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Hang on? Those 2 are the same thing! ;)

'NOTHING will destroy the human immune system faster than sweet fruits...'

'Cacao is on the same octave as the sun, its on the same octave as love, its on the same octave as...'

Interesting video someone just sent me about David Wolfe.


Here is some more info circulating around on the internet. For legal reasons I can't say any of its true. You will have to do your own homework and talk to other people in the health community. (I just said that so I can't get sued for the 4th from DW).

11 Things To Ask David Wolf sometime….

# What is his opinion on the claims some women have had cacao drinks spiked with MDMA (ecstasy) and date raped at cacao dance parties and/or Eden Hot Springs retreat?

# Why is David Wolf trying to sue Durianrider in the Supreme Court of San Diego? 

# What is his opinion on this video http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/82734712

# Why was his good friend Lord Sky Dancer  busted with 1010g of Ecstasy smuggled in cacao powder on his way to Eden Hot Springs Retreat? http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_upYuet67GLb7hllLYt1gwO

#Why does David continue to sell bovine colostrum, deer placenta, ant extract (squashed ant juice from china), deer bone extract, royal jelly (squashed bee maggots) etc and pretend he is a vegan? Does he pretend he is a vegan for marketing purposes? 

# Why if David's high fat diet is so slimming he has man boobs and a jiggly baby belly?

# Why do so many raw foodists report adrenal fatigue from cacao consumption? Isn't theobromine classed as a neurotoxin? (It is, google it!)

# Why does David pretend he is not a millionaire? How many people in this room tonight @ 60$ a head? David has been doing these talks since 1995… He sells little bottles of 'David Wolfe's Ormus Gold for 347USD a bottle…99% of his products come out of China, Ecuador, Indonesia and other low income earning countries. Does he have a really bad coke/gambling habit?…

#  Why does David claim 'Monsanto stole my company!!' when his longest employed worker said this http://www.rawfoodsupport.com/read.php?2,190691

# Would David consider himself a wealthy con artist traveling the world making mega $ on the ignorant? Did he learn from his father? http://www.nytimes.com/1995/09/10/us/whistle-blower-suit-says-doctor-bilked-government-of-millions.html

Thanks for taking time to read this. Make sure you have your credit cards ready as the talk you just paid 60$ to attend is actually a 3 hour informercial and we have a shit load of bogus and potentially toxic product to move at the end of the show!


Some more info I found about David Wolfe.

Why did you plagiarize a book written in Iran titled "Raw Eating," place a new title on it, "Nature's First Law," and travel the world presenting the book as your own writing? Do you think it is okay to steal the work of other writers and spend years selling that book while lying to people by saying you wrote a book that you didn't write?

Why did you release "Nature's First Law" on Hitler's birthday, use some of Hitler's words in the book, and use the reference to Hitler - the number 88 - in your email address for many years, Avocado88@aol.com

Did you ever pay any money to the family of the author of "Raw Eating"? Or, did you keep all of the money? Would you consider this robbery?

Aterhov's daughter, who lives in Germany, tried to contact your mother to tell her that you stole Aterhov's life work. Did your mother ever respond? 

It is true that you had a ghost co-writer on your book, Sunfood Diet Success System, who even arranged and named the chapters, and wrote many of the sentences and paragraphs in the book, and even rewrote a lot of what you wrote? And didn't that writer do about the same thing for your other book, Eating for Beauty? Didn't the same writer help you update the books for new editions? 

What happened at the Arizona Raw Spirit Fest with women being slipped some sort of hallucinogen and one of the husbands getting very upset with you when he found out? 

A woman who attended one of your Hawaiian retreats wrote a letter that is now on the Internet explaining how she was molested by you on a beach, and also explained that when she spoke to you later, you also made sexual advances to her. Did you ever reimburse her for the money she spent to go to your seminar? 

When you were living above the offices of Sunfood in San Diego and you hired that woman in for a, quote, "massage," unquote, what led to her freaking out on some sort of drug concoction you provided, and how did she end up being put outside that night and having the doors locked on her? Did you not think that you may have been endangering her? Did you feel that she would not call the police because she wouldn't want to go through the embarrassment of being in the public theatre of the courthouse to prosecute you for what you did? 

When you gave a talk at Euphoria in Santa Monica, why did you request all of John McCabe's books be removed from the store shelves? Do you believe in book banning? 

Is it true that you were a drug dealer in college? 

