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Hi everyone,

I am just 8 months on this lifestyle and know the importance of Carbing the f up. Only problem is I can't seem to find boxes of dates anywhere here and keep having to spend so much more buying individual packs in supermarkets... It's all adding up, and I'll need money cause I'm going to india this month (any advice on that too? On being high carb vegan in India? :P)
I'm really desperate for this, I even went to a brick lane wholesaler today and they didn't have anything. :(
Any boxes from 2 to 5 kg would be absolutely awesome.

Thank you so much !

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spitalfields mate get down there 

The bigger wholesale markets will all stock dates - new spitalfields, new covent garden etc. Most greengrocers make regular trips so if you can't get to a market you could ask a grocer to pick some up for you. Still not that cheap though - last time I got my local greengrocer to buy some for me he was charged £5 a kilo.

Most asian & middle eastern supermarkets and delis stock them too, usually cheaper but the quality is often poor, or they're covered in glucose syrup. Try edgware road.

I went to New Spitafields but it seemed like I had to show up in a van and be a business. I didn't end up getting anything! I'm not giving up though and might ask my grocer to pick a box up. Thanks

Ooops, sorry. Should have mentioned that. Was a bit overwhelmed when I went there too. You can get in easy enough on foot or by car but yeah some of the stall owners are reluctant to sell in smaller quantities. Sometimes you have to be quite persistent. Having exact change helps. You might need a trolley or something to carry boxes, can't remember if they provided them.

Thanks so much. I have to just spend less on other things, because the quality of fruit is so important to stay on this lifestyle, so I have to spend a bit more to get the best stuff :P

Buy them online?

Ecogreenstore UK is a middle-person, a company called SUMA sells 5kg loose pack dates for 9 quid



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