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I haven't really been able to be entirely raw, or even raw till 4, lately, due to financial reasons. But I'm working my way back into it once again! I feel my best on 811 so I can't stray from it for too long. :P

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I wasn't eating too healthy. I was just kind of living on whatever I could get. It's all been vegan, but not always the healthiest. Because of that, some of my stomach problems came back. And, since I've never been to the doctor for it to actually get diagnosed with anything, my fiance thought he'd take me in.

So I'm in the doctor's office, talking to the doctor and describing my stomach problems that originally started about 8 years ago. And my fiance mentioned to the doctor that I went vegan about 4 or 5 years ago, and he told the doctor that that helped me.

Of course, the doctor completely ignores the fact that... 1) We said I went vegan AFTER the stomach problems started, and 2) We said that going plant-based ALMOST ELIMINATED the problems. I wasn't expecting much better, though.

What really got to me though, because of how horribly ridiculous it sounded, was the doctor's reasoning for why I shouldn't be vegan. I thought I'd heard all of the bullcrap reasons, but apparently I was wrong.

The doctor said...

You know, back when we were hunter/gatherers and we ate plant-based... we also did a lot of hard, physical labor in the sun, constantly, ALL DAY, and we also had access to fresh spring water that has minerals to help us digest all of the plant food. Do you do a lot of hard, physical labor in the sun? (Actually, I had just got done working for 4 months shoveling horse poop in a rich person's pastures.... it was the only way for me to make any money at the time. So I said, "Actually, yes I do.") Oh, well, that's still not even close to the amount of work our ancestors did. Do you go out and find fresh spring water to drink? (Which, I didn't answer, I just stared at him because I was so confused) See? I bet if I looked in your colon, there would be months of backed-up undigested plant matter because you're not doing all of the extra things you need to do in order to digest all of those plants! 

And I'm just thinking..... seriously?? I've never heard that before. Anywhere. Normally, people would be suggesting that you eat MORE fresh plants to help with digestion, because of the fiber and higher water content. I thought it was pretty well known, even by ignorant doctors, that meat is harder for our bodies to digest than a banana? And now I had a doctor telling me that my digestion problems are from plants.... and that meat would cure it. What?!? That doesn't even make sense!!

Anyway, this happened weeks ago... and I'm still just really in disbelief of that. I've never heard anything so ridiculous. And the fact that we told him that my stomach problems were MUCH WORSE and MUCH MORE PAINFUL when I wasn't vegan just went in one ear and out the other.

I was curious if anyone knows where that doctor got that load of crap from? Because I've never heard such a thing anywhere else, so I'm thinking the only place he could have gotten it from was out of his own butt.

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Well...my father had a lot of heart health issues and was hospitalized numerous times for it and...if I had a dollar for every time I saw the cardiac doctors and nurses with pizza boxes...

My dad passed away recently after two months in the hospital and the doctors were trying to get him to eat HAM SANDWICHES when he couldn't even sit up in bed, had a mouth full of sores from thrush--not to mention his actual cardio-pulmonary disease that was quite advanced.

Ham. Sandwich.

Don't even try to understand. Really. :-/

Wow, what the hell! That's even worse than any other doctor's opinion I've heard so far! And I've heard a lot...so this guy thinks that plants give you a stomach ache? Wow, just...don't even try to understand where this is coming from. This is a whole new level of stupidity...

Why do people go to doctors for nutrition advice when 99.9% of doctors are on a host of pills and meds themselves to treat symptoms that are caused by crappy diets and lifestyle.

What hormones are you on or have been on?


Tight pants?

Heels that cause stomach muscle imbalances?

Sitting behind a desk all day?

Lots of variables that the average doc has no idea or no time to talk about.

Really, if a doctor was to tell me something so stupid - I'm super shy but - I would tell him right in his/her face "OK, so you know NOTHING about nutrition and you pretend to give me advice on what I should eat ? You'd better go back to school !" and I would leave immediately.

and I would also not pay.

my grandfathers a long time physician. we had a debate/arguement one evening about lipitor. I said why not just go vegan and exercise rather then take a drug you dont need. He went on and on about how high cholesterol is heriditary and i read too much BS on the internet. I said well adopt a vegan diet and you wont have cholesterol issue. he said not everyone wants to do that. i said so we have to pay higher insurance premiums so people can get pills rather then fix there behaivior? They dont have medical problems they have eating problems. He smiled and said thats what drugs are for! as he ate his meat sandwich with mayo. fast forward 10 months. he goes to the hospital has 2 blockages and needs more stents put in. I shook my head. I wanted to call and ask would he reather get stents or eat a vegan diet? but its of no use.

not all these docs are all that bright sadly. i rattled off some vegan docs that had some good stuff he could read he told me it was all BS and they just wanna make money selling there books. and i'm like yeah and big pharma just wants to make money selling drugs. He told me thats not true and that they wanna help people ::facepalm::

Been too busy to get on here in a while.

But yeah, in hindsight I shouldn't have bothered going. Mainly, I just wanted a doctor to tell me (no, to tell everyone else) what I already knew so people would stop doubting the pain I'm in if I don't watch what I eat. I'm pretty sure my mom thinks I'm crazy and that it's all in my head. So tired of her telling me, any time I'm over at her place, things like, "Oh you can have this just this one time, it's not gonna hurt anything!" Um. If I do, I'll be incapacitated by stomach pain for the rest of the day. How is that "not hurting anything"?? Of course, I wasn't expecting the doctor to try to tell me that plants are bad for stomach pain. I can't escape the stupid...

Anyway, my now husband believes me because he's seen me miserable from eating too much fat. So at least someone does.

There should really be a disclaimer for this lifestyle: That idiots will come out of the woodworks to tell you how wrong you are for trying to take care of yourself... as if eating meat lover's pizza and nachos all day is completely normal and healthy! ;)

One can do vegan on 2$ a day in 99% of the nations around the world.

One can source fruit in most other places with a bit of homework too.

Finding quality high sugar fruit is the hardest though. Like real tasty high quality aka high brix value fruit.


Just noticed in these videos that you eat quite a lot of cheep white rice. How can you be sure that this rice has not be bleached/polished etc.....???

I always stick with brown rice just in case.  How do you feel about brown rice?

Thank you 

Sam :) 

They DON'T bleach rice lol!

It would taste disgusting!

It is polished though via the million process which takes away the colored husk.



Freelee SLAMS in the white rice and white potatoes.

Wow that's brilliant news, because brown rice is a lot more expensive. 

Although i have seen vids lately of people producing some kind of fake rice in china or somewhere. Bit scary. 

I'll be smashing in the white rice more often now....I'm always eating loads of potatoes. Love em. 

Sam :) 



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