Starting around age ten, the Arlin family in San Diego basically helped raise you - because your father was busy with his new wife (who he eventually murdered) and ripping off more insurance programs, and your mother was busy being a single woman. Why do the Arlins no longer talk to you and describe you as "scum of the earth"? 

How is it that your father only spent about twelve years in prison after shooting your step-mother in the head two times, killing her? 

When you brought Doug Harbison into the offices of Nature's First Law and introduced him to employees as your "business consultant," why didn't you simply say you brought him in so he can help you take over the company? 

What happened toward the end of your time with Sunfood when you were in New York and spent a whole lot of money? 

When you were having sex in the pool in Laguna and your long term girlfriend, Sequoia, arrived and saw that, why did you laugh? Did you pay her any money after you broke up to make up for using her to set up your business? 

How long have you been smoking tobacco? 

Why do people call you a parasitical predatory raw faux guru? 

When you went to the deposition with Sunfood attorney's why did you stand up and holler at people in the room? What did you mean by calling Brian Bowers a "traitor"? 

You have said that you hired Brian Bowers, but you only meat him weeks after he was hired when you stopped at the offices. Do you feel it okay to lie? 

You say that Monsanto is connected with Sunfood, the company that you started, yet there seems to be no evidence of this Monsanto business connection, other than Doug Harbison, who you brought into the company is the son of a man who once ran Monsanto. Do you keep repeating the Monsanto claim to make it sound like people should really hate Sunfood? 

It is said that you walked away from Sunfood as the company was collapsing, and now that the company has been run for years by a man who bought the bank note at auction, you want money. You clearly started the company fraudulently, including with money you made by selling the work of plagiarism, "Nature's First Law," then you drove the company into the ground with horrible financial and business decisions. Do you really feel you are owed money? 

You spent years selling chocolate you claimed to be raw, but some people say it wasn't raw chocolate, because it was processed at high temperatures. Do you feel you lied to all the people who purchased that chocolate? 

Your brother was indicted in Orange County California for real estate fraud - in the millions of dollars. Your father clearly made millions by ripping off insurance programs and then murdered your step-mother, and you clearly have engaged in many fraudulent business practices. Would you say that your family is simply a group of thieves? 

Remember the guy Love Sky Dancer? He is one of the many people who supplied DW with the ecstasy for years. They have been close buds for a long time.

I think I told you about this druggie. He was busted while flying to Eden Hot Springs to bring David his 1 kg of pure grade MDMA to get all the women messed up.

This nasty hippy is a total criminal in every sense of the word.

Check out this nice piece on Love Sky Dancer (LSD) http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_upYuet67GLb7hllLYt1gwO

David is heading to Eden again this year. The whole cacao scam was simply to provide a carrier so David could mix in the MDMA and seduce all the naive women possible with laced chocolate bars and smoothies. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this scammer.

I think David does this stuff to see how much he can get away with and then deny everything - bold faced liar.

Everything in that article he wrote about why he is NOT a millionaire is the biggest pile of lies ever written - goes to show how psycho a person becomes when they venture into Ayahuasca land too far. His self righteous pose as if he is praying is simply too much!

Monsanto has zero to do with Sunfood - Doug Harbison was a small business man that David sucked into helping him and then David left Doug holding the bag with all the losses.

These jokers buy the cheapest crap they can find in China and then scare everyone into thinking they will die if they don't get their products. 

Totally dark losers. The illicit millions they make will burn them for billions of years.

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Jared, where did you see this debate? I'd love to watch the whole thing. Just found a small clip you Youtube.

yes, lead us there

Davids 80% fat diet caught up with him then ..... 

he just copied Aterhov- what a dork he is.

Just tells you again never trust any leader cause they all are sociopaths.

are you serious?  Okay, this comment made me read DR's OP, that is so sad, all of it! 

nuttiness and scamming run in the family. what gene controls that, david? do chocolate and mushrooms amplify it?

Haha! I really enjoy this compilation - things he said are completely out of whack!  

I actually enjoyed his talks when I first started out on raw foods, but quickly realised that there were product attachments nearly all of his events. 

Its all about the $ for DW thesedays.

Pretty quick way to see what motivates someone is to sign up to their newsletters or forums etc and see how much crap they try and sell you. Often its 'latest and greatest product sale now on!'.

Anyone trying to sell you supps, they are $ driven.

David's brother looks much healthier than David does.

no way.



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