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Hi, I've been doing the vegan thing since March, although I was previously a vegetarian. I have no vegan friends and generally most of my friends think I'm crazy for living off juices and smoothies! I'm hoping someone might be happy to lend a bit of advice every now and then.
I'm also struggling finding vegan (cruelty free) products for the sort of stuff you use every day without really thinking about like washing up liquid, shampoo etc. I'm in the UK and hoping someone might be able to tell me where to find stuff here.
Thank you!

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I thought I had replied but obviously not! Thank you so much! I've recently discovered all Superdrug's own brand are all cruelty free which has been a bit of a game-changer for me. I'm so cross about The Body Shop, I genuinely thought their stuff was all lovely and cruelty free! I'm yet to embark on the making, but I plan to....!

Do it!  Takes no time at all!  You're just using the pure ingredients, hardly any effort required. And honestly, my skin has never looked better.  No chemicals, nothing harsh or artificial etc.

Re buying ready-made vegan products, it all depends on how far you want to take it.  Are the products available in H&B (for example) ultimately owned by a company that supports animal testing?  You just need to make sure you're comfortable with the parent brand of the brands you're buying, you know?

Lush is great cruelty-wise.  But many of the products are full of chemicals that you definitely wouldn't want to go directly into your blood stream, so double check what you're buying there (if indeed, you are).

Thank you, I'm fascinated by the 'no-poo' idea but I tried and my hair just looked horrific. I'm guessing you just power through that phase? I'll wait until the summer holidays maybe. Thanks for your reply!
Hi Carly, thank you so much, yes do let me know if your fiance has any good tips, Surrey is not far from me. If he knows any really fab shops I'll do a trip to find them! I've bought an enormous Dr Bronner's online. Thanks for replying!

I know this is a super delayed response, but I recently discovered Living Libations! AMAAAZING. It is based in Canada and has forever changed my skincare routine. Girl, you should definitely check it out. All natural and cruelty-free for animals and the environment! 

Thank you Shelby, I will look up the website!

Hey Catherine, definitely give the "no poo" method a try, it really does work (I actually just posted a blog about it no that long ago), and use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean my hair. I hear you though as for not having any other vegan friends (I actually made 1 not that long ago where I live), and it can be difficult not being able to relate with someone on the same level in person. So if you need to talk I all ears! 

I find that people will think differently for the most part when they learn that you are vegan, but it is just something that you get used to and adjust. You also get proud of this "weirdness" or at least I have, and am very proud to live this way. I actually bring a 2 liter mason jar of banana smoothie to work everyday, and now everyone is just used to the fact that this is the way I live, and is now normal to them. They even ask questions or are interested from time to time in what it is that I am having. 

As for products, I don't reside in the UK as I am from Canada, so can't offer any advice other than products that you can get online.

Take care!

I watched a show once and a lady would slice lemons in half then rub the open side on her armpits and because lemons naturally kill bacteria its supposed to be a super easy way to keep your armpits smelling good and clean. but if you cut yourself shaving this might be a super painful thing to do cause lemons are good for keeping cuts clean they are just not gentle though. hope this was helpful.

There's a few natural brands in Holland and Barrots :D 

Thank you all so much, I'm getting there!

glad to hear it, Catherine.

Let us know if we can help in any additional way.

1. Don't only drink juices and smoothies. I think of that nation starvation. You gotta eat food. 

2. Eat as much as calories as you want, 3000 is a good starter, then increase.

3.  Head over to my blog. 

4. I don't recommend organics, if you're low on funds. 

5. If you can get: Oblepikha Siberica Shampoo, you'll be thankful you have, best cheapest shampoo.

6. Take 6 days cold showers after workouts or work whatever, just cold shower no washing. Every other 2-3 days use shampoo and on 7th hot bath full wash, use good organic soap or not organic but free from detergents and shit. 

7. Washing dishes? Doesn't matter what soap you use. 

8. If you want really good on bananas deals over in uk 40kg for 20pounds but not organic. It's a good deal anyway, I recommend you going to, you know those shops sideway, right? Those pakistani dudes. If you keep buying from them then they offer you or you offer them good banana prices and other fruits. ;).

9. Most of your friends are waste of time, get rid of them. Good friends will come over time, for sometime on this lifestyle you might be a loner, but you'll get used to it. ;).

10.  Exercise daily. Again, for example: Head over to my blog.

11. Cosmetics, don't recommend them.



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