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David Wolfe uses Federal US courts to try and shut down Durianrider! Share the word!

Lots of people said 'No way David Wolfe would try and sue you man! Your having us on! David Wolfe is a non judgemental spiritual guru that is above any criticisms. He would accept your actions as a freedom of speech..' LMAO.

Well David Wolfe shows his true colours in this letter I got today from his LA lawyers. Dress like a guru and sue like monsanto. All David Wolfe will get from me is a training programme, pair of old joggers and a few boxes of bananas to help melt that superfood gut of his. I dont hate DW even though he is repeatedly trying to sue my ass and bankrupt me. I don't take it personally. Im merely sharing my comments and criticisms and will continue to do so as an individuals right to freedom of speech.

Feel free to share it around the net and express your right to freedom of speech. Be careful though! David Wolfe might get his legal henchmen on to you too! ;)


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I'm not a lawyer but I have had past careers writing legal documents for many different industries. I could not tell you the severity of this because I am sure there are some international issues in play here.

However, this legal document doesn't hold much clout without actual references to the exact statements and the exact laws in reference to each statement. I would respond and request exact videos and laws in violation relating to each video. In the event this ever does escalate it will show you took some action to resolve the matter.

In all likelihood he is sending letter like this to not only you, but anyone he feels he can, because they are typically very effective, even if there is no intent for further action beyond paying a lawyer $200 per document to write cease and desist letters.

With that being said I have run a business for over 6 years in a completely separate industry.  I focus exclusively on the positive that my business offers and never focus on the negative aspects of people I do not agree with (which are many!). Because of this and have not had a single legal issue and my business is successful. I know this is very cliche, but that quote about Mother Teresa, that she will only be for peace rallies and not anti-war rallies. My personal philosophy is something like that.

do you think mr bad wolfe has ate so many melons he is now pregnant with one?


HFRV or HCRV I really think at this point in the lifestyle with Vegan and Raw Vegan being so foreign to many ears, we should stand united instead of divided to spread the message, increase health, decrease animal consumption, shut down the slaughter house industry, and help the planet to go green.  If Raw Vegan leaders keep fighting amongst themselves I don't it happening doesn't set a very good image for the movement.

david wolfe is not raw or vegan though.

Let's look at it this way: if he brings forth criminal charges, this requires a govt body (most likely the state of California) to be the one press the charge. This means it would be State of California v. Harvey. There's no way any US body would waste its time litigating such a frivolous lawsuit. Even if they did bring forth suit, they'd easily give you the option to just remove the material to avoid spending millions on a court case... but I'd put money that it would never even get to this stage. This means that the risk of going to jail--or in this case for you, an Australian citizen means never stepping foot on US soil to avoid arrest--is .00001 percent. A criminal case ain't gonna happen.

So now let's see what happens if he presses a civil lawsuit, which is the more realistic approach. If you do absolutely nothing, the worst that could possibly happen is a default judgment from a judge that mandates you to pay a fine for damages. If you continue to do absolutely nothing and ignore him, the worst David could do is file yet another suit mandating a levy gets placed on your bank account to go after said damages. But since you're an Aussie, no judge here has the jurisdiction for this to happen anyway. Even if you were American, you're what attorneys call "judgment proof" because you have no assets--trying to get money out of you is akin to squeezing water out of a stone. Since we don't have debtor's prison here, your inability to pay means absolutely nothing in terms of any real consequence. 

If David chooses to go through the hassle to hire an Australian attorney, then pat yourself on the back: you've made him pay thousands for what will ultimately result in no harm whatsoever to you for the reasons outlined above (assuming Aussie law is similar to here, which I don't know...but probably is). Even if an Australian court made you pay damages two expensive lawsuits later (one for defamation or whatever, the other to levy your account), then you simply pay $300 to file for bankruptcy and it all goes away. In the end you'd still win: he pays $5,000, you pay $300.

This is all assuming the absolute worst-case scenario for you, best-case scenario for him. I've ignored the real distinct possibility of a judge laughing at him after seeing one of your videos and telling him he can't possibly ascertain such a ridiculous lawsuit. 

Not that you'll need a lawyer (and you really won't), but in the event that you do, I'm friends with a California-based one who runs a non-profit that has a "pay what you can" model for legal services. PM me if you need his details, but it shouldn't ever come to that stage.

My non-legal advice to you? Ignore him. 

Harley does have $10,000 AUD he keeps offering as a reward for a fat fruit eater, he would have to sign that over to someone, possibly Freelee. I think it is as easy as writing "I, (giver's name), give all my possessions to (receiver's name)" on a piece of paper and signing it. At least that is how I have heard some people avoid debt collectors / bailifs.

The funniest thing is that David Wolfe plagirized his first book 'Natures First Law' off a dead Iranian author called Aterhov. His book was called 'Raw Eating'. David Wolfe denied this for years until eventually enough of the community knew it was true that David Wolfe had lied about copying the book almost word for word and he stopped printing it after making a lot of money from selling thousands upon thousands of copies.

The respectful thing to have done to a dead author would to reprint the book and give full credit to the authors work like 'Hey, this guy is dead, no body is printing his book any more so we thought we would cos its a great book with a powerful message...'

What David Wolfe did was totally pretend like Raw Eating by Aterhov was NEVER written. They hoped the raw food community was dumb enough to believe they were the original authors. No thats what I call poor behaviour from people that pretend they know better.

Its like all the drugs David Wolfe does has made him into a money hungry paranoid crack pot.

Still, if he came to me for help, Id still give him advice. I got nothing personal against him. The guy needs some mental and physical help. How can you hold anger against people in David Wolfes condition?

Its like being angry at a fat guy laying in dog crap.

I was guessing the reason he no longer sells Nature's First Law is that he no longer promotes fruit!  I never would have gone raw except for the common sense argument in NFL that fruit was made sweet and juicy and easy to be picked because it was designed for human consumption.  If my first introduction to a DW book had been Sunfood, I wouldn't have even bought it.  As it is, it turned me off of raw completely due to DW's turning his back on fruit.

you saw in that new movie a natural raw? how david wolfe claimed he was the first person to bring raw vegan to sports??!?

Let me tell you something.

If this man really plagiarized the better part of an entire book, this is most certainly information that would discredit him in his suit against you or against anyone.  (and call into question his own moral compass.)

I don't know about in Australia or elsewhere, but here is a HUUGE deal. 

My husband is currently attending a military school here in the US.  All they keep harping on is not to plagiarize and how the students are to properly cite works in their papers.

All throughout school here in the US, you hear it everywhere.  From grade-school, on up. 

I'm shocked he hasn't been sued, himself, for that action.  Nobody freaking copies a whole book, for crying out loud, and then publishes it, making thousands.. 

That's so so incredibly nuts.




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