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Hi everyone,

Lately I have been feeling very discouraged by my husband, of whom I love and care for very much. We have been married for about a year. I have been on this lifestyle for 4-5 months so far and eat giant banana smoothies of 10 bananas.

My husband keeps on telling me that I'm never going to lose weight eating so much, and that I'm eating "way too much". Keep in mind though I exercise every other day moderate intensity (30 min plus) and eat around 3000+ calories of sugary fruits per day. I generally wake up very skinny then throughout the day fluid regains in my body from glucose/water, making my belly area look more swollen. I wake up like freakin ghandi though lol! I think he sees me right after I eat with my huge belly (I eat 3 times per day) and he thinks I look "a little fat today". I never really get encouraged by him to keep on eating fruits and veggies, in fact, he wants me to eat more brotein and fat, by eating dead animals. He is of course not a vegan. It is very upsetting when I get called "a little fat today" or something like that. I am only 139 lb 5 ft 8, so I am definitely not overweight. I have tried to tell him about my diet but he doesn't want to hear about it. He thinks it's crazy and thinks protein is optimal for weight loss (lol!).

What is your opinion on how I should deal with this? I love this lifestyle and feel great! I have never felt better and have so much energy. I REALLY REALLY want him to jump on the bandwagon with me but he is a hardcore meat eater and is a low carb paleo type right now (he is trying to lose weight). So pretty much we are totally opposites but I sincerely love him and you know what they say, opposites attract!

PS He HATES veggies and fruits and pretty much EVERYTHING healthy. I think he had bad experience in childhood with vegetables at least. Who can hate fruit? 

Thank you everyone!

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Oh and any help or any suggestions you have are incredibly valuable! :) I don't care if it doesn't make sense or what not , thanks

Sounds like your husband is probably under the influence of pornography. Most men these days watch pornography and it distorts their vision of what constitutes "normal". It is an epidemic. Sad but true. Many of the women in those videos are on drugs and have had plastic surgery.

Omg thank you! Yes I agree and I know he watches pornography too. That is probably what it is, it's sickening indeed. 

This is why its important for men to have friends around them to hold them accountable. A mentor/father, a brother, or a close friend, who hold marriage and family sacred, need to step in right now, get in his face, and say STOP! 

There are people in this world who believe that human beings are just a mind and a body, and that we do not have a soul.

  • These people believe that a man can sit and watch thousands of pornographic images and videos (which have been scientifically proven to be burned into our memories for many many years unlike normal memories) and still appreciate the unique beauty of his wife. 
  • These people believe that a man can listen to music that promote drugs, child prostitution, and hedonism, and still appreciate his children.
  • These people believe that a man can fantasize about anything and everything that he lusts after, no matter how disgusting or foul it may be, and still contribute to his community.

Their mantra is heard everyday: "I can do whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody". These people hate having an sort of rules imposed on them. 

But there is such a thing as corrupting your mind, tarnishing your soul, abusing your spirit...and that is why so many people are hurting right now. This is why so many marriages fail.

Men need to acknowledge that it is not OK to give in to lust after women who are not their wives, and impose rules on themselves. The last thing I want, is a woman who "let's me do whatever I want". This  sermon talks about the only way for men to overcome lust. The premise is simple: "Any time you rely on willpower, you are setting yourself up for failure. The solution is to avoid those situations altogether." 5'8 140 is tall and skinny.


He needs a support group of other men to remedy this. If he doesn't have a mentor, a male support group that values these things, a belief in a higher power and repurcussions for his actions, that is the root of the problem. 

Wow thank you BSOA for the long and detailed reply! I of course don't watch pornography personally, because I think it lessens sexual attraction to your partner. I've also watched videos about how it is detrimental to sex drive in general. I think I'm pretty skinny also, but pretty much everyone has a few pounds they need to lose of course, I'm not anorexic and will continue to eat to my hearts content! Thank you very much for your reply :)

i'm sorry but its rude to expect your wife to look like some porn star. I know married women who look like porn stars and hey thats great whatever. and if you want to look like a porn star for your man thats awesome. But its rude to expect this of your wife. I'm not saying its wrong to look like one or for you to want to look awesome for him. but its disrespectful for him to expect this of you. 

I think the right answer is. you should want to be the best you that you can be for him. and he should want to be the best him he can be for you. I would imagine this would have you both being your best for each other. Then you have full respect going both ways. And who knows he might have his porn star and you might have your hunk nothing wrong with that. 

Yeah it is wrong to expect anyone to be different than from who they are. :) Thanks Jim!

   difficult situation   maybe you could plant seeds with him with engine 2 diet  rip is  a big strong athlete 


Thanks banana boy! I have bookmarked that video and will try to find a good time to show him. :)

What is your opinion on how I should deal with this? I love this lifestyle and feel great! I have never felt better and have so much energy. I REALLY REALLY want him to jump on the bandwagon with me but he is a hardcore meat eater and is a low carb paleo type right now (he is trying to lose weight). So pretty much we are totally opposites but I sincerely love him and you know what they say, opposites attract!

My advice is to keep doing what your doing. your gonna get this kinda flack from someone all the time. those around you give up soonest after a while its only the random aquantence that gives you flack. 

Now to beat him at his paleo game. I ate like that. and I know first hand you just cant have the same level of fitness eating paleo. I run 60 miles a week and have plenty of energy my fitness just gets better and better eating this way. I'm clearly not protein deficient :). he can keep his brotein.

I laugh at the idiots that try to tell me to shovel in protein. They are just dumbfounded when i rattle off some of my running stats knowing they cant even begin to compete with me. 

I'll even go so far as to tell people its so sad I suffer from protein deficiency thats why i am able to run like i do lol.

overtime people are like huh maybe i should eat more banans like you i'm like yeah go for it :)

haha good advice! Thanks! Just keep on keepin' on!

yeah dont seek his encouragement or discouragement one way or another. do whats best for you. You coudl easily use his discouragement as an excuse to fail etc.. your success should not be dependant on how he treats you. 

I think he'll come around and at least be ok with what your doing for you. I dunno if i'd expect to convert him to a vegan any time soon tho lol. getting others to convert seems to be a larger challenge even.



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