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Why must you use so much profanity???


I would LOVE to show your videos to my children, friends, & family....BUT your vulgarity is offensive & comes across as arrogant. Which actually turns people off literally turning off your videos....when I KNOW that your intention is to bring others "into the fold", so to speak.


Please consider being careful with your language.


The definition of profanity is: The attempt of a weak mind to speak forcefully.


I KNOW that you do not have a weak mind...so PLEASE do not swear in your videos!


I believe I am not alone in this and that there are others who would also like to SHARE your videos with others but because of your R & X ratings do not.


Thank you for your efforts to educate and for your example of this lifestyle.


I truly mean no offense...I am just being honest in that I WANT TO SHARE YOUR VIDEOS to inspire my children, family and friends. But I cannot.







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My latest video includes swearing and not ONE person has commented about it and it's been my most shared video ever by both meat-eaters and vegans. It may even go viral. That doesn't mean I'm going to start swearing like a trooper every 5secs but I did find it interesting. Here is some feedback...

"I was watching this video and my 6 y.o. daughter walked up, and it totally ignited a really amazing conversation. She totally wants to go veg now! I can feel a shift in my entire family right now and this video helped her open up her consciousness! Thank you on so many levels. And thank you for your brutal honesty. The truth is not always easy to hear"


"Some time ago i was one of you corpse crunchers who "hated" on freelea or durianrider for the tough love they bring,ive been a high carb low fat raw vegan from the day Freelea answered back to me the way i couldnt keep making excuses.I have Freelea to thank for my health for the rest of my life.And i feel so strong, even dealing with things that are difficult in my life and have been a challange for 2 years.I feel like i´ve finally found my path. Thank you Freelea for setting me free!"

and one other interesting one...

"When I had to share views on certain topics, I found out when the message was bold and offensive, it had the most impact on people."

When it comes to claiming 'you will reach a broader audience' with less profanity, it's just not true, the stats tell a different story. People are addicted to controversy and drama and we take advantage of this.

Like :) And, agree. Personally, I am sick and tired of people 'hatin' on Durianrider, they keep on yappin about: "Oh he makes personal attacks to everyone, he has no message to share he only wants attention and why doesn't he go after Monsanto instead of poor Daniel Vitalis and poor poor David Wolfe."

I've been into the vegan lifestyle for 12 months (before that I was a pus slurper, menstruation eater and bee vomit muncher aka Vegetarian). And, even *I* notice that the discussion of whether or not to eat meat is totally redundant, people are just too ignorant, some of them anyway, they don't care.

Whenever I say to someone: "I don't eat meat, I *love* animals." They say: "I love animals too." I then come with the 'Animal lovin' ain't shovin' then in the oven' comeback, and they call me an extremist. I am completely done with being nice to meateaters and enabling their destructive ways.

THAT is what's offensive to me. A few "fucking hells" here and there are a walk in paradise compared to that. 

Can't share the message with your children? That, I would say is totally up to you. If you cannot teach your children about the differences in people, their different ways of expressing themselves and teach then how is that Durianriders fault? 


 I once went leafleting with a guy from vegan outreach and he showed me over and over again that your typical tough guy male will listen to you if you swear. We would have guys who would say no to our pamphlet and walk past us but then we'd say - 'its about our food system and how f'd up it is' - and I kid you not, every single time they would stop dead in their tracks, turn around and walk back to us to pick up a pamphlet as soon as we dropped that f-bomb. (it also helped to call them 'boss' or something stupid like that :) )

I think it really depends on your audience and unfortunately you can't please everyone. Its up to DR what he wants to do. I love his vids. I understand some people don't like the profanity, but I just wanted to share that experience of how it could be a positive thing.

Your attitude and body-language can mean everything. No one would listen if DR was acting all timid and saying ' hey.... guys, ummmm hey maybe if its not too much trouble ummm you might want to ummm maybe think about ummmm maybe trying 80/10/10 or something. Like..... I think it might be ummmm really good for you and stuff' lol

Someone else could always step up and make some videos too... different people have different styles and can reach different audiences. There are other cool people making vids like Chris Randall, Megan Elizabeth and Josh Fosgreen to name a few that I'm aware of.


Someone else could always step up and make some videos too... different people have different styles and can reach different audiences. 


who gives a #$%^ if he swears, words are words and ONLY that. it's really not a big deal, the message he puts out there is great.. no need to be offended and make such a big deal out of something that really doesn't even matter. take it as a lesson that you can't control everything you're going to experience out in the world :)


I agree!!! 100%

I think DR is great. I love him just as he is and think he should be himself. There are many other people on youtube spreading the message in a more child-friendly way, and you can check them out. For example Alicia of Raw Synergy, and Megan Elizabeth. He meets a need in the community and is loud enough to get people's attention, which gets the message out. I like that about him.

I do think though that it would be great for Harley to do some videos aimed at children. That is something new he hasn't done yet. 

Just show your children the videos!

A few swearwords here and there are less harmful to them than a poor diet or separatist religion.  This is 2011 and you live in the world.  7 Billion population and counting!


I doubt DR has time to pander to your children's sensitive needs.  Toughen them up or the world will eat all of you!

Great advice!

argeed that is great advice i doubt you can take your kids anywhere with out hearing somebody say a swear word i know i cant go anywhere with out hearing one i think if you dont like it dont watch it or make your own channel.

How many kids do you have?



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