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Hi there everyone! I'm just transitioning into the HCRV lifestyle and I have a couple of questions concerning calories, as I'm sure everyone does. 

I'm 5'6, 165 lbs (started at 190 lbs) and 20 years old stuck in a never ending binging/fasting cycle, and an "addiction" to junk food, chocolate, and high fat and a SAD diet. I currently have a very sedentary lifestyle but starting to learn how to be active. I go biking every weekend and I'm thinking about making the leap from biking only socially on the C&O canal, to biking on weekdays as well by myself. My goals are to become HCRV, (with occasional rice/grains at first as I transition) lose 30 lbs, cure my disordered eating patterns, prevent sickness, and increase energy. 


Ok so here's the question- What I've gathered from DR's videos is that I need to be taking in at LEAST 2000 cals for energy and to keep carbed up. The idea that I was undereating and therefore looking for carbs along with fat during binges makes a lot of sense to me.

But I saw many people on 30bad using cronometer so I signed up. I put in all of my info, and that my goal was to lose weight  and maintain a HCRV diet. It gave me an allowance of 1054 cals only!!! That's what I was restricting to when I had eating issues! I kind of ignored my calorie allowance yesterday and ended up eating a total of 2200 because I was simply hungry for more and more fruit. I also had some cooked white rice, since it was my first day.

I can hardly imagine GAINING weight on fruit. But will I be able to continue to LOSE weight at such a high calorie intake or should I follow Cronometer? Is the 2000-2500 cal for women that DR suggested only for active women trying to maintain weight or for everyone regardless of their goals, stats, activity level, etc?

Thank you!

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Ignore what Chronometer tells you about your calorie consumption. There are 2 things that should interest you; making sure you eat OVER 2,000 calories (on 30bad the minimum requirement for females is to actually eat over 2,500 calories a day), and looking at the pie chart to make sure your percentages are 80-10-10 or better.

So eating when eating 2,500 cals I will still be steadily losing weight? Or will it be a years and years long process since I'm eating so much? I just wanted to clarify. Because I know weight loss is not a goal of a lot of 30bad-ers, many people I've seen on here are focused more on energy or athletic performance.

Is the whole notion that "the only way to lose weight is to consume less calories then you use" completely false on HCRV? Since the calories come from fruit does it basically not matter how many calories I eat, I'll just continue to lose anyways?

It does not matter how many calories you eat as long as the ratios are right. Your body will gradually go down to its ideal weight even if you eat 5000kcal a day from fruit and grains. a steady weight loss pace is about 3kg or 7 pounds per month. Don't aim for a certain number on the scale but rather just keep your focus on being active and eating till you are stuffed. The results will come!

The notion that "the only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you use" is false when you are a high carber. Also try to eat 5000kcal from rice or fruit it's not easy even for me haha. Anyways hope this helps and remember to keep stuffing your face so you can win the health race!


Thanks so much! I'm going to go ahead and up my cals to 2500-3000 and focus on trying to be more active. A lot of the day I'm sleepy and just want to lie in bed on the computer when I'm home. No wonder if I'm lacking the cals I need for daily exercise! And I certainly wasnt expecting more than 7 lbs a month, that sounds quite realistic to me!

Uhm,, I think this is covered quite a bit but DR... But maybe not.
Watch freelees videos, I know she discusses this quite a bit.

Also, just so you know, There actually are quite a few people who are on here to lose weight, and have lost significant amounts of weight on this diet.

You have to set Cron-o-meter up for 811rv needs.  Go to the site again and say you want to maintain.  Then set the criteria for the 80/10/10 diet so that it is friendly for what you want to accomplish. 


Thank you for doing your best to cure your disease.  All people are addicted to the phood crap that is sold to us as nutrition.  It is deplorable!  Then they cook the hell out of it.  My gosh!  No wonder we are so sick, tired, and fat and so emotionally upset all the time. 


You are doing the right thing by coming here to ask about this issue.  I use cron-o-meter and simply love it. 





That might be the problem. I set it for 811rv but to lose 1 lb a week. In any case I found a button to override and input custom calories. So I just put 2500 as a minimum goal and 3500 as a max.

Why not set it for maintain?  I think the way you have it will work great, however concentrating on losing weight may be something you would be best to reconsider.  Honestly weight does come off effortlessly the more you adhere to 80/10/10 guidelines especially if you do all raw. 

Setting it for maintain gives me an allowance of only 2050 cals.  If I should be eating 2500 cals minimum then why would I set it for maintain? I'm a little confused...

Erin this is just your base amount of calories to run your body.  Then add exercise and work and moving around, etc.   I think that what you would do is 2250 MINIMUM and in the rest.  But the range for you, a normal woman would be 2000 to 2500 unless you work out then add on that day.  It isn't a scientific formula.  It is a guideline for the general public.  Most are calorie restrictive and eating, if they are eating "healthy" healthy SAD and/or limiting their calories.  That's a recipe for problems as we know. 



Dont worry about it.
It sounds scary cause it's so simple... But it really works:
Eat when your hungry, in a ratio of 8:1:1. That's all you need to do.



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