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Does anyone know if it's okay to bring dates into Hawaii and/or Vietnam on a flight?

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This doesn't directly answer your question but my most recent experience may be comparable. I recently travelled from Switzerland to North Africa and my understanding prior to my trip was that I could bring dates onto the plane but upon arrival would have to throw them out. Knowing this I only brought enough on the plane to get me through the flight.....the rest I packed in my suitcase. BUT nothing happened when I arrived in Morocco.....so me and my dates got through :) While in Morocco I purchased fresh dates and bananas from the Souk and although I was prepared to have them taken from me upon my arrival back in Switzerland......once again, nothing happened. I don't know.....maybe I committed a crime but I was happy :)

Thank you, I'm going to keep that in mind! Perhaps it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission sometimes...

I assume Vietnam it might be safe to take that attutide but Hawaii might be different it is an island and American which normally means they protect there borders from foreign fruit or even there own fruit coming in. I live in NZ it is a 500 dollar instant fine if you try and beg forgiveness with extra fruit.

I have been able to take fruit into south east asia countries before so Vietnam might be fine

ah! I may have to dispose of the evidence...

call your airline 

My box of dates survived airport security inspections in both Europe and Bangkok.

i brought dates on the plane to Thailand!

"loose lips sink ships" Just don't say anything. If they "catch" you claim ignorance. If you have a friend with you have them say "oh I'm sorry, my friend is developmentally disabled. He didn't know" Eating them on the plan might also be a good idea.

I live in Hawaii but travel back and forth from the mainland frequently. I have never had a problem taking food with me(except water, those weirdos) They make you fill out an agriculture declaration form on the plane, but just say "none of the above" as they never check when you get off.*

*Don't blame me if you get caught ;)

I've never had success taking fresh fruit other than dates out of Hawaii. Into, yes (but uh, undeclared as you mentioned). :) 

Out of Kona, through two x-ray scanners,  backpack of blood oranges... Done deal... Ate them in Oregon..


If Im smuggling fruit in I always claim a handful of seeds or a banana skin. That way if they do catch you you can say you forgot cos of  jet lag. Bit hard if you have a BOX of dates though lol!

I like to eat dates and cucumbers on the plane. I normally finish everything before I land though. Its not a problem bringing it on, its a problem bringing them off in certain countries though.

I had no idea. I brought several boxes (700 g) of dates into Thailand, lol.



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