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Hi everyone

I am new here.. have been trying to be raw vegan since January.. I have been pretty happy with my transition and have been pretty much 80 to 90% raw ... so far until last week. This past week was AWFUL! I ate more SAD food than I have since January! I paid the price too.. horrible sleeping, tummy aches, headaches, and the worst.. NO ENERGY! My low blood pressure was so bad!!! ...


But today.. I am back on track and already feeling better....


Do any of you have these ups and downs.. or am I just so early in this that its to be expected?


thanks for your advice and encouragement.




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Hey Ruthie,

Up's and downs come from not eating enough calories, getting enough sleep and drinking enough water.. and almost most importantly not getting enough support. Sometimes you have to find the support yourself just to stay motivated. Also, I would suggest going 100% Raw. When I eat cooked potatoes and such it only makes me hungry for more cooked food. And if I'm surrounding myself with people eating the sad diet and constantly feeling sorry for myself because I can't eat that food, then I need more calories AND I need to stop surrounding myself with those people. Eat more, exercise more, and KNOW IN YOUR HEART that you'll get there, and we both know where THERE is ;) Much love and Aloha~~Sally

Hi Ruthie,


Early on I would do that. You probably will again, maybe not as bad. Don't let it get you down. It gets easier. This site is very motivating.  When I very first started to go raw it took me about a year to get it right, then I joined here, i even used to have slip ups when I was a member. My only "sins" now are a baked potato and popcorn once in a while.



Hi Ruthie, Doug Graham says it often takes people years to fully transition.  I'm in that category.  It is a HUGE change that affects our whole lives/lifestyles, so it can take awhile to integrate everything.  If you can keep eliminating more of the worst foods and replacing them with healthier versions, then you don't fall back quite as hard when you fall.  Sounds like you are doing great, tho.  Keep it up!

Thanks everyone! The hard part is my whole family is still on a "healthy" version of sad. Lean meats, gluten free breads, etc.... I cook normal for them while trying to do raw alone. its not too bad most of the time... and I love the fact my tastes are changing where I dont really want the stuff I cook the majority of the time.

Good news is my kids and hubby LOVE the smoothies and have increased their fruit intake 100 fold! progress. :)


Its good to know I am not alone for sure and to know others have the same type experiences.


Dh is cooking steaks tonight for the inlaws ..... none for me thanks.


thanks again! appreciated it!

Yeah sounds like you are simply not eating enough calories. Use cron-o-meter( http://cronometer.com/) to track your calorie intake and aim for a minimum of 2500 calories every day. Chances are you are not meeting your daily calorie needs and after a while it adds up, so then your body naturally binges to compensate so you can actually survive. 

2500 is the minimum, once your passed that, if you can keep eating, continue to eat. I know a lot of people, me included, neglected calories when first getting into raw food, and it's near impossible imo to do well on the hcrv diet unless you monitor your daily intake to match the minimum. Good luck and just know that as you get more and more experience things will only get better :)

Hey Ruthie, what are you eating on average days? Can it be that you are undereating?


Water? What is your water intake? Is it 3L a day?


What about sleep? Are you having AT LEAST 8 hours each night horizontal?


What brought you to the SAD food? Cravings? Or just mindless eating?


Hang in there, you did a great job today!






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