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Disconnect - McDonald's Employees "Shocked" at Duckling Deaths

Can someone please explain to me how a 19 year old from Michigan is facing felony charges with up to 4 years in prison for running over 4 ducklings in a McDonald's parking lot, but the business who serves up dead animals every day and those who consume them aren't accountable for their actions? 


This video could not be any more ironic if I scripted it myself.  The reporter talks about the unthinkable crime that was done to these ducklings right in front of a McDonald's restaurant!

Video man charged with killing / torturing animals


I took note of a few things from the video. 

1. The McDonald's employees and other bystanders were very sympathetic towards the live ducklings being murdered.  They KNEW it was wrong and took action immediately to see that the killer faced consequences for his crime.  Do they feel the same way about the animals they are serving up in the kitchen?

2. The news reporters show sympathy towards this unthinkable crime, asking how can someone run over cute little yellow fluffy ducklings.  It's a shame they don't bring up the fact that millions of cute little yellow fluffy male baby chicks are ground up each year in the egg industry.

3. Bystanders proclaim that it is wrong, unthinkable, and murder.  Are these the same bystanders that just walked out of that McDonald's with a belly full of burgers and chicken sandwiches???


When will people wake up and take their blinders off? 


Here is the full news article:

Police: Man Purposely Ran Over Ducklings In Ann Arbor

19-Year-Old Man Faces Felony Charge

POSTED: Tuesday, April 26, 2011
UPDATED: 8:09 pm EDT April 26, 2011
A 19-year-old man was arrested Monday after police said he purposely ran over ducklings with a Hummer at a McDonald's restaurant parking lot in Ann Arbor.Police said Dillon Pearce was waiting to pick up his food from the restaurant's drive-through window when a passenger in his Hummer got out and tried to pick up one of the ducklings that were walking in the parking lot with their mother.  
Watch: Police: 19-Year-Old Kills Ducklings With Hummer
Police said McDonald's employees told the man to stop. Pearce then drove around the parking lot and ran over the ducklings on purpose, killing four infant birds, police said.
Employees at the McDonald's said the birds nest at the restaurant each year, and that they are welcomed visitors. They said the ducks are attracted to a pond across the street.The employees called police who arrested Pearce at a nearby gas station.Many people from around the community had negative reactions to what police said Pearce did.
"I think it sounds like a typical Hummer owner to me," said Catherine Wagner, a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Carolyn Monroe, who works at the Bird Center of Washtenaw County, said she would have called police."If I had seen the guy, I probably would have called the police right away and chased him out of his car," Monroe said.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent Local 4 the following statement:"Animal abusers are bullies and cowards who victimize the defenseless," PETA said. "The FBI flags these crimes because they know that abusers often graduate to harming children and the elderly.
Understanding this, legislators have passed laws to help ensure that animal abusers face incarceration and stiff fines. If convicted of this despicable act, we expect that Pearce will be duly punished for it."Pearce faces a felony charge and up to four years in prison if convicted. He is being held on a $5,000 bond."
It's murder," said Shelby Alexa, a University of Michigan student. "It's really wrong."

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Jacob very true and also add as long as it doesn't affect by reality tv show watching. lol


Take Care,



Oh my God that was unreal!  Thank you so much for posting this! 


Just the other day I drove past a McDonalds and got a really sick feeling in my stomach when I saw this big sign that said...



I wonder what that 99 Billion meals comes out to in animal deaths?  Anyone want to take a wild guess? 


People look at this sign and say "Wow, that's incredible!", but to me it just looks like a giant tombstone for these animals.


As a kid I remember seeing an interview on the news with someone who represented McDonalds saying that by the year 2000 McDonalds would have sold so many burgers that if you stacked them all on top of each other the stack would reach the moon.  I don't know if there is any truth to that, but either way it certainly isn't something to be proud of or brag about.


And if this story wasn't backwards enough already I'm willing to bet that while this kid is in prison he will be served meat everyday (more likely every meal) and by the time his 4 year prison sentence is over 100 times more innocent animals will have been killed in order to feed him...




Wake up people!

Wow who owuld do that



most of the human race is messed up.


This is more proof.


Boy I have seen that look around here.


Take Care,

"It's murder," said Shelby Alexa, a University of Michigan student. "It's really wrong."



stories like this are crazy, people who eat meat are not doing the killing, so therefore they assume they are not murderers, they are good people who would never hurt a fly, unlike that criminal who ran over poor defenseless ducklings. It's such a double standard.

Well..it IS murder...no matter what you think about McD's...what this guy did was wrong...


That being said...it's weird that at McD's people eat murdered meat EVERY day..and nothing was said about that.


If I was this guys lawyer..I would certainly bring this up..

Sharing on Facebook also.... thanks!


People in general (not excluding me) walk around with blinders on half (or more) of the time. It takes time to educate this "herding society" of ours.

Just by looking at this guys picture you can tell (at least I can) that he is not a bad person...just influenced by bad society....

So agree with you, Jamil. 


The other day I watched a UK programme called 'Come Dine With Me'.  One of them had cooked a meal that was something like stuffed partridge in chicken in turkey - called 'a bird within a bird within a bird'.  One of the guests got very upset and asked why three birds had to die for their meal? 


YET she'd been happily tucking into the flesh of murdered chicken and lamb in previous evenings!!!

OMG... great example of the level of disconnect and denial in people today.  Thank you for sharing.

"Although most people believe that animals
should not be harmed unnecessarily, they
behave in ways that contradict this belief." Prof. Gary L. Francione


Thanks for sharing.



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