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David Wolfe uses Federal US courts to try and shut down Durianrider! Share the word!

Lots of people said 'No way David Wolfe would try and sue you man! Your having us on! David Wolfe is a non judgemental spiritual guru that is above any criticisms. He would accept your actions as a freedom of speech..' LMAO.

Well David Wolfe shows his true colours in this letter I got today from his LA lawyers. Dress like a guru and sue like monsanto. All David Wolfe will get from me is a training programme, pair of old joggers and a few boxes of bananas to help melt that superfood gut of his. I dont hate DW even though he is repeatedly trying to sue my ass and bankrupt me. I don't take it personally. Im merely sharing my comments and criticisms and will continue to do so as an individuals right to freedom of speech.

Feel free to share it around the net and express your right to freedom of speech. Be careful though! David Wolfe might get his legal henchmen on to you too! ;)


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He has lost his marbles..He is such a con man mental case..He used to go to law school ..he is far from a spiritual guru..more like a spiritual rip off! I don't believe one word that comes out of his hole. He has so much nerve preying on the weak and vulnerable. Shame on him..I hope he chokes on his superfoods and shuts the f!@# up already..Enough David we know you are reading this too under an alias...He is so jealous that you are doing something substantial Harley and really making a difference..otherwise, why would he waste his time..He is burning up inside..it's scary. He needs to just put down the chocolate and stop being so obsessed with you already...He posted on Anthony Anderson's wall once about how you were vicious or something..Hahah, you Harley are one of the most honest and generous people I know..Who the hell would take a scorpion out of the road bc they think it might be in harms way? You would..What has David done for humanity or animals or anyone lately? nothing..he just needs to get a life..poor guy, I feel sorry for him actually..he must be so upset all of the time...Where as you just call em as you see em. And you have his number alright! Good for you Harley..keep calling people out if they are deserving of it. I don't see anything wrong with that.

The poor guy tough really. When you eat right you can really thrive. He has obviously lost his way 'cos being rich ain't all that. Making money off crap products makes you feel like crap too. Live with purpose and health going to bed knowing you're doing the right thing :) that sounds pretty sweet to me

"Got Man-boob?"  Sorry I had to.  I was so appalled after hearing about this, I was going to post a rant, but decided to say something ridiculous instead. :) 

Were all just trying to make our way through this crazy life.  You think the ones of us who actually try to choose health over the latter could just try to support one another even if our view are slightly different.  Money has a way of breeding greed into our lives though, turning us against each other... ok mini rant...


Educate don't hate!  Take only what you need and share the rest!  Things don't need to be made soo complicated :)

Careful folks! I see a lot of reference, name , and likeness usage violations here! Don't have "the man in question's" suits come for you to! lol

The way I read it Harley you have 7 days to use and abuse "the man in question's" likeness to your hearts(and ours) content before you have to "remove all material".

Also don't worry, lies never work in the long run, but truth does! All you have to do is remove his name and likeness. You can still diss and debunk "people" who promote unhealthy and bogus fad diets. Just don't use his name or "likeness". Instead use his "unlikeness";) Just keep telling the truth and warning people about "possible liars" trying to hawk them crackao  and we will win the "war".

I do think you should do as they say though.. lawyers can be a bitch!(uht umm.. personal experience) You may want to get one(or two) of your own on retainer for future shmucks.. Just in case.

Good luck brotha. We will all be witnesses on your behalf(assuming)!

P.S. thanks for putting your neck on the line for the betterment of mankind bro! Your the man!

Have to agree, why make waves for yourself Harley. Some people are just not important enough for this sort of hassle and he is one. Take em down.

Ditto to Trevors P.S.

I tend to agree too; reference to "rawfood gurus who..." is all that I've seen made on others' websites ( Don Bennett, Doug Graham &c), when they wish to point the finger at distortions of the truth.

Personally I never, and have never, read other rawfood leaders who are not 80/10/10.  Perhaps I'm unusual; but it seems to me those who are casting around different sites seeking clarity, will know who is being referred to if Harley adopts Trevor's suggestion.

I never read, or watch these vids of Harley's as they would mean nothing to me other than what I know already; that Harley delights in exposing fraudulent arguments.  This could be done in exactly the same way he now does, simply by substituting "a prominent rawfood teacher", for the individual's name.

to go devoid of reference seems lacking on people who may need the warnings on avoiding those exploiters

4 using "his" likeness and name "without permission"

and for "defaming" "him"

Waaaaa Mommy! Durianrider is picking on me :'(

I'm no lawyer, but doesn't defamation technically mean you're spreading LIES about someone? I've never heard anything from DR about Wolfe that could be construed as anything other than opinion/criticism.

yea just make a statement of fair comment.   and join #OpDavidWolfe   the war is on and together we win



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