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Hello everyone :) I am about 6 months vegan now, and about 3 of those months hclf. I started off with 801010rv to the T, but I could not digest the plants well enough to extract the energy from them. I started eating cooked and have been RT4 for a month now. Instead of juicy fruits I did bananas, datorade, and starchy dinners. I felt great as in I had enough sugar to feel happy, calm, and energetic. Except my colon is still in training! My gut is inefficient. I was in so much discomfort (a LOT of gas, and Buddha belly all the time. Go to bed like buddah, wake up like buddah) that I decided I'm doing raw for a bit, with more juicy fruits and some dates and bananas. I think I will start cycling my diet: when I feel to light, eat some cooked. When I feel to heavy, keep away from cooked. Still no matter what eating as much as is satisfying. I yearn for the colon efficiency of freelee, she eats twice what I eat and has a flat stomach in an hour. DR says that you have to use the gut muscles to strebgthen them. I think its working, but it is hard! Please tell me your experiences with training your gut muscles!

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I must add that the juicy fruits are hard to get enough of. I eat til full and in an hour or so my stomach isn't totally flat but my head starts to hurt (I discovered that is from not enough cals or sugars) and I need to eat before my next meal, or be a spaced out grump. HOW do I get enough calories without gastric distress?

Are you eating mono meals and/or using proper food combining?  This helps tremendously. And are you absolutely sure that all your fruit is ripe, (super duper sweet with no hint of sourness)?  Eating just one fruit per day or for a week or more at a time can help heal and strengthen digestion. ie banana island.

if you're eating ripe and properly combined fruits, what cooked meals are you eating? do you drink your smoothies through a straw?

also, iron pills and vitamin pills (b12..?) can cause bloating. I had no pain or bloating, took a b12 pill, and it was back in full force.

Yeah, I'd say to keep things simple for the time being if you're trying to increase your colon's efficiency by having fruit mono meals during the day and simple starchy meals at night with simple/little ingredients. I'd also recommend chewing your food well, mixing your saliva in and helping aid in the digestion process. Hope this helps :)



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