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Did my cronometer for the first time in a while... 10096 calories! Does anyone else eat that many?

I haven't used cronometer in a long time so I thought I'd fill mine in for yesterdays food... 10,096 calories! I am amused because I didn't even eat huge meals or anything!

My day was like this:

Woke up & had a litre of water and a litre of pineapple juice and 20 lovely big medjool dates as a pre-run snack

After my run I had a smoothie with 5 bananas and 5 tablespoons of coconut sugar and some water

Then I walked my dog and snacked on 20 dates whilst walking

Then I had...I suppose breakfast? 10 persimmons and a litre of pineapple juice

I drank a litre of orange juice before lunch

My lunch was a smoothie with 5 bananas and 5 tablespoons of coconut sugar and 30 dates (not in the smoothie)

Then I didn't really eat dinner apart from 20 dates and a small apple

It's crazy how it all adds up! It just seems like a really high number (not that I'm complaining) So, does anyone else consume this many calories?

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Sorry I can't find an edit option, I forgot that I ate a small banana while riding my bike between lunch and dinner

do you eat this every day?

It varies a bit, for example at the moment I'm getting really nice dates but when they're not available I drink more of the banana/coconut sugar smoothies. I have been eating pretty much what I listed most days for about a month as that's how long I've been getting these dates. So I just tried putting couple of different sample days of food that I would eat in cronometer and it's still really high calorie every time..crazy!

I encourage you to calculate your calories tomorrow based on actual weight rather then units. The calories that Cronometer indicates for different fruits based on units is almost always way more than what they are compared to if you calculate your calories based on measured weight.

For example when I bought peaches, which were the biggest that I'we ever seen, I tried first punching them into Cronometer as "medium peaches" and then compared that to what they actually weighted. The peaches that I thought to be large were smaller than "medium" peaches according to Cronometer.

The same goes for dates, of which you ate a lot. According to Cronometer a pitted medjool date weights 24grams. The medjools that I get usually weight 18-20 grams pitted.

Also, when you weight you fruits, it is important to weight only the edible portion and punch that number to Cronometer, and to chech that the option you selected from Cronometer is for the edible portion.

Seems like a lot of juice... If you just ate solid fruits you wouldn't possibly be able to eat that many calories.

Very true, I would have had 1050 calories less without the juice
Juice is so useful as I don't usually have enough time to sit and eat loads of fruit
Thanks! I weighed 10 of my dates without the stones and the smallest was 21 grams, most of them were 30ish grams with the heaviest being around 35 grams, wow! I do try and choose the biggest and juiciest ones in the shop. I've been weighing my fruit and writing it down today, will post cronometer results at the end of the day. It's so interesting, I never realised I was eating this many calories... I feel like everyone else must be starving haha j/k

So, I have been weighing my food all day for cronometer which has been fun! I see now that it can make a big difference to what cronometer says. Today I had 9969 calories (plus a small banana which I forgot to weigh so haven't included in this) which is still pretty high? Could this have any negative effects? I mean, I have been eating this way for a long time with no negative effects but....? 

That is amazing and very interesting.
I'm wondering what's your weight and height, and how long you have been eating this many calories.

How much do you run per day?

I'm a marathoner and typically eat around 3500-4000 kcal / day, although here and there I may have a 5000-6000 kcal day, but I rarely go above that.

I can't imagine having 10.000 kcal, even if I ate nothing but dates. That'd be like 3.5 KG of them!

I'm 5 foot 5 and about 115 pounds. I'd say I run on average 5 miles a day, maybe less... sometimes it's a fast 2 mile run and sometimes it's a longer run, I know that's really vague sorry! I also cycle as my transport and do a lot of walking, I live near a hill so I walk up there quite a lot. Even though I have an active lifestyle, my morning run is the most intense part so there are definitely loads of people on this lifestyle who burn plenty more calories than me but consume less. I have been eating this way (the high calories) for maybe a year now.

I am getting really really nice dates at the moment, that definitely helps!

Martin I am a marathon runner too.  Running in the Boston in April.  I run 12 miles a day and then 15 on Sat. and Sun.  I am female 5'4" and 110.  How much do you suggest I eat?  I don't do well on all raw all day.  I have to have some cooked at night after an all fruit day?  How much do you train closer to the marathon.

I don't run nearly as much as you do. I tend to average 55-60 miles / week when training closer to a marathon.

Most days I eat 3500-4000 kcal, and that's enough to maintain my weight. Sometimes I eat less (around ~3000 kcal), whereas sometimes I eat up to 5000+ kcal. It doesn't matter whether I eat only raw or raw + cooked. The calories remain about the same.

I'd suggest you to eat as much as you feel like. I've experimented with it, and if I let myself go too hungry for too long then I start to lose strength and energy. 

With the amount of training that you do, I'd not be surprised if you ate 3000+ kcal / day EASILY.



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