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Hi, I've been doing the vegan thing since March, although I was previously a vegetarian. I have no vegan friends and generally most of my friends think I'm crazy for living off juices and smoothies! I'm hoping someone might be happy to lend a bit of advice every now and then.
I'm also struggling finding vegan (cruelty free) products for the sort of stuff you use every day without really thinking about like washing up liquid, shampoo etc. I'm in the UK and hoping someone might be able to tell me where to find stuff here.
Thank you!

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Since many of us are scattered throughout the world, a starting place is meeting with likeminded people here @30BaD.  

You can also check out our 30BaD groups and see if anyone is close by to you.  

As far as products go, you might find you need less of them and can save money.  You can try washing hair with water only or with baking soda.  It might take a few days for the oil to balance out and scalp to detox.  

Baking soda is a great household cleaner too and if you are not living with people cooking a lot or eating high fat, clean up in the kitchen is a breeze.  

For dusting you only need a moist cloth, not dripping wet, like a bath cloth.  

Floors can be cleaned with water only or again with baking soda.  

As your body gets clean, you might find less need of cosmetics such as lotion and foundation and makeup.  Deodorant can come from baking soda, baby powder, or salt rocks.  (you can look that up on a site like amazon.com.  

As far as diet goes, I am highly raw, but think the falling can help those on both full raw and RT4..

  • Daily Recipe for Long Term Success
  • Minimum Calories: Females: 2500 Males: 3000
  • Whole, raw, ripe plant foods. (ie RT4: Steam potatoes: not a bag of chips.)  
  •  ½-2 heads of lettuce greens.  (Not high oxalate kale, chard, and spinach.)
  • Get a palm of raw nuts or seeds.
  • Low fat: not no fat! (5-10% of calories average)
  • Simple meals. Rotate foods for maximum nutrient exposure.
  • Drink enough water. Urinate (almost) clear.  
  • Early nights with 8-12 hours for rest, repairs, and muscle fat burning.  Get some zzz time before midnight.
  • Exercise and resist gravity 30 minutes. 
  • Sunbathe 30 minutes for vitamin D and healthy bones and teeth.  
  • Lower stress triggers.  Stress releases weight gain hormones.  
  • lOOk Outward beyond the self. Better the planet.  Do not self flagellate.
  • Avoid comparison traps. Be yourself and not your social media guru.  

Peace, PK

Thank you for these great advise.

what beautiful advice! :) its good to remind yourself of rt4 principles every so often. I was very unaware of avoiding kale...what's that about? :O

Thank you PK, that's really helpful. I'll give the baking soda a go!

Actually what was said about shampoo is part of a movement in the world called the No Poo movement or revolution.

The No Poo Revolution or Movement

Stores want you to buy and keep buying their product so they have made shampoo addictive to hair.

You do not need to consume juice, roughies or smoothies. Vegan foods are under the category of unprocessed foods or produce (fruits and vegetables). If the U.K has no fruits or vegetables, then maybe you need to move. Do I give you my email so you can email me with questions?

A far as friends thinking that you are crazy, if you lived in the south (U.S.) during slavery then friends would you think that you are crazy if you do not believe in slavery. All over the world there is FGM. The women in those areas go along with it. If you lived in one of those areas and did not believe in it, then they would think that you are crazy.

FGM has been done on millions of women. It stands for female genital mutilation. The most common type is cutting off the clitoris at age 13. How do you get your friends to beg you to become vegan again? Tell them that you are no longer vegan but now you promote FGM. They will beg you to stop that and become vegan again.

Thanks for your reply, we have plenty of fruit and veg - even though organic fruit and veg is massively expensive here!
I'll give the no-poo idea some thought. I've heard before that it works although you have to go a few weeks to get through the oils coming out of your hair?

you can try Dr Bronner's liquid soap - i love it! or slightly expensive but there is also a raw vegan brand called Morrocco Method

Thank you Cassy, I'll look it up online!

products?   we need not those ;) if fullraw

ask away though we can all give feed back and group mentor you i suspect  :)

i haven't used shampoo in 3 years and my hairs never been better its a trip just add water ;)  

Thank you, I might give the no shampooing a go. What about deodorant? Soap? Toothpaste? Those are the sort of things I'm struggling to find...
Hi there. I use crystal deodorant it last for a whole year! All you do is add a little water on the crystal and boom rub it on your arm pits. I find in the warmer months adding coconut oil before the crystal real helps with any smells. Really if your eating clean you won't have to worry, I use dirt toothpaste look it up online. I tried making my own no success. I do use Dr. bronners body wash you only need a small amount. Good luck.

Can't help you with the UK part, but I sent you a friend request...if you need anything lemme know..



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