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Hey guys,

What are some of the best detox drinks. I have tried the Green Detox Juice with 5 stalk of Kale, 1 unpeeled lemon, 3 apples, and 1 cucumber, but I do not enjoy the taste. Can you recommend anything that might have a better tastes that include Kale, since it is such a good veggie. 


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Hi Katya. Just a quick comment -- I wanted to suggest searching for "kale" in the "30BaD Search" box on the right side of the page. There are almost too many results to read, but the gist of it is that while kale does have benefits, there are some key disadvantages that make it less than ideal and may prompt you to revisit its place in your diet.

You are correct, Sir.

Katya, here's some info for you to digest on exactly that and what greens would better serve you:



I wouldn't put too much energy into "detoxing."  

Just strive to live well--aiming for at least 2,500 cals daily, 10 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight, drinking enough H20 so you wee clear 8-10x daily, sleep early and as much as possible, move often and vigorously, get your share of sun, and breathe.   

Such habits, which we can never actually perfect, just polish, are the ultimate detox.


I did not know that. Thank you for informing me. I am not a big fan of kale anyways. My tastes buds are really strong and the bitterness I can not stand. Thank you for the information. I still would love to get rid of all the nastiness out ASAP, even if it means a little discomfort. Can you recommend anything? Even if it is a high fruit juice. 

No reason to eat it then!  A good clue is if you wouldn't enjoy eating a big bowl of something, it probably isn't food.  

I stand by my "detox" advice above, but there is a technique we advise that can support the body in accelerated healing.  We call it banana island, though it can be done with any fruit you enjoy that you can consume in adequate cals.  Just eat one type of fruit (and plenty of water) for a week or two.  Simple to plan, sometimes challenging to accomplish, but often beneficial to the mind and body.  

Details here:


you can use any green - lettuce or spinach usually works better for me in terms of taste. I've heard collard greens work as well.

I rly like this combo I got from Arnold's Way:

- 16 oz water

- 2 bananas

- 4 green leafs

-1 apple (cored)

-1 pear (cored)

- 1oz dates

Thank you. I shall try it. Sounds delicious since it contains a lot of my favorites. 



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