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Hi all, I'm pretty new to this group and have been giving LFRV my best
shot. I am encountering many problems though and I'm wondering if others
have been through the same thing when first starting out. I originally posted this discussion in the 'healing from chronic fatigue' group, but see there is very little activity over there, so have re-posted it here. Hope that is ok!

I have had chronic fatigue for a few years now and have suffered from
depression and anxiety most of my life as well. I am finding that my
fatigue is actually getting worse with this diet for some reason though!
It's wonderful that I'm not tempted to stay up late and I'm having very
restful sleeps - but I am SOOOO tired! I have a 2yr old daughter to
look after and this is making my life harder right now! I no longer have
the same enthusiasm I did when it comes to carrying out my day to day
tasks (and I was already lacking in this department!)

I am also getting very sensitive teeth and muscle aches after every meal (like the
lactic acid feeling you can get while exercising). I am really really
keen to give this a shot as this diet makes complete sense to me and I
wholeheartedly want to dive in 100%

I am also struggling because it is a very cold and wet winter over here in melbourne and while
feeling all this discomfort I can't help but crave warm comforting
foods. My fibromyalgia plays up more in the cold weather and I just feel
so COLD and achy and like I have joints that need some serious oiling.
My knees are particularly painful. It is also very difficult to find
fruit that is in season over here other than apples and oranges (both of
which increase the pain in my teeth).

Because I am so tired I am also finding the volume of food that I need to eat very challenging.
Some days it is honestly too much to cut it all up and then chomp away
at this ginormous salad. More often than not I am not meeting my
appropriate caloric intake and then crave fats like avocado. I am aware
that no overt fats at all would be ideal for someone in my situation,
but I just can't seem to do that yet. I am breast feeding as well - so
maybe this has something to do with it...?

Anyway, just thought I'd rant a bit as I have been truly struggling with this and it is
getting me down right now. I want the same glowing level of health that I
have read about so often on this forum and in the 80/10/10 book.


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You have a lot on your plate. Kudos for trying to improve your health! I haven't had your specific symptoms, but I would encourage you to not fight the sleep.
Thanks for your Kind words Via:) Yeah, I think I have been fighting the idea of getting this much sleep! It's been quality, deep sleep (which I probably haven't had since I was a child!) - so perhaps this is just the way it needs to be for me to heal right now. Hard to make it work in a practical sense though!
To save some time and up your calorie intake you could try banana and date smoothies. A Lot of people find it easier and quicker to get more calories in a liquid form.

Someone posted a pudding which was just blended date and banana and mentioned that it helps them get through cold times. I guess it has a thick texture like many warmer foods and seems more dense.

The fact that you are feeling more tired could be detox related. But getting in as many calories as you can (low fat of course), especially when breastfeeding, should help.

Best of luck!
What a great idea - I'll definitely try adding more smoothies to the mix! Thanks :)
It's certainly not an easy thing to overcome serious health issues is it! What a journey you have been on - thank you for sharing this with me. It is very inspiring to see someone who has stuck with it and seen gradual but incredibly important benefits.

In response to your questions, I am eating loads of fruit during the day as is reccomended in the 80/10/10 bk and a huge salad for dinner. The evening meal is the one I find most challenging as i am usually eshausted by the end of the day and just want to fill my tummy and plonk. I think there are a lot of food issues here that I will come to heal as I go further into this lifestyle. I never realised just how attached I was to the idea of 'food for comfort' as opposed to 'food for health'. Now I know what is meant by 'emotional detox' - this could also be greatly contributing to my fatigue I think.
on the days that i struggle (though i have nowhere near the challenges tath you do) i get myself over to footscray and buy durian, custard apples and coconuts. then i eat and eat which i enjoy cos these fruits are like treats, then i am back on track. i actually did this today and durian was only $3/kilo, custard apples $5/kilo and coconuts $1.50 each - all comparatively cheap at the moment when everything else seems so expensive...just noticed where you live, perhaps springvale would be closer for you, almost as good as footscray :)
Hi! Another Aussie! Where abouts in springvale would I go? I'd love to pick up some more affordable fruit - I tried a Durian for the first time recently and must admit though that I couldn't even stomach the smell of it. I'm wondering if maybe it was off or something - or do they always smell like that? I had heard so many wonderful things! Thanks heaps for the suggestions:) I really appreciate it.
Hi Harrison:) I've tried many many things like this and while it has felt wonderful to clean up my lifestyle and has helped with some things, I am still however left with the CFS etc. It's incredible once you start looking into all the toxins out there - they are everywhere and in pretty much everything! I find it shocking that it has gone this far and that more hasn't yet been done about all these synthetic and toxic chemicals & heavy metals that companies insert into every little product. It's something I feel quite passionate about!
Oh HOW I would love to be able to sleep most of the time for 4 months! I really think this would do wonders for me... however, I have a beautiful daughter who would miss me very much lol:) Thanks for your encouraging words - I really needed to read this right now! x



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