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So, I hope someone can help me out with this.

I have a friend who is on the SAD. She has seen the changes in my skin after I went 80/10/10 and now she's getting curious about this life style and I'm thinking that maybe I can show her what she can accomplish on it, by helping her with some tiny cosmetic issues she's having.

She's struggling with a lot of weight issues but she doesn't wanna believe it might be caused by junk food, but because she's eating too MUCH of it... anyways, there's another problem she's having and I think that's the main issue for her: dark circles and bags under the eyes.


Now I know from Arnold's Way that that might be a kidney issue but he doesn't explain how to alleviate the symptoms. Is it maybe caused by too much salt in your diet?


She's ready to go to some crazy doctor, who will no doubt just give her some pills that will mess up her system even more. I don't want her to do that.

But how can I help her if she doesn't want to go on the LFRV diet immediately?

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Great to hear Sylvie. We are here (in this world) to care and share.



This is invariably caused by chronic adrenal stress and to some extent toxicity. The Chinese have known this to some extent for a couple of thousand years. The language they use is outdated of course (they didn't know about the adrenal glands, so they grouped the adrenals in with other kidney functions and called it all kidneys), saying that deep black circles under the eyes are usually caused by kidney qi and/or yang deficiency.


Over use of stimulants like caffeine, chronic stress due to poorly met emotional and physical needs, trauma, use of drugs like nicotine, recreational drugs like alcohol and other drugs, certain medications, high protein intakes, high refined sugar intakes, high fat intakes, nutrient deficiencies, insufficient sleep and excessive REM sleep can all burn out the adrenals.


Accumulation of toxins due to excessive intake of toxins, as well as dehydration due to insufficient water intake and over use of diuretics (like caffeine, alcohol, medications) and salt, as well as protein can all contribute to dark circles too.


It will take time for her dark circles to disappear. It will require a consistent effort to address ALL of these factors.


She doesn't have to go on a lfrv diet to improve her circles, but she does have to significantly reduce fat and protein intake to less than 10% of calories, to cut out refined carbohydrates, to eliminate the use of caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants and to significantly reduce the use of alcohol (Never drinking more than 3 units at a time, and not more than once per week).She also needs to go to sleep by 10pm most nights and get up no earlier than 7am. She needs to drink sufficient water daily. She needs to eliminate salt. Instead, she needs to eat as a minimum, at least 5 portions of fruit and 5 portions of veg per day. One portion being 80-100g edible serving. She needs to eat more pulses and eat exclusively whole grains. Importantly, she needs to eat regularly, sufficiently and consistently, leaving no more than 4-5 hours between each main meal.


At the end of the day, your friend may be fed up of her dark circles, but the real question is: Is she fed up enough to be ready to accept responsibility for the cause of her symptoms - and for their solution?


At the end of the day, if she isn't even prepared to eat a healthy whole foods omnivorous diet, then she absolutely isn't ready.People who can't even make that simplest at change yet are not at a place where they are recognising responsibility for their health. They are still invested in the delusional belief that they should have the perfect health, whilst being able to do whatever they want to their body. This is magical thinking.


I hope for your friends sake that she is willing to make some changes. But for your own part, don't invest too much energy in her drama if she isn't ready yet. You will only feed her bad habits by trying to help her too hard. Keep on leading by example and that is the best thing you can do for her. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.


Take care


Adam x



Hey Adam!!


Thank you so much for that detailed response and the excellent advice. Never thought the adrenals would be connected in this case, but makes absolute sense.

Especially the toxin overload from nicotine and caffeine seems to be my friends main problem. Not to mention her lack of sleep throughout the week...


I definitely try to lead by example - you can't imagine how many pointless conversations with meat-eaters I've had, who would get angry if I even so much as hinted at the possibility of going veggie for a week, that I've learned my lesson...


And my friend seems to follow, for the most part. She's staying away from processed foods and limiting her meat intake tremendously (she used to eat it every day, three times a day, and now only once a week). But then again I can't be there for her the whole day. I doubt she's eating enough. Even when we get together she can't fathom the idea of eating 5 mangos at once. And she doesn't drink enough either. Too much coffee and way too many cigs.... She sees that she has to change, which is a plus.

But again... baby-steps... as long as she's doing it and sees minimal success, she will keep at it. That's all I can hope for. I hope weight loss will set in soon and she will be even more motivated :)


Lots of things can cause dark circles.  For some folks, additional pigmentation in the area may be hereditary.  For others, especially those with lighter skin tone, it's likely due to the engorged appearance of blue veins underneath the eye.  It's not necessarily a problem with the kidneys, but it could be due to things like 1. consistent lack of enough sleep which actually causes hypertension believe it or not or 2. terrible eating habits esp foods with high salt content.  I used to get really dark  circles under my eyes too.  they were so bad that I wouldn't leave the house without undereye concealer.  The concealer I used to use used to be about 4 shades lighter than the actual color of my bags.  But ever since I started including more raw foods into my diet and getting more sleep, I notice that I need less and less makeup.  THe results for me took about a week to show.  You should tell her to give it about a week trial period.  Most people can do that and she'd see the results for herself!
I've noticed I get baggy eyes after eating a lot of processed carbs and they disappear after a few days or a week of starving, e.g. consuming ~200 kcal/day (not that I suggest doing that under ANY circumstances !!!). I've read somewhere that the processed carbs makes you retain more water (not sure if that's true, but it does seem to explain why I get puffy and bloated after breads and similar stuff...)

Oil pulling - http://whatistheroad.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-morning-routine.html


and just lay it to her straight, you are fat, unhealthy and have bags under your eyes because what you eat, not the quantity!

I had a HUGE amount of seaweed salad yesterday and have BIG dark circles.  Back to eating unsalted, fresh fruits and veggies. 


not nice

Oh, no!! You got a reaction that fast? Unbelievable!
How long does it take in your case until the circles disappear?

they are already disappearing, drinking lots of water and had a big big salad for lunch. :)

That's fast!
Hm... I wonder what my friend is eating and not telling me...

could be that her adrenals are fatigued. eating food that stimulates them, like processed sugar, cheese, caffine... standard diet fair really! :( ~ does this problem become worse once a month when her body is particularly stressed?? ~ convince her of the power of colonic's, fruit & veg juices and or smothies and not eating 'heavy' foods late at night, which will upset her sleep...she probs needs more!...and to eat more fruit!! ;)



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