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I made it through the winter without getting sick!  I'm impressed and have to attribute it to being LFRV since October.  Just to give you some contrast last year was brutal for me- I had colds, the flu, AND pneumonia! Prior to that I can't remember having a cold-free winter, ever.


My whole family got the regular sickness this winter though.  I didn't avoid them at all.  I would kiss them and share drinks with them etc.  It was as if I was challenging the bugs to try and get me.  I guess I just wanted to make sure I was exposed and put this lifestyle to the test.


I love hearing my wife tell our friends and family how I didn't get sick at all when they inquire how I've been feeling on my 'diet'.  I can see it's making an impact.


Anyway, I'm just curious how everyone else fared through the cold/flu season this year?

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5 or 6 years without, that's fantastic ... I'm looking forward to that!  Now what about before raw vegan?


I figure most ppl will have noticed improvements since going lfrv but I am curious if anyone still gets hit now and again.  There were a couple times where I noticed a gland swelling but nothing really came of it.  I'm pretty sure my body was just doing a better job of fighting viruses than everyone else around my household.

My wife and I have been lfrv for a little over two years now. The first year we both got sick once or twice - we figure it was detox. But since then we have not had a single cold, flu, or anything.

This diet definitely works!

I have been lfrv  since last October and unfortunately, my 12 year old son came down with a pretty violent stomach flu this winter that I then picked up!!! If he had not gotten sick first, I probably would have attributed it to detox! Interesting to note that this stomach flu was pretty widespread in my area and there were many reports of it hitting people for up to a week or more.  In my case I had it for only about 12 hours.


I have been much better since going veg.  In my past life, I have made many mistakes of which I am still paying for.  But over all, my health is much better, and my mental clarity wonderful. 

In my house, I live with three non veg people two who are at least improving their habits.  At least one time a month someone is sick with the flu or colds.  In November of 2010, I had a sore throat that only lasted about 2-3 days, and last week, spring break, I had a little sore throat.  I am not sure if the sore throat was allergies or due to lack of rest.  We had many relative come to visit and many late nights and early mornings so I was not sleeping enough. 

Anyways, my better health overall is one of the most impressive things for me personally doing the low fat raw vegan way of life.

Peace, PK

Nope, no sickenesses since I've gone raw.  I used to get sick every season with colds n flu.  i'm so glad I don't get those anymore!

I haven't gotten "sick" in over 8 years! (since being raw) :-)
My dad had a bad cold for 4 weeks straight and I didn't get it, not even a stuffy nose. :)

The close people around me were sick often. I even kissed my partner that was sick many times (SAD eater) and shared water with her. However, I didn't catch a thing. Not one.

I was outside digging dirt in very little clothing all throughout the winter and I never got sick, but my brother who I live with who's a SAD eater got namonia for almost a month straight and I was legitimately worried that he might die from it.   (He was constantly sleeping while he had namonia and it seemed like he would only wake up to cough really bad and then roll over and go back to sleep.)


One of my co-workers also got namonia and was in the hospital for over a month and literally lost 80 pounds while he had it.


It's not fun to see your friends and family members getting sick from the unhealthy foods that they eat and to then be given toxic and dangerous drugs to take until they feel better.  I certainly want to be a good role model for them and get them to eat and live healthier.


I don't have health insurance but I feel safer now than I did back when I had it because as Dr. Doug Graham says, the 80/10/10 lifestyle provides "Health Assurance". 

Yep, I didn't get sick either :)
No sickness for me. People around me got a bad cold, gastro, etc.

WOW, with all these sick loved ones, you would think they would go raw like us.  What's wrong with these sick people?




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