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I've always been really intrigued by crossfit.. But I don't feel I could keep up. I'm a runner, but don't have much upper body strength. Should I join now or work on gaining muscle THEN join?

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I used to weightlifter (I want(ted)) to be an olympic weightlifter, here is my honest take on why I am doing crossfit now (without giving up olympic weightlifting anyways). 

1) I had hit a wall on my training, and I was getting kind of bored (we wait A LOT between liftings)

2) I wanted to lose weight, weightlifting alone was not helping, it was not the reason I wanted to do it, but hey I still wanted to lose it.

3) I had the equipment available (the bars and shit anyways, I train in my garage, I only bough the rings).

4)I felt like I wanted to do more, add more things, be faster and whatnot. 

5) I do feel a lot more tired after workouts now.

6)I wish I got to lift more heavy things instead of getting tangled on those rings. :(

Conclusion: I LOVE LOVE LOVE crossfit. It actually helps me to lift more weight, it is helping me lose and I feel the agility getting better.  Is it full of pretentious people? Don't know, don't care. I recently started training with other people, sweetest people ever. Will I join a box? Probably, there is no way I can teach my self those awful ring-bar movements, I am just not that gracious at the moment. 

I know a lot of people HATE crossfit with burning passion. There is some people that HATE vegans, and democrats, and cats so whatever. My take is, I don't do it for approval (also meaning I NEVER post anything about it on facebook, instagram or such) in the same way I am not looking for approval with this diet (again, I don't post anything about it, actually, I don't talk about any of the two). The good thing is, I don't care much what people have to say. Just don't brag about it :) or stay even if you don't like it because of how cool it is. 

And everybody can do it, there is something called modified movements. It hardly maters what condition you go in, no body is going to ask you to lift your body weight, or do a head stand push up until you are absolutely ready, at least not a good trainer. 

Thanks for the lol, Dylan :D

Having practiced on/off for the past 5+ years and hardcore for well over a year now, I'm definitely a fan as well.

I usually train at home, but periodically in a box as well.  If it's something you feel worthy of your (significant) dollars, there's just no substitute for the communal aspect.  And proper training, especially as you're learning the movements, can literally keep you safe vs injured.  Note the emphasis on proper

While it's true that most anyone with a few bucks and a weekend can hang up their CF shingle and start training, that doesn't mean they have any business doing so.  

Read all reviews; look for coaches with experience, multiple certifications, and an accountability apprentice program to ensure that new coaches are shadowed until proven competent.  And finally, how's the vibe in the gym?  Is it full of peeps with whom you can enjoy laughing, sweating and occasionally bleeding.  Because then you've found something special.

Any good coaching team will work with you at your personal level, regardless of how relatively strong or weak you are.  That's their job.  

Here're some extra tips for you, and if you have any other questions just hollah:





People who are dependent on a class, coach, workout buddy, or gym access to maintain a consistent workout routine inevitably fail. Go to classes to learn the skills, but do a routine at home, running, etc, consistently , that does not "depend on anyone" so you can't make excuses when you fall off the wagon or get over emotional instead of being practical. 

Also keep in mind that you can be extremely fit and not look fit. The whole toned/tight culture that is big in workout community is a lie. Yeah obviously olympic sprinters are super lean running down the track in a straight line over and over again, but people who do sports at a high level, or who do varied endurance workouts with interval training don't necessarily look like that. Most people can't wrap their minds around this fact.

Hi McKenna! Did you decide to join in the end? If not, how are you doing with your strength goals

The highest rates of injuries I see are in crossfit.

Cycling gets you the fittest as one can burn the most calories in a week and still walk or stand properly the next day.

Get some dumbells and do your own weight routine 3x a week. 


nah, way too many injuries. usually not sustainable. just ride your bike or walk a little bit or run as you normally do. those are the best and most sustainable. if you're worried about injury, then don't run and just cycle. 

Crossfit in general is just a steroid cesspit.

Get some free weights and train at home and learn strict form instead.

Cross fit = high injury rates and ran by gym owners who pretend to be full natty brah.


Just my personal opinion.  While I think crossfit is a great way for people to start getting into shape (much in the same way I like Paleo not because it's a perfect diet, but because it's people's first step to getting away from a constant influx of processed foods & refined sugary diets), there is a very large risk of injury.  I had a family member who was recently injured & now has to have surgery because they do not teach strict form, as DR said.  Lots of my friends have gotten hurt doing CF.

Learn strict form & find a growth program like 5x5, or a good trainer who knows what they're doing and can help guide you to grow.  Also make sure you tailor your diet for growth...you have to EAT to grow!

I heard Crossfit is a cult... ;|



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