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So, I hope someone can help me out with this.

I have a friend who is on the SAD. She has seen the changes in my skin after I went 80/10/10 and now she's getting curious about this life style and I'm thinking that maybe I can show her what she can accomplish on it, by helping her with some tiny cosmetic issues she's having.

She's struggling with a lot of weight issues but she doesn't wanna believe it might be caused by junk food, but because she's eating too MUCH of it... anyways, there's another problem she's having and I think that's the main issue for her: dark circles and bags under the eyes.


Now I know from Arnold's Way that that might be a kidney issue but he doesn't explain how to alleviate the symptoms. Is it maybe caused by too much salt in your diet?


She's ready to go to some crazy doctor, who will no doubt just give her some pills that will mess up her system even more. I don't want her to do that.

But how can I help her if she doesn't want to go on the LFRV diet immediately?

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Maybe just suggest she makes some small changes in her diet first... like eating a certain amount of fruit/smoothies each day... and perhaps she'll start to realize how much better she feels with these small changes that it will inspire her to make more changes... idk thats what i'd do! lol
I think that might be a good idea. I will try to make her some and see what kind of fruits really get her excited :)
Yes, I thought the salt might be at fault too. I have to make her eat less salt.

Dark circles can be genetic too, where there is very thin skin covering and lack of fat in that area.

Get used to them, get healthy and if they go it's a bonus :)

Yes, lots of factors. Our family on dad's side all have deep set eyes and dark circles, even as little children when the baby fat has gone.

I'm hoping my lifestyle will redistribute my fat to my under eyes as it has to my waist :)

Yes, if we were born with dark circles under the eyes, I'd understand it, but most babies aren't so the toxin-accumulation is a very good explanation for this occurrence.


"I'm hoping my lifestyle will redistribute my fat to my under eyes as it has to my waist :)"


My son has my dark circles and he is 2:( He's had them since birth. I've had them since I was a kid too, however they are not "baggy" meaning the skin isn't puffy or loose, if that makes sense, and a lot of people with dark circles have that puffy loose look that translates as really tired or something...
Tap water?... I would have never thought... Well, she only drinks bottled water, so that might not be the issue here. But thanks for sharing :)

Yes in Chinese medicine dark color on the eyelids indicate weak Kidney energy. The bags then are phlegm pathology. So it is possible to that she is not dealing very well with all the salt since the salt is related to the Kidneys and the waterways within the body. As well it might be Spleen pathology and what can affect the spleen in relation to diet is too much sugar and dairy. 


So this would be in fast food diet in abundance. But I think her emotional life is not balanced. Then I mean what she hides within herself. Well... that is just speculation. 


One way is to encourage people to go to professional and that might be for example an acupuncturist that is well versed in diet as well. People often do not listen to friends and family. Specially when they are not facing the basic issue that might be completely something else then the outward problem. 


But I might be wrong.


I get bags under my eyes whenEVER I have salt.  It's one of the most obvious changes.  Definitely a salt indicator.  One time I tried some spirulina and noticed a very mild change... I didn't realize spirulina was a seaweed, then I read online about it and clicked in.   I've been sleep deprived and stressed a lot in the past few years, so probably have weakened my kidneys, and thus the strong reaction.
The cause is systemic. Lack of sleep, toxin accumulation, dehydration, high fat diet, too much sodium, lack of sunlight, stress, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise could all be factors, even all at once. There is no one thing that will fix it for her, she needs to improve all aspects of her health in order for the bags and dark circles to disappear.

You guys rock! Thank you for all the responses :)


I got her to try fruits only for a week and she says she feels a lot better. No WAY?!?... ;p Hahahaha!

The bags haven't disappeared, but she's dealing with a lot of issues... emotional, like you said, lack of exercise & sleep, bad eating habits, etc...

She's getting there and since an old flame called her, she's even more determined to get her body back in shape :D Just the message to eat a ton of fruit in each sitting is not getting through to her. She is afraid of the calories, like everyone else... :(

But I'm trying my best. Little baby steps, I guess :)))



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