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They are both welcome back if they care for.

Not everyone agrees with how we treat people (especially those that are undercarbed) that ask for help and we understand that, thats why we created this site so we can have a place where people can come and get help that they wont get anywhere else, ie:

*High calorie
*High carb/low fat/raw vegan
*Fruit wont make you fat
*No such thing as emotional eating rather we eat cos we are hungry.

Regarding Prab, it looks like Prab is either A: a troll or B: someone with an anorexic psychosis judging by their symptoms, eating habits, paranoia, body weight.

Both of which are impossible to fix if the person wants attention more than they want true help. We provide help for those anorexics, sick peeps etc, that want to truly help themselves but are not a 'oh there there you poor thing' site. Tuff love and holding people to a higher standard helps more than keeping someone in the rut they are in with sympathy..

Here is a link of anorexic symptoms: including the frequent urination.

Prab has my email account if they want more information on how they can help themselves.

If people get sick of the highway and want it our way, they are always welcome back.

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THE Adam?
I hope that he joins another site where he can contribute, because his contributions were really fantastic.

I'm glad his posts didn't get erased.
Yes you can find him on http:www.rawnaturalhygiene.ning.com.(& Debbie) I will miss their contributions, I really would love them both to come back but the decision was up to them :(
I trust DR's judgment & intuition on issues he feels strongly about and understand it doesn't wash with everyone but often times it does seem to end in the truth being revealed and more ppl being helped, which ultimately is our constant goal.
Yea, I agree. I will miss both Adam and Deb's thoughtful posts and great nutritional insight.
Yeah Adam is a star poster for sure.

If Deb and Adam ate enough carbs, imagine how much they could impact the world scene..
Sorry to hear they have left.

In my opinion, the message here on 30BaD is very important for most of us, especially when we're just starting. I credit this site with my and my wife's success on this diet so far. We needed to hear the message of "packing it in" to get enough fruit calories.
Thanks DR and Freelee!
thanks so much Pete :)
agreed.. a light touch doesn't make much impact
Thats my style and the reason this forum is the most active and informative on the web. We always encourage other people to start their own forums cos we believe the more vegan sites out there, the better.

We get an average of 24 000 hits a day, sure thats pretty piddly but I want each person to get the best info, regardless of who I offend or have to throw a banana peel at. :)
shiiit that's pretty decent bro
I am really not familiar with Debbie, but Adam's insights were a huge contribution to this website. This is truly sad that he left. I hope his feelings were not hurt too bad. Maybe he will return if he gets a personal apology :) I hope he decides to come back. I just signed up for www.rawnaturalhygiene.ning.com.
As far as it looks to me, Adam left on his on accord because he doesn't agree with how Durianrider and Freelee run their own site. No personal apology needed. I will miss Adam's posts but people come and go, I know I won't be going.
I second Peter's sentiments.
You guys keep it real, this is the only raw place on the web I find valuable to visit.
If Adam expects an apology cos I didnt agree with a sentence he wrote...I dont think he is that undercarbed! :)



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