado & pumpkin seed sauce.... ugh. I am sooo bloated.

On Monday I had a really good day, ate only fruit, and felt better, then yesterday I did really well until right before bed when I ate four slices of bread with jelly. Wtf??? Even as I was eating it I kept telling myself, put it down, it's going to make you sick, it doesn't even taste good... But I kept shoving bread in my face hole anyway.

Why can't I control myself??? I used to be so good at this lifestyle, for a few months there in like Jan, Feb, March I was doing really well and weighed 115 and I was skinny & not bloated. Now I look like the bloated carcass of a beached whale and weigh 120.

I know everyone is gong to say "just eat more fruit!" But that's not the problem, I can eat plenty of fruit, I ate fruit ALL DAY LONG yesterday... I literally was constantly eating all day long. I can't eat big enough meals to get all my calories so I have to graze all day. I fill my backpack full of fruit & smoothies to take to work. The problem is that once I get home from work there is a ton of shitty food in my kitchen that belongs to my boyfriend and I cannot. Control. Myself.

Help? I feel so crappy about myself right now :(

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DONT GIVE IN!!!! its so easy to fall off the wagon i have done it in the past. i think you just need to make yourself some more yummy food at night. seems like you just ate a lot of fat the last few weeks. get back on track and im sure the weight will come right off. so stick to your fruit all day and when you get home make yourself a big bowl of rice with some veggies mixed in and just put a bunch of spices in so its packed with flavor. it will be a nice savory dense meal and it will def fill you up! or have rice or corn pasta and make yourself a low salt fat free sauce. i had pasta last night and i used a can of low sodium tomato puree with mushrooms and basil it was delish!!!! you will be fine once you start feeling how good you feel after eating better. its hard having your bf not on a diet as strict as yours. my boyfriend if vegan (thankfully he took the change in lifestyle along side with me) but he doesn't eat raw till 4 like me mostly because he is allergic to a lot of fruit and some veggies. but its easier that he can make us things we both can eat but he also gets to eat cookies and cakes where i cant. then i have him in the grocery store saying "are you sure you wanna eat that?!" thats when i snap back saying "all i eat is fruit and veggies leave me alone" hahaha. but just joke around with him and see if maybe he is willing to give some things up in the house to make it easier for you. 

good luck!!! and you will be fine just dont beat yourself up about falling off at the end of the day you still made smart food choices that maybe didnt benefit your body but they really didnt hurt it too much either. :)

ps bread and jam sounds amazing and i prob would have eaten the whole loaf hahahahhaa

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. My bf eats mostly vegan but he doesn't care about eating healthy and he always has stuff like tortilla chips, cereal/granola bars, veggie burgers and other processed stuff like that. :/ this morning I asked him to keep them on the top shelf where I can't reach haha.

The bread was gooood haha it was rye. And the jam was fancy blueberry preserves too... uuuugh it's terrible lol. The only thing that makes it kind of ok is that the bread was really nice quality from a local bakery, vegan and not made with oil or preservatives, so at least it was low fat... bread just makes me so uncomfortable! I need to stock up on rice and have some cooked & ready to go in the fridge at all times, I think that would help.

your boyfriend sounds just like mine haha so i feel your pain. luckily though he enjoys cooking and he can make some good food. but if we both have pasta mine is plain and his is COVERED in oil lol. you may be gluten sensitive if the bread bothers you that much. not an allergy just have trouble breaking it down. but deff look up some good rice or pasta dishes. just to give you that feeling of "normal" and heavy savory meal. and then obviously eat MORE fruit during the day.

don't worry or beat yourself up about making choices you want to improve. Just try to be mindful when making them.

What are you craving?

How does it feel emotionally and physically when denying and feeding these cravings?

Are those choices and reactions what you want to bring into your life?

If you are eating enough sweet fruits, the next issue people often have is are they eating enough tender leafy greens? 

Are you ever eating raw fats, or only ever when you fall off the wagon? 

Make sure to eat enough greens as well as sweet fruit and to try and see how you feel eating appropriate amounts of raw, healthy fats :)



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