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As a single person, living in a VERY rural area of South Carolina, I was thinking how on earth I am going to explain this to any member of the opposite sex.  I find that just with being a vegan you are already an anomaly. I am new to this area so I have tried to find "groups" but there is nothing in this area, I found one small group on the meetup website that is 45mins away and the other 1.5hours away.  I feel like if I am going to do this I need someone like minded because the other half of the world thinks Im just bat shit crazy.  I've actually kinda been keeping it a "secret" because I don't want to hear peoples comments. But anyway.. I don't want to be single forever either because I have adopted a "radical" (lol) lifestyle.  What have your experiences been? or how do you 'handle' the dating scene?

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I can't speak too much for the general dating because I'm in high school(which means the dating scene is worse haha.)  I haven't met a vegan in person before, except at a vegan event.  But speak up, at least about the veganism, and someone might be interested and change their diet.  I definitely used to keep my diet quiet, but then I realized that it won't spread if people don't know about it.  I find that if I am confident about my choices, people respect them.

Are the meetup groups raw vegan, or vegan?  Try vegan if you can find any close by.  If not vegan, maybe vegetarian or some environmental groups, or health groups.  Rural south carolina could be hard, but good luck!

I actually don't broadcast my diet either unless it comes up. Then people that already thought I was weird before knowing about the diet start acting like I'm 100% alien or something. It's hard here in west Texas getting people to understand this lifestyle. I haven't even met but 2 vegetarians here... maybe 3 years ago.
 I am actually afraid to date people because of dinner dates. I would hate to be a burden on a date, so I just don't date right now.  Not much help I guess, but hopefully one day I can find a  sexy, fruitalicious boy friend.

You can go on a date and take an orange juice. Even if they don´t have fresh pressed juice, for once, it´s not such a big deal I think


 Thats what I was thinking last night. I was like maybe I should just put dating on the back burner until I get better at living this lifestyle.. right now? Im all a mess trying to learn and sort it all out. I've been on a couple dates since starting this lifestyle and of course I always will pick an Asian style restaurant because I know I can get vegan cooked food at least and I don't have any adverse reaction to cooked foods, though I'd rather not eat them. I am not going to do anything super "weird" right now like bust out a carton of dates at the table or pack my own fruit/juice. Sorry.. Im just not "there" yet mentally.  I already feel like I am treated like an alien, as you put it lol.

Well, I actually did start a little profile on a internet dating site and I put it out there, what I am trying to do. Its only been a couple days. I was a vegetarian for 7 years and vegan for 2 before I fell into a "Paleo nest" for the last 2 years. Huge mistake. But anyway...  I don't judge people for their dietary habits unless they are a fast food junkie, in which case, that is something I just cannot handle for a plethora of reasons.  

This is a lifestyle and I am learning. I just remember all the stupid comments I'd receive back when I was Vegan/Veg... its obnoxious and annoying.. and it makes me want to avoid social gathers that are centered around food. I'd just love to (for once) be around like minded people. 

Im right here with ya. Im not going to change what I am doing for anyone.. 

Tell them you are doing this lifestyle for your health and wellbeing, and it has given you amazing results so far so you stick to it and that it is exciting to know that you are improving your health and life everday thanks to this way of eating.

Hey, Spunky Brewster

I also live in a very remote little country town. There's a population of 20,000. I came from a city of over 4 million and have found that I get more dates in this little town than in the city. I never 'push' what I eat onto others or force them to do anything I just go about my business. People look at my smoothies and flip out at how many bananas are in it. But then that's what gets them talking and that's how I've met a tonne of people...and a tonne of really great people too. That's how boys seem to also start their convos with me; "I heard you have ten bananas for breakfast???" It's quite funny really.

If someone great doesn't go out with you based completely on how you eat and what you eat then they're not that great and not worth dating in the first place. So I say "NEXT!" to that - you're worth someone bette than that. Good luck with the man hunt, hehe.

I'm in a relationship now with a meat eater, who previously told me no-one would date me because of my diet xD He makes comments now and then about my "weird" diet(just cooked vegan,only just started fully raw) but it doesn't really bother me. He asked me if I wanted him to go vegetarian but i'd rather let him choose of his own accord..although I do kinda wish he was. Just get out there and maybe you'll find someone when you're not looking, I think it's only a real barrier to people you wouldn't want in your life anyway. I know exactly what you mean about people thinking your strange for your diet..but that quickly fades into insignificance when you have a real bond with a person. That's my experience, anyway.

Think about it, how you going to find each other if your hiding away!

Almost every one of my friends and recent girlfriends have converted after meeting me....not because I preach, but because they are always curious why I am vegan, and when I tell them why, they almost always transform themselves.  I'm responsible for several new vegans in my circle, and my last 2 girlfriends are vegetarian now because of me.  My advice is be yourself, tell YOUR story, and they will either come to you or be pushed away

All the time a spent vegetarian/vegan (before I had my aforementioned lapse in judgement ( Paleo.. ugh so embarrassing))  it was 7 years collective with only 2 being vegan I had one guy actually change his ways, and it was cute because we had our own little cruelty free vegan thanksgiving and we were so proud that we had literally EVERY traditional dish and absolutely no meat/dairy :)  I'd love to have something like that again but in the South?! Its very... very... VERY .. hard to find, especially in men. 

I don't mean to cause offense to anyone, and I am from the SOUTH, born and bred BUT Southerners are not known for having open minds especially the small southern towns where the guys come from generations of hunting and fishing.. and I'm not comfortable with that. :( 



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