30 Bananas a Day!

Has anyone tried this? I was considering this but with coconut water, because I like it better and it adds a little more cals. Is that safe digestion wise? Thanks :)

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Oh yea i noticed that on Nutridiary right now... but I keep falling off because I'm not afraid of calories its just really hard for ne to eat more than 1800,even if I have smoothies, so I get carb crazy and
eat potatoes or pasta. I really want to be 811 and dates are easy for me to get a lot of cals, is there anything else similar besides bananas?
I haven't been eating dates lately so I'm sure I might be able to get up to 2500 if I included them with other sweet fruit I've been eating, but for some reason I can stuff myself like crazy but my meals end up only being like 400 cals, but then I don't feel satisfied , like I still want to eat cooked food but I can't eat anymore fruit, but I know that's exactly what I need...
Thanks for the advice I will try more meals
, and if I crave I will reach for fruit :), when you consistently eat 811 do you know how long it takes to stretch your stomach?
My stomach stretch day by day, you just have to push the limit a little everytime. I remember 3 months ago my banana smoothie was like 3 bananas, now I can do 10 bananas no problem, I even done 12 medium bananas size one time. haha, thats 5 full pint glasses in one sitting. The key is ripe bananas. It is so easy for me to get them over here in seattle, I buy 10lbs a day so they always ripen at the correct time for me!!! :)
If it takes eating a load of dates to get your calories in. Do it. Soak them or eat them with lettuce. Lettuce and dates. Very tasty
Cool thanks I will try that :)
Great tip!
totally agree, thats what I ate last nite!!

Yeah! Wrap dates in lettuce it's amazzzingggggg. Romaine hearts <3

Right now Im drinking dates blended with sugar cane juice. I think the top of my head is about to blow off! :)

We just got 19L from the market dude.

It naturally takes time for our body to crave its calories from fruit. Give a quarter pounder to a person that normally eats big macs and they wont be satisfied. give fruit to a vegan that normally eats rice n beans for dinner and they wont be satisfied..

sometimes we just have to keep on march'n till our body makes the leap over..
Epic. Wish I could get decent cane around here. Only one store has it, and it's slightly sketchy stuff. I've bought a couple batons of it.
Yea, I'm just mad 2 and half yrs ago when I first became vegan all I ate was practically fruit because I didst know what else to eat then I found all the wheat filled vegan crap and gained back the 30 lbs I initially lost and now I can't get off the stuff :( but I will keep on keeping on I know I can do it! Ps .. I miss cane juice I'm on vacation in kauai and I can't find it anywhere! :'(



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