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Hi everyone. My brother is 17 and has recently started 801010. He started maybe 5 days ago, primarily raw. He just got a cold, and has been coughing a lot. He also has these pimple/acne marks all over his upper arms. He never had that before. Is this just detoxing? I didn't experience any detoxing symptoms (but he jumped from eating fast food, processed food, meat and dairy, straight to high carb low fat raw vegan, whereas I've had a slow progression and have been vegan for a few months). 

Also, I recently became sick from him, and I have a sore throat. Any in house remedies for that? I took a apple cider vinegar and lemon juice shot last night. 

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The symptoms you mention are typical of copper dumping from toxicity. This is the reason I've struggled with 811 but my issues were anxiety etc too. I'm not sure what to suggest because it means I can't do it until I've removed these metals from my body.
Sounds like your brother is just detoxifying. It will probably be a few months before pimples, cold symptoms and occasional headaches subside. Don't let him get discouraged! That is an abrupt change in diet and his body will need to release and eliminate all the crap stored inside.

The best flu/sore throat remedy I know of is to fast for a few days while drinking lots of water. Digestion takes a great deal of energy away from the body that it could be using to clean house. Also, buy some hydrogen peroxide from a drug store and put 4 capfuls in a glass of water. Soak your toothbrush head in it for a few hours and gargle/rinse your mouth for a minute as well. Don't swallow it!!! Just gargle and spit it out. This kills the germs and will keep you from re infecting yourself every time you brush!

To soothe your sore throats, try Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea. You can get it at Whole Foods. Steep the bags for 10 minutes in a covered mug of hot water before drinking.

Wiping off doorknobs, faucet handles & light switches with a disinfectant spray will help stop the spread of germs too.

Feel better soon!

Congratulations on getting your brother on board! :)

Most detox is actually tox from poor food combining, dehydration, unripe fruit, under eating which leads to under sleeping and not enough energy to be active which moves the lymph.  So I would check all the basic 811rv lifestyle factors and then go from there.

Will I experience detox symptoms eating the raw diet?

Most people experience temporary and generally mild symptoms of detoxification from beginning the raw diet, as the body is no longer being overloaded each day with toxic residue. This is the body being allowed to cleanse and heal itself. The body is wise and will always eliminate toxins in a way that requires the least effort while doing itself the least harm. Detox symptoms that can occur may include tiredness, runny nose, digestive challenges, skin conditions, retracing phenomena, weight loss, drops in blood pressure, and other signs that the body is making a healthy adjustment. Each person is unique; therefore, the duration of significant detoxification will vary, based upon health, vitality and environment and the degree of commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It can last from days to years. We must also remember that we are in a constant state of toxifying and detoxifying. We absorb environmental toxins, and the body works to eliminate them. We ingest foods, even the best sort, and the body creates metabolic toxins as a result of its cellular metabolism. Not to worry, however, because we are equipped with an entire eliminative system, composed of kidneys, a liver, lungs, bowels and the skin, to rid ourselves of these toxins.  http://foodnsport.com/blog/

You can see 30BaD's unsupported ingredients list which includes vinegar here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_photos_not_suppo...

You can find this list and the foodnsport FAQ along with lots of other tips and tricks to help keep you on track in the Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!

isn't vinegar toxic to the human body?

i would just drink water and get some bed-rest

When I made the switch to being vegan from vegetarian, I also got a little bit sick, and I broke out after going vegan and after going mostly raw. So I think these are fairly typical detox symptoms. Nothing to worry about I think! Also, eat lots of oranges! Gotta get your vitamin C! (Although I bet you're getting enough already--oranges always help me when I'm sick though!)



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