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I have had pretty bad digestion for a while since starting raw till 4 about 2-3 months ago. Without going into too much detail, i seem to always be bloated to some degree and have a 'clogged up' feeling, and struggle to pass.

I eat 7 bananas + 100g dates for breakfast in a smoothie most days, lunch is usually dried fruit and some fresh fruit and dinner is rice/potatoes/corn pasta with a lot of cooked vegetables. Sometimes i have cornflakes or corn cakes as a snack at night. ((i also drink 1L water upon waking and 2 litres during the day)) I have been eating this way for about 2 months so my digestion should have sorted itself out by now - I'm starting to think i have a serious problem that needs medical attention.

It's kinda killing my hope with this diet, i really want it to work and i know 100% raw would be optimum, but that's not possible in my situation at the moment. I didn't have these problems before raw till 4, eating high fat cooked vegan (however i gained a lot of weight with the high fat o_o - so i don't want to go back to that) plus i know eating lots of cooked carbs wouldn't help my digestion either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :S

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This will be my very first post/reply of any kind on this site. I just joined, so I am new to the transition and looking to become 100% LFRV. I am currently downing a 10 banana shake. Besides being new to the Fruitarian lifestyle, which I am quickly becoming a fan of, I am well educated in other areas of nutrition and health and wellness. I too jumped right in, just the last few days, however today would be my first day completely 100% LFRV. What I am finding to be the most important word is "Simplify". 

A couple more thoughts from my personal experience: if your going to have at all... white rice, not brown and potatoes should only be organic as well as thoroughly cooked from low heat to until very very soft, like butter. 

I have also come from gorging right before bed, amongst practicing other diets... chips, sweets and everything processed and hard. hard = hard to digest. (for me) I also have had many issues with my GI tract and constipation...etc. and I am already going with ease and comfort. So try to get rid of what you don't need, like the corn flake snacks and choose wisely with the cooked veg. I am already learning why that was hard on me too.

Thank you for replying, and congrats on becoming LFRV!!! i think it may be the cooked carbs, i have brown rice a lot but i am afraid that white rice might spike my blood sugar too quickly? Especially with the amount i eat. And i agree, need to work on the night snacking because i know i feel better without it.

it might help to cut out dried fruit for a while. im also sort of going through some times of bad digestion, but eating fully raw and to the 801010 guidelines is helping a bit

Hey! I have really sensitive digestion, so I can relate. What really helps me is making sure I drink TONS of water and have a majority of my intake be lots of fruit. At least 3 liters a day if not more for water. In the morning I drink water until something happens no matter how much water that is. My digestion also depends on how ripe my fruits are. The riper they are, the easier my digestion will be (obviously). 

I was raw til 4 for 4 months (fully raw now) and it took my digestion 2 1/2 to 3 months to adjust. I know sometimes people don't like the "hang in there and it'll work out" answer, but for me it really did! 

Edit: Oh and I recently did a 3 day banana island and that healed my digestion so much. 

I drink about that much water and it seems to bloat me even if in between meals, and I'm currently doing banana island today and trying to go for as long as possible, but i can't seem to get off cooked food since theres a limited fruit availability where i am at the moment. But thank you!

I have found that dried fruit, any corn products, onions, garlic, spicy peppers, soy, gluten, fatty foods and tomato products give me troubles with indigestion and bloating.... It seems the clenaer the diet gets the cleaner it has to get. I pretty much only eat fresh fruit, veg, white rice (as it digests better than brown), & legumes. I cut out all packaged food, excess salt & restaurants & have found a huge improvement in my digestion, energy levels, moods, sleep, skin.....Trial and error my friend; just keep monitoring how you feel after meals to help pin point what it is that is causing problems. Good luck :)

Oh, i basically eat all those things every day (minus the fatty foods recently)! makes sense now, aha. Thanks for the advice :)

It could take awhile for your body to adjust to this new way of eating. Also something to keep in mind that some foods may not digest as well as others. Personally I find certain foods (brown rice, or too much white rice) really make me feel bloated and kinda backed up. Maybe try one starch every night for a week then try a different one, you might find one or two giving you trouble.

Yes indeed, since i have given it so much hell in the past! its a matter of patience i guess. I have a limited budget and fruit availability is not the best right now, though i may try switching brown rice to white. Thanks :)

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and make sure to keep liquid 20 or more minutes away from meals!!

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