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David Wolfe uses Federal US courts to try and shut down Durianrider! Share the word!

Lots of people said 'No way David Wolfe would try and sue you man! Your having us on! David Wolfe is a non judgemental spiritual guru that is above any criticisms. He would accept your actions as a freedom of speech..' LMAO.

Well David Wolfe shows his true colours in this letter I got today from his LA lawyers. Dress like a guru and sue like monsanto. All David Wolfe will get from me is a training programme, pair of old joggers and a few boxes of bananas to help melt that superfood gut of his. I dont hate DW even though he is repeatedly trying to sue my ass and bankrupt me. I don't take it personally. Im merely sharing my comments and criticisms and will continue to do so as an individuals right to freedom of speech.

Feel free to share it around the net and express your right to freedom of speech. Be careful though! David Wolfe might get his legal henchmen on to you too! ;)


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hahahaha that would be eff'in awesome i will donate money for legal fees if DR can get a video of DW proving the "truth" in his clames....

He promotes taking a supplement fir hydration instead of drinking water, what´s more dangerous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvo1FIibMDI&feature=g-vrec&c...

gee.. I think his product is called mega-... Oh I forgot... He didn't say it enough! ;) guess I wont be able to buy any...

Want hydration? Use H2O that's 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom per molecule! I use it everyday! So should you!

A *supplement* instead of drinking water? That is the most lunatic thing I have ever heard.

Well you can get water from your filtered tap but then DW misses out on a sale!

wow that is outrageous. just for fun (and to see if i could still do this) i did a little math. please, anyone, correct me if this is wrong. but if you conduct some stoichiometry based on the info provided in that video and the info on his website i found that, assuming perfect chemistry, one 250mg capsule of H2, after oxidation, will yield 4500mg H2O aka 4.5 mL water. if (for fun, or MEGA HYDRATION) you decided to replace, lets say, 8 cups of water per day with MEGAHYDRATE you would need something like 427 capsules per day!!! at $39 for 60 capsules that comes out to around $277!!!!!!!!! per day for all your hydration needs :D 

that is crazy but of course he only recommends 1-3 capsules per day because thats just enough that people wont think its outrageous yet enough that he can easily make $500 off of a "longevity seeker" every year...

Off Topic, Re Mr DW. Take his videos down (we have all seen them anyway, ha ha) and then he cannot take action, then put them back up again. He would have to start his action all over again. That should annoy.

We are all Durianriders!

Harly we stand with you! Even more! We stand for freedom of speech and the simple truth that you are unselfishly reviling with us. David Wolff is a hoax. I ate his super foods but I never felt better than now when I am simply eating 30 bananas a day! The truth is always simple! DW knows that for sure! That is why he wants to shut you down. You are truly my hero! Do not give up!

You have my full moral support form Slovenia!

Looks like David Wolfe has revealed his true colours... again!

He should change his name to David Sharke! That's exactly what he is. What a pillock.

I'm sorry DW but you plagiarized Sunfood Success System or whatever it was called. That wasn't cool, man.

you mean Natural Diet of Man from Eating Raw - Hovanessian (given free open source to world).  


yes that's right I replied to that post way back then.. what a nutter. when did he "write" that book, back in 1998 or something? and he's been a guru ever since? i even know a high fat raw doctor in australia when i told him about how david wolfe plagiarized Natures First Law (I don't know where you got natural diet of man from.. that's a book by Harvey Kellogg) from Eating Raw by Hovanessian he got really angry as if I had just insulted everything he stands for. this guy even bought the ormus and i tried it and it tasted like seawater, which i think is what it was. this doctor's eyes are yellow by the way, i'm just saying



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