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So generally on this lifestyle, my heartburn has occurred less often, especially with all the water. However, sometimes after having bananas, I will have mild heartburn for a while until it digests fully. 

I've found that lemon with water helps my heartburn go away, but I'm looking for what the cause is and what could potentially cure it for the most part. I've heard before that chronic heartburn is caused from a weak or damaged esophoagus opening to the stomach but I'm skeptical that for me, it's more of a symptom from my previous diet. It's a common issue in my family and I'm only 17. 

If anyone has any knowledge on this topic, please share!

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I used to suffer from this tremendously, and still do if I miss out on ONE thing. SLEEP! I can 100% categorically put it down to lack of sleep - like clockwork. Goes away like clockwork too - when I sleep.

I've noticed that I handle bananas well in the morning and early afternoon, but late afternoon and on I get an acid stomach.  My hypothesis is that my digestive abilities are at their highest earlier in the day.  I've also noticed that if my previous meal has not digested fully, I will have issues.  I'm now pacing my meals further apart and eating more at one time.  

I'm new so can't give any expert advice, but self-observation and adjustment is working for me.

Again, just speaking from personal experience I find this happens when I have lack of sleep, it doesn't happen when I sleep enough. It's a stress thing for me, so maybe it's more stress related. Lack of sleep stresses me out, or rather if things get in the way of my sleep : )

This could totally be it for me. Whenever I don't have enough sleep, I have a weak stomach the entire day and sometimes can't even keep food down if it's 4 hours or less of sleep.
It's been a stressful time in school too.
Thanks for your input.

Cool so glad if it helps, it's a horrible affliction! I know! But when I start getting it I know I just need sleep. Let us know if that works for you.


I too suffer from heart burn, but you are on the best diet to help resolve it, as someone else has already said, sleep is a HUGE factor in subduing it. 

The correct term for this though is Hiatus Hernia, it is basically as you said part of the stomach squeezes into the chest through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus, it's something usually hereditary, or if you are obese, its quite common too. 

Banana's are extreeeemely low in ph(i think they are ph54 or 5.5), so they are fantastic for heartburn, as is melon, fennel, Cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, celery, parsley, even rice is fantastic. 

Taking lemon will just make it worse im afraid, all citrus fruits are high in ph and acidic, I think that may just be working for you as a placebo effect if anything. Unfortunately if you are really suffering badly from it, Oranges, grapefruits and orange juice, generally things that make you produce excess saliva are going to irritate your heartburn, so no drooling over hot boys in your school lol. Though you can get away with eating these kinds of things on a full stomach, but if you try eating anything spicey or acidic on an empty stomach, you're gonna be keeling over in pain.

I assume you don't eat dairy in your diet anyway, but people drink milk as it provides temporary comfort, which works, BUT, it's purely temporary and because its so full of fat it makes the stomach produce even more acid which inevitably half an hour later just makes it all come back even worse!

But, the silver lining, yet another thing that Banana's help with, they are listed as the top TOP TOP food to help you with your Hiatus Hernia!

This video explains it very well.


There are exercises to reverse it.


I hope this helps.

I asked the same thing a few months back and someone told me to drink a glass of water about 10-15 minutes before i had my 8 banana smoothie. worked like a charm :) when i forget the water before i pay for it lol

I forgot one other thing - pepper can cause heart burn / reflux I found. Of course that's not allowed here, I don't use it anymore anyway.



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