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Why must you use so much profanity???


I would LOVE to show your videos to my children, friends, & family....BUT your vulgarity is offensive & comes across as arrogant. Which actually turns people off literally turning off your videos....when I KNOW that your intention is to bring others "into the fold", so to speak.


Please consider being careful with your language.


The definition of profanity is: The attempt of a weak mind to speak forcefully.


I KNOW that you do not have a weak mind...so PLEASE do not swear in your videos!


I believe I am not alone in this and that there are others who would also like to SHARE your videos with others but because of your R & X ratings do not.


Thank you for your efforts to educate and for your example of this lifestyle.


I truly mean no offense...I am just being honest in that I WANT TO SHARE YOUR VIDEOS to inspire my children, family and friends. But I cannot.







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I swear like a sailor with the best of them, but most of the videos I have to X out of because

I can't stand every other word being f-this, f-that and f-f-f-f-f-f.

It just so happens that his most recent video was him talking about how his YouTube channel has basicaly become the most visited raw food channel on YouTube.  He mentioned in the video that he started his channel because everyone else was "too professional" to truly say what's on their mind and that he's not.  Like it or not his controversial nature has helped to get his videos a lot of extra views which is probably a very good thing in the long run. 

Yeah i agree, durianrider brings something new to the table which attributes to his success. 

The definition of profanity is: The attempt of a weak mind to speak forcefully.

You are making up your own definitions. Profanity is, and has always been an expression of irreverence. It's that simple.

Dictionary.Com Definition.


noun, plural -ties for 2.
the quality of being profane irreverence.
profane  conduct or languagea profane  act orutterance.
obscenity defs. 2, 3 .


noun (plural profanities)

[mass noun]
  • blasphemous or obscene language:an outburst of profanity
  • [count nouna swear word; an oath:a man with bloodied chin mouthing profanities
  • irreligious or irreverent 

mid 16th century: from late Latin profanitas, from Latin profanus 'not sacred'  (see profane)

Well here is my swearing story:

Recently I got really frustrated in traffic said "that m''''' f'''''!!!" in front of my kids and they really didn't like it so what they did, my 13 and 11 yr. old boys is repeat the phrase at every car around us, for instance, "look at m''''' f'''''! she's speeding!" or Did you see that M''''' f'''''! He didn't signal!" lol. I said you guys that's enough, your point is taken, it does sound harsh, I will try not to use those words. So my 11 year old asked why they couldn't say it if I could, I said because it sounds really bad coming out of kid's mouths, he asked why, what's the difference, I said, I guess because you guys are so innocent, and my 11 yr. old asked, aren't you innocent?
I have shared Durianriders' videos with my kids and they don't like the swearing but think the message is good and delivered in an interesting way.  There were a couple we would have loved to share with the neighborhood kids and friends but their parents are very strict in that regard and I would not break their trust about that.  For this reason I have requested that Durianrider make a video for kids specifically. 
I personally don't like the swearing but as Jared says, it is Durianrider's way of talking and it is very effective at getting the message out so in the long run it is a really good thing.
There are many people who feel as you do Raw Mormon Mommy, this is why 30BAD has a swearing policy  in place:  Please keep all swearing to the "Steam Room"
As well as a policy on being respectful to others.   
This community is really growing fast and has an energetic and happy vibe – we aim to keep it that way! The following guidelines are to ensure that we all enjoy our time here and are respectful of others...

This is an old thread I started on swearing you might like:

I have requested that Durianrider make a video for kids specifically. 


Maybe Durianrider could start another YouTube channel where he makes videos just for kids.  LOL.   Actually I would LOVE to see him do something like that and I think that he would be awesome at talking to kids about why to go vegan. Please consider doing something like that Harley.  The kids who aren't allowed to watch your videos due to "adult language" or who simply wouldn't understand what in the world you're talking about when you are making fun of Matt Monarch could really benefit from a video of you made specificially for young children.

I agree, this would be awesome.

would also love if he made a channel specifically for kids/younger people

When I talk with kids, I pop open my laptop and show em footage from the Earthlings DVD.

Kids are watching the internet and TV. They listen to their parents swearing. They are gonna learn it somewhere. 

I think people should request DTM to start up a kids channel cos my style of educating kids by talking to them like adults doesnt go down well with most parents. I think DTM is honestly the man for the job or perhaps other people can start up their own channel and fill the void. Thats what we did by creating 30BaD and our youtube channels.

Different strokes for different folks. Im cool with that.

People love my channel cos its me being me. Id feel too fake being nicey nicey. Thats not my style. If people arent ready for it yet, thats cool. DTM has 946 vids of love and peace for em in the mean time.

There is a void on youtube. Im filling it. Feels good. Everyone has a different style what they like best and you gotta go with what vibes with your heart.

Well said. 

There is a void on youtube. Im filling it. Feels good. Everyone has a different style what they like best and you gotta go with what vibes with your heart.

Right on. My kids have seen your videos. No different than what they hear out of my own mouth every day. *shrug* It's just words. And in my opinion if you want to corpse crunch you need to watch Earthlings, regardless of age. My kids could watch if they wanted to. 

There are other people out there with cleaner language if that is what someone desires.

It goes down with this parent. My kids enjoy your videos. I appreciate when people speak to kids as they do other adults. 

And there's really nothing anyone could say to shock my kiddos, they hear way worse at home. *shrug*



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