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so i've been doing well thus far for the most part, but tonight i just couldn't take anymore fruit. does anyone get this? i'm not a big fan of bananas as it is, and dates hurt my teeth. i made myself 3 liters of a banana-strawberry-blueberry-mango smoothie, which i drank throughout the day in class (5hr class), and it was good, but i just couldn't take anymore sugar. My tongue began to develop a white coating and i was losing sensation in it. This happens whenever i eat too much sugar, i think its related to candida(?). I also was feeling absolutely wiped at this point (i know, probably not enough fruit) I tried munching on a bell pepper but it was too sweet too. I have to be honest, my mom make a fresh batch of veg beans and rice, and i ate two cups of it. and i felt better after eating it. i need some advice fellow hcrvs, what do i eat when i get sick of fruit? what can i bring to school to eat other than enormous amounts of smoothies?

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I would like to know this too.  After a couple days I get so sick of bananas and anything sweet.  What are some good savory recipes that don't require buying a DVD for 75 dollars??

Not the fruit making you sick, absence of toxic food is. Compare it to fighting a flu. When you stop absorbing toxins your body digs in the tissues and drops em loose in your bloodstream. The harder it hits you the faster it'll clean you. Should appreciate these symptoms as they are sign of progression.

Don't worry about falling off it's part of the trip. All of our souls are doing their best to keep you on it.

I've been eating fruit for breakfast and dinner and then breaking up the sweetness by eating a large salad before any fruit for lunch. Can you bring salads with you to school? Also, cucumbers and celery are a nice change when Im hungry but don't want something sweet.

While beans and rice are not strictly 811, it seems to me that if the only way you are keeping your sanity and able to keep to the 811 diet 99% of the time is the occasional beans and rice, then don't worry.  That is not license to go bury yourself under a mountain of beans and rice but that occasionally is going to make almost no difference to your health or appearance I would suggest. Keep striving for 100% but this so-called cheat meal is better than a tray of iced donuts!

lol thanks darren, thats encouraging

its ok to fall off the waggon ---just get up brush yourself off and get back on!! on a serious note! when you transition it might ease the detox to do go slowly. a complete one day swtich can be very hard for you to adjust to . also that one smoothie might contain too many type s of fruit at one time for you too handel. tired almost always means = yes you right not enough cal.... go slow it will happen if you stick to it.......love the profile pic great lookin bird. Sean 

thanks sean, thats bailey my rescue birdie. too many types of fruits? isn't it good to get a variety in? what should be my limit for how many fruits i put in a smoothie?

a variety is great but in the start it just may be better for your digestion to work on one or two types of fruit, that has been my experiance with myself and friends-mono eating.

Don't beat yourself up! You are doing very well!

I am sure even some of the best of HCRV occasionally eats a cooked item. Just continue on your path. I'm new too and was experiencing trouble with beans and rice!

I bought a book by Megan Elizabeth called easy to be raw. I found a DELICIOUS savory salad dressing and I also made stuffed peppers. I eat the salad late in the afternoon. And then by dinner I can eat something sweet again.

I couldn't come up with any recipes on my own...so this helped, and it wasn't expensive at all. It really nipped the "beans/rice" in the bud.

Also, if you have access to a fridge....maybe you can make the zucchini "pasta" with raw tomato sauce. Just make sure to balance these meals with a ton of fruit, so you don't get tired.

I like to think of everything positively, instead of thinking what harm you do by eating this or that cooked...think about how much delicious fruit your are powering your body with...it is certainly better to be 100% raw, but I am sure being 50, 75 or 99 is way better than nothing. And you reap the benefits for the good that you do. Take care!

i just bought that book! looks amazing! and low fat raw deserts too??? *wipes drool off computer*

You made it FIVE whole days on a completely different lifestyle??

Give yourself a high five! (when no one is looking, because this is sort of dorky) Rice & beans isn't falling off the wagon - steak and chocolate bars is falling off the wagon! LOL

But seriously... you're doing really well. If rice & beans once a week helps you stay committed, then do it. And look through for other savory "recipes" like the one given by Alison in the comments. Over time I bet your cravings diminish.

And i felt like  you, but everytime i fall i quikly stand up again and continue to progress. i also crave sometimes greens, salad , i get "boring" by so much sweet, but it is worsening because greens are even less in calories. And when i don't get enough -i dont crave just  greens but worse- cooked food. I think is just the body getting rid of toxins so it's a matter of time and beeing consistent with 811.



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