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Does anyone have any difficulties staying totally raw due to significant others who are not 811 wanting to eat out on the weekend etc?

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I don't have any personal experience or advice to give, in terms of 8-1-1 and partners. But in general, I've always had trouble keeping up with certain things when in a relationship where the other person wasn't 100% on board with those ideas. If the temptation is there, I'm certainly more likely to cave. Yesterday, someone described this lifestyle as "simple, but not easy." They're very right about that.

That said, no two people are identical. I think it's important to find balance, and to be able to play "devil's advocate" for each other at times. After all, that's where some of the passion comes from. ;)

I think the big question might be - how supportive is the significant other? Are they willing to go to restaurants that are at least more supportive of your lifestyle choices? Are they willing to keep the eating out to a minimum, or to take a temporary break from it altogether if that's what you need?

There's always going to be difficulties, whether or not the other person is 8-1-1, but I think support is key. Also, perhaps you should eat more before going out for dinner, or bring a smoothie or datorade to help ward off temptation. I'm pretty sure there's some videos on this, and a section about eating out in the Go Fruit Yourself book. Hope my rambles help! :)

If he eats animals and animal products ditch him and get someone that doesn't. Have him watch earthlings and if he still wants to contribute to that hes not worth keeping.

If he doesn't eat animals or animal products, but the problem is his gourmet vegan food then let him go by himself, take your own food with you, or compromise and go to a place that has Gourmet vegan things for him but still 8/1/1  friendly dishes for you. 

I sometimes find myself wishing my boyfriend would at least ditch meat, but I love him for so much more than what he eats. He also supports my choices.

If your in a situation the person doesn't support you, then say no. If you're in the position that you can't see past her diet, then it must not be right! 

And don't think that being raw vegan eliminates social outtings! Bring a salad dressing, talk to the server, adapt and acclimate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL4XqUvMV74 

You shouldn't feel like you need to compromise your health and moral choices for others :) I hope this helps and I hope the best resolves between you and your relationships! <3

Love your response Sky Dee!

Thanks Shaffer! It's always so uplifting to get responses like yours! lol Makes my day <3 

Thanks for your replies. My husband is very supportive and is making changes to live a more cruelty free life- I am trying to be a great example! :)

My husband eats meat, I met him that way, I love the person that he is and what he eats is HIS personal choice.  I respect his choice, just as he respects mine.  I LOVE *HIM*, and what he eats is beside the point of my love for him and the vows we exchanged.

YES, ITS NOT EASY, AT ALL.  What I have learned in my 9 months of marriage is that you can have a social life and eat out, it's just not going to be EASY for you, but if you plan ahead you will be fine.  For example, my husband has about 3 restaurants that he just loves to go to with friends.  So I have specific meals that I have purposefully put together to take to these restaurants.  For example, to the Mexican restaurant I made avo/tomato/cilantro tacos with Lettuce shells.  The very first time I did this, I made sure to call ahead and ask for permission due to my dietary needs, they were fine.  Most restaurants are aware that if they say no, you along with your party will pick somewhere else to go and that is $$$ they will lose out on.  So they will most likely say yes, it doesn't hurt to be courteous and polite :-)

I also have a pizza recipe, which I pack up in a medium sized pizza box and take with me to my husbands favorite pizza joint.  Good luck and keep on loving those non-811 partners!  Just remember what made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Awesome advice! It never occurred to me that I might be able to bring my own meals, but the way you explain it here sounds perfectly reasonable.

I mean honestly, eating the restaurant's versions of HCRV salad options is just not inspirational haha. Do you have these recipes that you mentioned posted anywhere? They sound delish! :)

I actually don't, except for my own head.... The way I think of it is Cauliflower is my cheese, it sounds stupid, but that's how I think of it... like mozzarella!  So anywhere that I would put cheese on, I pull out the cauliflower, but it through the food processor intil it's "cheese consistency" a bit chunky sometimes, depends what I'm in the mood for...  

Also keep lots of zucchini handy, these babies you can blend them up and they get so creamy (think of yogurt/sour cream etc)... for example you can make yourself a very creamy yogurt with some peeled zucchini, some strawberries, and dates if you want sweetness... put in blender or food processor and you got a nice creamy snack that is different for your palate, if you want a bit thicker put in a fridge or freezer for a little bit.

Here's my pizza recipe: 

Layer 1:  Lettuce or some other big green leafy veggies

Layer 2:  The sauce:  I blend up into a chunky consistency 1 zucchinni, 1 tomato, italian seasoning, some fresh basil (if I have any)... sometimes I add avocado as well (it's really up to you)

Layer 2:  The cheese layer:  Blend up your cauliflower and spread as much of it as you want.

Layer 3:  Lime and/or Olive oil (depending on how much fat you want, I literally just squeeze 1 lemon juice and ad a few drops of olive oil)

Layer 4: The toppings:  oh man, you can do whatever you want here:  cherry tomatoes, olives, avo, pineapple, mango, go crazy... I have even used banana pepper and jalapeño!

Remember the transportation of this delish little treat is a bit difficult, so save a pizza box from somewhere and take it along, now when everyone else is eating their own pizza, trust me, you will feel awesome about your lil cooking venture!  Good luck everyone!

I feel its already hard enough dealing with everything else. Its going to be pretty hard to find someone who already eats the way we do. The diet shouldn't matter as much , its the heart that really counts. Maybe try and convince them that this lifestyle is the greatest thing thats happened since the internet? Or maybe thats just how I feel about it.

I was lucky enough that my bf decided not to judge my decision. I know it threw him off and he said i went from one eating extreme to the other (ED to this) but i've actually explained to him, he sees i'm doing much better with my binging past and i've shared some info/videos with him about this lifestyle and its been a month that he's been meat-free))) he still eats some occasional fish but that is it. But i don't expect him to go vegan overnight like i did. He doesn't eat dairy, and is eating high carb with lots of fruits now. He says he doesn't feel like he's missing much. So, it is possible to reach understanding - COMMUNICATE WITH you significant others. And you can eat out anywhere pretty much - just order cooked high carbs, alter your dish - no butter, etc. It becomes quiet manageable after a while! 

My boyfriend eats mostly vegan but he's not at all worried about health (veggie burgers, bread, fake cheese, cookies and chips and fatty salty gross stuff like that) we usually easy dinner together in the evenings but that's it. I'll make a big pan of potatoes/carrots/beets/whatever veggies, and I'll eat it plain, and he adds earth balance and garlic salt. I mentioned his fat intake to him once and he got really defensive so I haven't brought it up again. I'm just going to lead by example. He's seen my success on this lifestyle (I'm down 50 pounds and look healthier/stronger than ever) so if he wants that to, all he has to do is ask me for help. He has probably 30-40 pounds to lose so when he's tired of being fat he will come around. He just thinks that plain veggies are boring and have flavor.

Whenever he wants to eat out we either go somewhere I can get a big salad, or I bring my own food with me and just get something like tea or juice at the restaurant. Nobody's ever given me trouble about bringing my own food, but I do always buy a little something so I'm not just taking up table space, haha.



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