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Curing diabetes: need convincing sources for a clueless friend

My husband works with this woman who's 16 year old daughter, from his description, seems to have such severe type 1 diabetes that she is close to death.  She is hospitalized on a regular basis, and the doctors are stumped...however, they are still allowing her to eat a Standard American Diet and just telling her not to eat fruit and sugar :(  Her mom didn't even know what HFCS is, so obviously the doctor is not telling her what a big deal it is.  I would feel terrible if this girl died and I didn't even try to show her mom some info. 

I saw a documentary once about a doctor who had a bunch of people with diabetes live with him on a retreat and all were cured within a short period of time by eating raw foods.  This is the documentary I'm looking for...I lost all the bookmarks on my computer when it died, and I can't remember the name of the documentary, can anyone help?  Or point me towards anything else you can think of that would be VERY inspirational and convincing to someone who has absolutely no clue about nutrition and health?  (Pretty much just follows mainstream media and thinks I'm a loon...)

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"Dr. Neil Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes" is a great place to start. He head of PCRM (Physicians committee for Responsible Medicine). It is backed by heavy clinical nutrition. I highly recommend that book.


I had a type I diabetic friend who eventually ended up following my advice and getting rid of all his symptoms.

The documentary you are looking for is "Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days" by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. His approach isn't better than 80/10/10 but it still helps.

Usually type 2 diabetes can be cured in as little as a few days to weeks but type 1 is another story. She will see improvement in health and will be able to take less insulin for sure but so far there has not been a complete recovery for type 1 diabetics except for a few that changed their habits very soon after diagnosis.

yes!  That's it...thanks :)

My husband showed her the link, but no reaction from her.  Typical...but at least we tried. :(

Ya the weird thing is that Gabriel puts them on 80/10/10 on the retreat but then makes other recommendations for going home.

See DR's video about him:

Interesting...like I said to Banana Dude below, I was really looking for the emotional aspect of the video more than scientific proof, because this girl's mom is one of those who's brain can't handle any kind of conversation like that.  She's just going to switch it off and go, "but the doctor said...".  I figured it would at least point her towards raw food, and I'd be willing to borrow her my 80/10/10 book after that.

Long time 100% 80/10/10er Robby Barbaro has type 1.  Here is his website: http://robbybarbaro.org/

A couple of good videos:

Diabetes explained

How to Become Diabetic in Six Hours

I have the Reversing Diabetes in 30 days DVD, turns out it wasnt a waste of money.

http:/DR Debunking Dr Cousens

and Dr Doug Graham on blood sugar issues:


Dr Cousens dvd got me here, I would think the person with diabetes should be doing their own research, pushing stuff in peoples faces doesn't work.I had de=nial for years.

Good luck


This is a 16 year old girl who is so sick she can't go to school and is in the hospital constantly....to me, her mother should be doing some research, but like I said, she is clueless.  This is one of those people you get the blank stare from when you attempt to discuss anything that's intellectually above American Idol.  That's why I thought the emotional aspects of that 30 Days video might be more convincing to her than scientific findings.

I know, I've come across plenty of people with diabetes themselves or something else that is obviously caused by being an omnivore and eating processed foods and I always mention something, but don't bother to continue if their ego kicks in...it just sucks more when a parent is allowing this to happen to their child.  I will have my husband tell her about Dr. Neal Bernard too.

I think there is some info in Forks Over Knives - I haven't seen it for a while but check it out.

First, if you do the Cousins plan, please do not have this girl cut her calories.  Gabriel significantly cut the calories that those people ate like by 40% for a week, and that can be EXTREMELY dangerous for a type I diabetic and result in diabetic coma or even death.  

Second, you can tell her that when scientists want to give rats or mice diabetes (to study the disease), most of  the time, they feed the rodents a high-fat diet; it produces insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes.  Occasionally, they will feed the rats high (refined) sugar or high fructose diets, but you still need the high-fat diet to give the rodents diabetes.  That is, if you look at the scientific literature, HFCS is not good, but it's not nearly as bad as the high-fat, low nutrient diet.

McDonalds is terrible = fast way to the grave.  The key for her, in the unique case of type I diabetes, is to focus on a lower fat diet with lower glycemic index load foods, and many/most fruits in whole food form should be fine.  

Start by finding someone who actually wants your help. 


You can't save everyone, you can't save most, you can't even save some....it's hard enough trying to save ourselves.  If you have a handle on your situation, then look for people who WANT help.  When you find those people, you will see the difference your experience can make.    A smooth wall will not help you climb it, but a wall with crevices and ledges is all the more rewarding. 


Trying to help this person is good experience, how to express yourself, discuss your beliefs, and most importantly, it's showing you what signs to look for when you don't want to waste your time.  There are plenty of other people out there who would love to have your help, go find em'!


Go to youtube and watch a couple Simon Sinek videos....start with the TEDX one....it could help you express your beliefs.....





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