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I have been on raw till 4 now for 6 months. At the start I felt great;had loads of energy and digestion went from great to mediocore and now for the last 3 months digestion has been terrible I have extreme fatigue, and just generally feeling down and moody.. I eat Mono meals and exercise daily and drink enough water and get enough sleep: basically I'm an extremist and I follow the raw till 4 guidelines to a T. Just wondering why I am having these issue, I could understand if it was bad from the start as I believe it takes times for the body to heal but does anyone know why I would be going backwards? I've been feeling this way for about 4 months

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how much water are you drinking? i had problems with digestion when i first went rawtill4 because i wasn't drinking enough.

Your body is probably just getting used to the change in way of eating.  I would try not worry about it so much.  If you are doing everything by the rules then you just need to stick by it.  Keep up the consistent work and things will get better.  You just have to be patient

Hi thanks yeah I drink a lot of water. Someone actually said I might be drinking too much. Sometimes 4 litres a day it including in my smoothies. I'm aware I have to be patient just wanna make sure that this lifestyle is for everyone and not that maybe some peoples bodies don't adapt to it.

How were you eating before?

Grew up on a SAD diet. Then im 2011 started eating very minimal meat and diary then in 2013 did a water fast for 30 days then gourmet vegan for one year then raw till 4

Upgrade to fully raw?

Daily Recipe for Long Term Success:

Good luck and Peace, PK

Thanks PK I think it's the high oxalate foods I will try to eliminate. I'm going on a world trip so bit worried about not sticking to it all



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