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Over the last week I have been watching videos and reading about veganism and the impacts of consuming animal products. I knew it was going to be hard to tell my mum that I wanted to go vegan and I finally gained the courage to tell her after a couple of days and her reaction was worse than I thought. She said over my dead body and that she was disappointed with me. She thinks I'm being extreme and that I am doing it to lose weight and that all Im going to eat is salads. She threatened to take me to the doctors. She will not cook me any vegan meals and thinks all Im going to eat is salads which is unhealthy. I have had troubles with her before thinking that Im too skinny for my height, when Im actually only slightly underweight and that I exercise more than the food i consume (if that were true I would be losing weight which im not and I only exercise maybe about 3-4 times a week). She is always telling me that I need to put on weight. I tried to reassure her that I am not doing this for health reasons  and that it is not right how animals are treated. (even though i said Id actually be eating more and be healthier) but she wouldnt have a bar of it. She said that God put them here for a reason to eat. She said if i dont put on weight she will take me out of my modelling. Can someone please help me with this and how I might be able to convince her that vegan-ism is better for us and the animals. HELP ME BE VEGAN.

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thanks for the support, i have actually finished school, but i know one person that is vegan and had a bit of a chat the them, but it is amazing to have so many of you reply on here and help me through this. I think that she has accepted that im going vegan but doesnt necessarily still like the idea or think its correct - i heard her say to someone that im stubborn and will refuse to eat animal products because i think i have to be right all the time and know better - but thats not the case its more that im passionate and caring (almost the opposite of what she thinks) about something and cant deal with the horror and cruelty that goes on behind the products. though she did make sure she didnt but mayo in my coleslaw which was something

Kayla, this will take time. Especially with mothers, they are prone to blow up in your face and go aggro.

You have to plant the seed, drop little ideas here and there. Then give her some time ( a few days if necessary) to accustom to that idea. She will slowly get used to it.

You can slowly transition to vegan food and make your family get used to what you eat. Some people here will tell you to completely turn vegan straight away, but do you really want to risk you're family going completely against you and that in turn could threaten your ability to be vegan at all.

Play this safe.. and remember it all takes TIME. It took months for me to convince mother. Dad's are alright usually..

Thanks for the reply. Im not too sure how to be humorous about it? 

As an update she has decided to let me go vegan (without showing her any info - I would have liked to show her something as i think she is being closed minded, but i dont really want to push anything on her either, i hate that she thinks im being stupid and being sucked in)   as she thinks im going to be too stubborn and do it anyway, but she said  though she doesnt really seem to understand still why im going vegan and i find it hard to give her a straight answer? She doesnt really think the reason that animals are treated cruelly isnt a proper answer. Help with this?? 

I honestly dont understand what the big deal is about cutting out animal products its no different really from people not eating certain foods as they think they are bad for their health, think they are yuck and processed or just dont like them) Finding it hard to know what to cook and finding good recipes that dont take heaps of time and are yum. Anyone have some that they could share that are healthy? 

My  sister is constatntly  being like you eat that, you cant eat this, its like concentrate on your own food and ill concentrate on mine and its not that i cant its that i choose too. NOT EVERYHTING HAS ANIMAL PRODUCTS IN IT. They honestly think that i cant eat heaps of things and that im restricted and missing "yummy" foods. 

I used to bake and still enjoy doing it every so often but struggling to find nice recipes  -most of what i have tried has not turned out well so everyone just assumes vegan baking is yuck. Anyone have good baking recipes that i could try?  (that dont have coconut oil or flaxseed egg or heaps of nuts as they are quite expensive and arent everyday household baking items)

Hello girl, I don't know if this would convince her but if it doesn't I don't know what would. This is a website created by VEGAN DOCTORS http://www.pcrm.org/ check it out is very interesting, even though they are not raw vegans they support plant base nutrition. You would find all the scientific articles you need to prove her that you are right.

I understand your  frustration, the funny thing is that doctors are changing the way they think, but it will take a while until everybody change their mind. 

Watch these videos and share them with your parents they might change their mind.



as an update i got my bloods done the other week by myself and they came back fine and my doctor also said that my weight is in the healthy range (not that i believe bmi mean shit) and my mum still thinks that I am too thin even though the doctor said that I was fine, I have been eating more and she can see that I am but still constantly tells me im way too skinny and it is getting to the point where it actually affects how I feel.... still convinced that i need fattening up. She is also convinced that I have to take b12 as a vegan straight away according to all the articles she has been reading herself, do I need to take b12? She has been more accepting which is great she has sometimes cooked me something separate but most of the time i prepare something myself and she also has bought extra little things from the supermarket that i didnt ask for but she knew i wanted to try which was nice of her- she is coming around a bit more because i think she knows that i wont change. I would like to eat more fruit like raw till 4 but think it will just freak her out and i would have to supply my own probably. also how long did it take before you guys noticed a huge energy level difference - i dont feel like i have yet - only maybe slightly

That's great, Kayla =) Sounds like progress, even if it's slow.

About the B12, yeah you should definitely get some of that. Most people should, in fact. This is an often-cited study around these parts (or an article about the study):


You can find the stuff real cheap anywhere. And the cheap stuff is just as effective as the expensive stuff, or nearly so. So that shouldn't be much concern.

And about energy changes: that depends a lot on what your lifestyle was like before. Lots of us had some really damaging habits/addictions, disorders, or were overweight, etc. Coming from that, the change can be dramatic. If you were already pretty healthy, or maybe just the fact of still being young, (i.e. maybe your body hasn't had time to accumulate enough damage to cause noticeable problems) then the changes won't be so night-and-day.  Also, the body loves routine - and it takes time to adjust to a new one (any kind of diet/lifestyle change).

One easy sign to look for is when you eat something very unhealthy - something that you used to be able to eat without side effects - but this time around it makes you downright sick. For me personally, going vegan was only partially effective. Adding huge amounts of fruit every day is what finally sealed the deal. So... I really hope you manage to get as much of that as you can, if you're still feeling like there's room for improvement.




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