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It seems noone really has an answer to this question, even though it's been asked so many times by so different users and people here report it all the time and that is: Why do people experience dehydration on this lifestyle?

If you look up posts about dehydration/thirst on 30bananasaday, you find this:


There are also some people on this board right now, "Fruity fitness" and "banana mush" who have come out about their symptoms like endless thirst, constant need for water, excessive urination and such.

So why is this? please don't give me some "it takes years to properly hydrate" or "those people probably aren't peeing clear 10 times a day" - I drink soooooooo much water on this lifestyle and still feel dehydrated. That was NEVER the case on SAD. In fact I am so dehydrated currently, I'm so burnt out I can't even exercise anymore. NEVER had any of those issues on the SAD.

Ii fully believe in this lifestyle but I feel we need to discuss this very common issue on this lifestyle.

PS: This thread isn't about me. It's about the lifestyle in general. I'm sorry for being annoying and thanks for any help.

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"takes years to properly hydrate" is taking bro science to the max.

are you experiencing dehydration?


You do not say whether or not you are vegan , or raw vegan; naturally that makes a huge difference.

I'm always thirsty and always was; I drink 10-12l/day, but did so before hcrv the same; partly because I do a lot of exercise as a fitness instructor.

I feel well hydrated!  Yes, I need to pee a LOT.  It is inconvenient; but I can't help being thirsty.

I just think we are all different, I don't personally see it as a problem.

In theory of course, hcrv should hydrate you far better than SAD.

Endless thirst despite adequate water intake is, I think, often caused by electrolyte/mineral imbalances, which are often caused by hormonal dysfunction (thyroid, etc.) brought about by years of abuse before coming to HCRV. Once you fix the organs involved in hormonal function, you could cease being such a thirsty mess. In the mean time, I'd be sure to get the greens in, and not drink so much water that you dilute your electrolytes/minerals so much that you induce a hypervolemic electrolyte imbalance.

thanks, but you're missing the point: I never felt thirsty on SAD...

Sounds like you got diabetes if you are constantly thirsty. Get a check up ASAP!

Ok, that might be a pun and I missed it somehow, but isn't this diet supposed the help reverse diabetes? This is a huge fear of mine as my mom is Type 2 diabetic and they are trying to say I am, too. I stopped listening to them and no longer get check ups. I am freaking out a bit here. I am pushing the fruits and carbs like crazy but also experience the 'dehydrated/thirsty all the time' feelings. I might have missed the point of your comment, sorry Durianrider! :)
And.......my Type 2 diabetic mom is in ICU recovering from triple bypass surgery, a side effect of uncontrollable blood sugars.
i got checked for diabetes and I don't have it...

Your body is accustomed to certain (unhealthy) mineral ratios and intakes, from your SAD, I'd guess. On HCRV you're ingesting less calcium, sodium, and processing fluids and hormones differently. Once the mineral-retention hormones for sodium and the like reach healthy levels for your HCRV, and the mineral-excretion hormones for potassium and the like reach healthy levels, maybe your symptoms will subside. For example, a body that is used to a low potassium intake will not be used to having to excrete so much, and will thus have low level of efficiency in excreting potassium, due to different Aldosterone and such levels, requiring a lot of water. Similarly, if you take someone who hasn't seen sunshine in a year and send them to the Equator, they are likely to develop temporarily high blood-calcium levels, and will be very thirsty for a long time until their body adapts to their new environment. Then again, as Durianrider said, there are many causes for endless thirst including diabetes, so I'd get yourself checked out, and take everything said here with a very large (metaphorical) grain of salt.

Im not even completely raw yet and Ive been having this problem since last May at least. Ive heard we should get most of our fluids from fruits, Im sure we all get ample water this way but I drink atleast 4 bottles of water a day, for a while it was 8-10 a day. Ive found a few different articles on it. The first being diabetes, the second being parasites. If its diabetes try a cantaloupe every once in a while to balance your insulin levels. If its parasites go to the store and buy you some neem oil. I took it for 4 days maybe and I dont see anymore parasites, but thats not to say they arent deeply rooted. Im sure very few of us were brought up on our own grown foods, as well as touched some kind of animal in our life time, which may or may not have licked our face. Every animal on the planet has a parasite that includes humans. We can get them from water such as pools, jucuzzis, steam rooms, flouridated water/ unclean water, rivers and ponds. They can be transfered threw a handshake with someone who has one, and are hard to avoid. Our body is full of things they love and hate on a raw diet. They love the nutrition, they hate alkalinity, they love junk foods and sugars this includes fructose. A few things you can try adding to your diet and remain raw are grapefruit and kiwis, ginger, neem, and hot sun teas. I feel much better but it definately gets worse before it gets better my body was in all kinds of pain yesterday but I have much more energy than I did this weekend before I had gotten my neem. 



Some information suggest the use of harsh natural products which is noted to be harsh on parasites and your body and so not to be consumed for prolonged amounts of time.



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