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Dates only contributed 500 daily calories to my diet, but now that they are gone I'm not sure what to get to replace them. Two-thirds of my calories are already from bananas so I'd rather not just eat more of those. All of my calories are basically just coming from bananas and apples at the moment. Oh, and I can't eat any citrus at the moment due to my teeth.

I'd kinda like to do Ataulfo mangoes, but I have horrible luck with mangoes and plus the ones at the grocery store aren't really kept that well. Like 1/4 of them are beyond over-ripe. I don't even know if they would sell me a case or not.

Any ideas fruity people? Oh I mean to go check out a korean grocery store I found. I kinda have my doubts though.

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I've had good luck with getting offseason organic dates from eatdates.com.   Not top quality like Bautista, but of 5 orders, only 1 was dry.  They could still be made into datorade.  I've only gotten khadrawi from them, never medjools.

I ordered some from this website just the other day. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Thanks.  I'll need to order in a few weeks.   I'm hoping the one bad order (the last one) was an anomaly.

Im in the same boat..accept I can eat citrus..but I think Im just going to buy non organic..cuz if I dnt get my dates..Im prob going to eat cooked food.! Good luck! Peace,Love&Light all~ways,Mon!ca

I wouldnt bother with raw food if I couldnt get bananas and dates. Yeah a few times a year you can get quality mangoes but even in Thailand its not enough caloric certainty.

Grapes, figs, Asian pears and golden kiwis are all good.

Grapes! Dried fruit works too, soak it first though. (:

You can still get dates! I got mine from Fernandez dates. http://fernandezdates.com/

The Barhi's were somewhat dry but it's not steamed.

If you have a car, you should try the wholesalers for cases of mangoes, perhaps.

Yeah, spring is kind of boring in the supermarket. Even fall and winter brought persimmons and citrus.

If your farmer's market has them, cherimoyas are really good and high in calories!

Can't wait for summer...



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