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Hey everyone,

Like many of you when I first got into eating raw fruits and vegetables my energy levels went WAY up and even though I lift weights and do yoga almost every single day PLUS have a full time (40 hours or more a week) job that involves a lot of lifting and moving around I still wanted to be more active and I quickly gave away my TV because sitting still long enough to watch TV shows, much less 2 hour movies, (or god forbid an entire season of Family Guy on DVD like I heard a co-worker saying he did on his day off) is just not how I want to spend my free time these days.

After watching one of Michael Arnstein's YouTube videos a while back where he ran a 100 mile race I felt inspired to do something really really challenging like that.  (I didn't even know that it was possible to run 100 miles in 1 day before I saw that and I of course admired his will.)  Unfortunately, I have tried running several times in the past few years but my knees just can't "take the pounding" so to speak and my knees will hurt for the next few days any time I go for a run.  I do however have a big empty backyard and a shovel so one day I decided that I was going to dig 1,000,000 pounds of dirt. 

I hope that you enjoy these pictures (lots of new ones that I haven't posted here or anywhere else) I had so much fun doing this project and I hope that any of you that have a big yard and a shovel will try digging as exercise...

Oh, but please please please call before you dig!  As you can see in the pictures I hit pipes while doing this project and I certainly don't want anyone to break a water pipe or get in any legal trouble.  By the way, the number to call before you dig just happens to be 8-1-1 ;)


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This is the sort of exercise that I like - manual and natural.

And ... What a hole.

If only I lived nearer, I'd join you in your digging.

I thought that my garden was hard work by clearing, levelling, digging out trees, building, creating ...

Your task is   W A Y   beyond mine.  What a   G  R  E  A  T    job you did. 

And ... all for the greater cause.

What've you got planned next?


Really?  1 gallon of water a day.  ... how on Earth did you manage to dig such a hole without needing the loo.          Or did you just add to the water content?

I soooooooooooo respect you for this task you did, both in shine and snow, and also for the niavity which you went into it with ... something which I would certainly do ... I would definitely have hit a pipe somewhere along the way.

How cute that you tied a rope around your waist ... me too.  How stupid we get when we're 'in above our waist' ...

How many bodies do you think the helicopter crew thought you were trying to bury?  Ha, ha, ha, ha ha!!!!!!

I LOVE your shovel, rake, dinosaur and love heart stone pics.

Your end project is so resourceful and the fact that what you achieved wasn't intended, makes it all the more worthwhile and poignant.  This is how I roll.

Be SO proud for what you've achieved.

Love, peace and happiness.

How many bodies do you think the helicopter crew thought you were trying to bury?  Ha, ha, ha, ha ha!!!!!!

I actually was worried about someone thinking something like that.  I live in Columbus Ohio and there are police helicopters flying around the neighborhood periodically and I'm sure that my yard sticks out like a sore thumb when viewed from above since everyone else's yard is green and then you suddenly see my yard with no grass and new holes always being dug and buried for no apparent reason.  And what would I say if the police actually showed up at my house and asked me to explain what was going on?  "Oh, I'm just digging holes to show that raw vegans have energy." LOL

I consider myself VERY lucky that I was able to do a project like this in the city where if you don't keep your grass cut short or if you leave stuff in your yard you will get a ticket.  (Heck, I went on vacation once and I stayed home for a week and when I went out to my car at the end of the week there was a notice saying that my car had been parked in the same spot for several days and that if the millage didn't increase in the next 24 hours it would be towed away.)  So yeah, doing this project in the city was one of the most challenging things about it.  I'm just so glad that I didn't get a "cease and desist" notice half way through it.

My neighbors were probably wondering what on Earth I was up to as well.  I'm sure that they already thought that I was "strange" to begin with considering that I've never met or talked to them even though I have lived next to them for years now.  (I'm just really shy and have always been a hermit)  But at one point when I was digging a big hole one of my neighbors walked up to the fence and he looked over and said, "Oh my God, what are you doing over there?" and like I said I'm shy so I just said, "Oh, just digging." and smiled at him. He then said, "Are you digging a swimming pool?" and I was so nervous that I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say "I don't know." and he said, "You don't know if you're digging a swimming pool?" and I just had to laugh at my awkward self and I told him that I was just digging just for fun and he looked at me strange and said, "Why don't you just rent a bulldozer or something?" and I said, "Because I enjoy the exercise." and he said, "Oh.... But I still don't see why you don't just rent a bulldozer."  I guess that he just didn't get it.

The only bones in my garden are those dinosaur bones :)

OK, if you're going to be digging for the fun of it...you must do SOMETHING with all the digging you're doing. For example: BUILD A HOBBIT HOME, or UNDERGROUND HOME!! Judging by the pictures, it looks as if you have built a root-cellar or emergency storm shelter.

I hope you do something with your hole, especially what I have suggested because you could have a beautiful, environmentally-friendly, toxic-free, off-the-grid, and self-reliant HOME.

Could actually get off the city water grid doing that.
You were so deep in some of dem holes that I thought gravity was gonna reverse on ya, dude!

Hey Jared.

Can you send me a private message as I'd like to ask you a question.


Peace. x

I loved the dinosaur pet rock^-^

You rock Jared.

Peace, PK

Yeah.  Jared 'rocks'.

Shovelling is the best exercise!  An intense work out and you're actually getting something accomplished that you can see and admire.  Nice hole! I love shovelling in the winter (snow), spring (gravel, fixing the road) and this spring I had a special treat, 2 1/2 ton truck loads of compost delivered to my yard on my birthday;  but the truck couldn't get all the way to the garden, I was ecstatic!  It took me 2 weeks to move it all into the garden with a shovel and wheel barrel, but I also have other obligations (3 kids) otherwise I would have committed to that project.  As it was I could only work on it about an hour a day.  My goal was to get it done before the black flies arrived and I made it! 

Cool I did something similar at my house, I dug out by hand for a couple weeks a parking area in the front of our house where there use to be an embankment.

I'm just glad you didn't get hurt, you could have had a cave in when you dug the well hole, that was way deep without those safety walls to stabilize the sides.

I'm just glad you didn't get hurt, you could have had a cave in when you dug the well hole, that was way deep without those safety walls to stabilize the sides.

The day after those pictures of me in the well were taken I went outside and walked up to the well and one of the walls had caved in big time!  Like I said, this project was an adventure, but if I were to do it again I would be a lot more careful for sure.

Friggin´ awesome, Jared!



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