30 Bananas a Day!

Hello everyone,


I am a new member, been scoping out the place for a few weeks, getting some things in order.


Right now I am probably 80-90% raw, I still have whole grains and cooked potatoes. I am taking it slow to transition into this diet. Right now I mainly eat smoothies and a plethora of fruit during the day along with a large salad at night.


However, to do a test before I go 100%, I wanted to see exactly how much I could eat in one sitting. Previous to this diet and my life change I could sit and eat 10 large pizzas alone. I would beat 72oz steak contests in less than 20 minutes. I could eat 3 packages of spaghetti and go out for ice cream after. Basically I never feel satisfied, and I eat to the point of bursting or being so uncomfortable I throw up. Even at that state before throwing up, I still feel hungry.


I see a lot of posts on here about people who under eat, but I was just curious as to anyone who over eats? Or who has over eaten and still lost or maintained weight?


So, I sat and ate a case of bananas. Probably 60 or so in about an hour. I was uncomfortable, kinda lethargic, slow and had to lay down. But I still felt hungry like an hour later.


I know that the motto is "As much as you care for", but I am really concerned about my overeating habbits or tendencies.


Any advice on how to get over this?


Thank you.

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I have chrono yeah.


Um, hard to say. It wouldn't be just one meal. It's just a constant feeling. Like I basically never feel full, until I vomit due to fullness.


I always feel hungry.


Symptoms : sweaty, pain in tummy, pain in arms, pain in my mind, cravings, headache, constant salivation.


I don't think it's punishment for me. I literally have physical ails. It haunts me. Basically food is on my mind 100% of the time when I am not eating. It's a constant battle. I have tried to focus this energy on learning more about food, diet etc. And it lead me here.


I don't know it's like my only addiction. I don't do drugs, never have. I don't drink, never have. I don't have any addicitons really other than food it seems. And even then, is it mental? Physical? I'm not sure. I dislike feeling this way physically so? Don't know.


Surprised no one has had this problem before coming here. I basically was attracted to this because I could eat a lot.

I'm curious--how much are you drinking in your day? A lot of times, feelings of hunger are actually your body craving water (i.e. dehydration). If you're feeling hungry, grab your water bottle and down a liter. THEN eat your meals.


If that's not it, go to your doctor and get some blood work. You could possibly be deficient in something that you're not getting in your current food choices that would cause you to continue to want to eat.


You might also consider talking with someone--a therapist, friend, or continue to search online for someone with a similar concern. It could all be emotional issues that need to be dealt with.


I wish you luck and blessings. I will say a prayer for you today!

I drink probably 10ltrs of water a day. 2 at every meal pretty much.


Talking with someone. I think my biggest fear with that is making my therapist or friend depressed.

Hm. If you have a fear of talking with someone about this then I definitely recommend finding a therapist you trust. Don't worry about making them depressed--they are there to help guide you to a healthier life without it negatively affecting them (that's what they're trained to do!). 


My biggest tip to you is to try and NOT eat to that point of feeling super stuffed and lethargic. That kind of defeats the purpose of this lifestyle, no? Just stick with it. I saw you're not quite 100% on your profile. Try going 100% for a few weeks and see if that helps!


Don't forget positive affirmations can go a long way as well. Be kind to yourself and don't stress too much about it all. You'll get there eventually. Just don't let your thoughts consume your life. Find hobbies. Sometimes, taking our minds off things is all we need to do. 

Yeah, I am taking it slow into the 100%. I tried jumping in hardcore and it didn't work. So, slowly transitioning is the goal.


Thanks for the helpful words.

I don't know. I have made some really chappy, upbeat, happy people cry themselves to sleep over what I think and talk about.

Are iyou sure you drinking 2L at every meal? Its unbelievable, surely you dont have to drink that much. If you drink 10L/d how often and how much do you   pee?

I actually don't pee more than normal. Like maybe 8-10 times a day.


It's a bad habit and I realized it is a common technique for food competitors to drink massive amounts to expand their stomach to fit in more food. By now I feel as if I have 4 stomaches.


I basically eat with friends, eat 4 times them and drink 10 times them, and they are like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


Sleep and Water and Sugar are you friends. 


Make sure you're sleeping alot!!! Sometimes when you don't have enough sleep you just get sooo tired that you feel that you probably need to eat more.


Water is IMPORTANT! Try drinking a liter (minimum) before each meal (3 times/day)... You'll start to feel amazing.


Eat more fruit.. When you start to crave cooked food or it looks/smells good, you haven't eaten enough fruit. Go eat a date/banana smoothie :) 

Hey thanks for the reply. I don't think eating too little is the problem. I eat more than anyone I know. Fruit or otherwise previously.


I drink more water than anyone I have ever met.


I sleep 8-10 hours a day. If I sleep more than that I would feel as if I am sleeping half my life away. I exercise 2 hours a day, weight training 3 times a week and heavy arobic/cardio 6 days a week.


I get tests done by my doctor and he tells me I am the healthiest fat person he has ever met.


I build muscle faster than anyone I know, but I also gain fat fast.


So, that's pretty much everything. Yet I still have uncontrollable cravings and hunger.



I always thought bulimia was eating then throwing up? And it was a binge eating disorder where they would starve themselves, then eat massive amounts and throw up.


It kinda sounds like me the past few years since I started heavily trying to control the quantities I eat a day, but previous I would just constantly eat all the damn time because I never felt full. I don't throw up often though, maybe once every 3-4 months when I go to a buffet or binge hard on pizza or something stupid. But does frequency matter?


Crazy, I have never thought of myself being bulimic....



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