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Alright, as some of you may know by reading my blogs, my mom wont let me have ripening banana boxes in my house, and for the past couple of days she says she will bring home bananas every day for me to eat from the store. of course, they are NEVER ripe when you get them from the supermarket (i even called 4 today and none of them had ripe bananas).  i have been eating unripe bananas for a few days now, and i do not feel well because of it. all ive been doing is fighting with my parents because im stressing how bad it is for me to have unripe fruit and i feel sick and it makes my tongue feel weird and numb when i eat them.  my mom insists the pure yellow bananas with green even at the tops are yellow and tasted one today and said "thats ripe. maybe you feel sick and are having an allergic reaction from eating all of the bananas."  I have no car until thursday.  no way of going to buy fruit for myself.  do i have to resort to cooked food to eat something? i have nothing at my house as of right now for me to eat. no fruit, my mom is only buying fruit to get me through the day.  i feel so stressed, nauseus, angry, i cant stop getting mad, i feel dizzy and with a migraine. its like my mom is purposefully trying to make me feel sick to get me to stop eating this way.  i felt amazing the first couple days on this, read my blog! then this ripe fruit is making me feel atrocious.  i havent given up, no matter how much s*** my mom has given me about eating this way. the only reason my family is acting this way is because they are SAD eaters and are miserable and moody.  it is starting to rub off on me and i cant handle it.  i wont have a car until thursday, mine died on the highway on the 9th of august. i have been car-less since then. this is another reason why i dont have any fruit.


Should  resort to eating cooked food until i can buy a box of bananas and stash them in a duffle bag to ripen? i really feel sick from eating unripe fruit, but i dont want to undo what ive been doing for 9 days now :( :(

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If you have no other choice, then eat cooked low fat vegan food.  Keep you calm.

I agree with ditching unripe bananas - they taste terrible and don't digest well at all.


Question - do you have a bike? Can you borrow one? What about public transportation? Is there a friend who can drive you to the store? Can you go shopping with your mother and pick out exactly what you want?


I'd do any of these before resorting to cooked food :)

i'm sorry you are dealing with such unsupportive family, it really sucks i know, i was dealing with the same thing and i just got so f***ing sick  of it so i left home, if that is an  option for you i would suggest it...

about the food situation, i would definitely eat cooked (rice, millet, sweet potatoes) if you are hungry especially if you are active...i was soo stuck in the whole i have to be 100% raw because everything else is poison for my body (which is not true btw) and i would go sometimes days without eating because i had no fruit around :/ this definitely did more harm than good in the long run...the key is staying high carb low fat and vegan...raw verse cooked is only a difference between optimal and awesome ;)

good luck!

I am so sorry that your mom is being so unsupportive :/
It's really not fair that she's making you eat unripe fruit, maybe you should try telling her
that eating unripe fruit, is like them eating raw meat, it rates awful and is bad for you. 
I would just go ahead and est cooked low fat vegan, I mean it is your only choice, and I think that you shouldn't
dwell on the fact that you're eating cooked food again, because it wasnt your choice, and you know

that as soon as you get your car, you'll go back to 811. