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my doctor put me on Dianette for my hormonal acne, which is a stong contraceptive pill. I've not taken any contraceptives for a lot of years but figured I'd give it a go.

After 3 weeks I stopped taking it and had a week off from it. That was last Saturday and I felt like crap, lethargic, headachey, generally achey and just down in the dumps. I also had the most painful heavy period that I've had in a long time and a touch of cycstitus. Not very pleasant and resulted with me having to take some time off work. 

I thought that was all out of the way but this Saturday, when I started taking the pill again I've felt the same and I'm incapable of doing anything. Do you think it's a coincidence? I've been fully raw lf vegan for exactly 1 week, but before that I was about 50% with cooked vegan meals in-between.

I'm tempted to stop taking it, but am unsure. Has anyone had any similar experiences and if so how did you handle it?

*Forgot to add is really nice and sunny here and I'm cold and covered in goose bumps, but really hot to the touch.


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I agree with everyone else!  Don't take the pill!  I tried it recently to help with PMS depression.  That's a joke.  I had PMS symptoms from the start of taking them (depression) and had to stop taking them within a couple of weeks.  It was horrible.  

Cheers, I haven't taken my pill today. I still feel really weak, faint and achey but am hoping it will pass. I'm off to the docs this afternoon to let them know I've stopped taking it and I'm also going to ask for a blood test to make sure I'm getting everything I should. Fingers crossed I feel human again soon!

I just got off the pill after a month.. I was a total bitch and cried over everything.  I also started having obsessive thoughts.. It was insane.  Then I googled bcp side effects and realized that other women were experiencing these moods swings too.  It's nice not to worry about getting pregnant, but I hate myself when I start crying over stupid things.  My acne went away too in a month.. but idk if it's because I've been using another cream on my face.  I can send you what it is if you'd like.  All I know is that I will never go back to the pill.. I hate myself on it.  I cried all day yesterday over nothing.  Monday night was the last night I took the pill.  But I still feel sensitive.  I want to be myself again!



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