30 Bananas a Day!

So... I guess I'm detoxing!

I have been in transition for maybe 6 months. Before that I have for many years been living on a mainly plant based whole grain diet with eggs, periodically through the years small amounts of meat but very seldom dairy. I ate my last entire cooked meal 2 months ago (cooked veggies). I have only had tiny bits of cooked veggies and like a teaspoon of rice now and then since.

I have fibromyalgia, so I want to se how much this diet can do for my well-being. I'm eating arround 2000 calories (i'm very sedentary bc of my 'condition'), drinking 2-3 L and working on getting enough sleep which is quite the challenge with my daughter waking up at 4 for the last 6-8 months (that is just starting to get better though).

My facial skin started to get really bad about 2-2,5 months ago. And then finally last week it began clearing, so I thought that maybe that was it for of me regarding detox. BUT, out of nowhere, about 6 days from now, I started getting sick: very sore throat, deep coughing (with that infection-tasting slime, yum!), TIRED, sore eyes and runny nose (clear mucus), insomnia. I then thought I could start to get back on my feet again yesterday morning after finally having a night where I didn't wake up coughing all the time. But during the day I was out of bed and I got worse again. Out of nowhere my nose got completely stuffed. And I have been blowing it all the time since. This time around, what's coming out is this green stuff, 2x yum.

I have been eating very sparingly, and somedays like today only drinking water, tea and OJ. BUT just now I went to watch my family eating, and my dear SAD-eating hubby had prepared this vegetarian dish (after more or less deciding to dump meat, eggs and dairy all together since we watched Forks over Knives the other day, score!!!) So I tasted maybe two tablespoons of prepared veggies, with condimnents and all. First of all I did it of course because it looked and smelled great, and was hard to resist, but I also thought that it might slow my detoxing down a bit which wouldn't be to bad either. I haven't seen this happening yet and frankly I'd rather feel really crappy for a shorter period of time, as this tells me things are progressing.

Oh yeah and my period has come two days early. It has improved dramatically in the last 6 months as I no longer lie on the floor shaking a couple of hours on the first day. But I have a feeling this might be a bit rougher on me as periods are a good way to get rid of toxins.

Anyhow, I'm really, really satisfied with experiencing this detox phase. I have gone through all kinds of alternative treatments and diet changes in the past and been warned of all sorts of detoxing symptoms. But I have hardly ever felt anything, really. And now... first my skin and then this sickness, its pretty obvious what's going on, and I'm embracing it! Oh and my skin continues to improve day by day.

I actually have one question (but most of all I just wrote this to share my experience) I have an infrared sauna. What are the opinions on using this while having the symptoms I have? On one hand I'm thinking it can help me get rid of stuff, but on the other hand I'm afraid it will loosen more stuff that my already hard working body has to deal with. So where does the sauna fit in? Of course I would do a more gentle sauna when sick.

Thanks for reading my story. I have been on the forum for a while now and just silently learning from everyone else's experience and I can honestly say, that I would have never been able to do this diet change without you guys :)

Fruity hugs

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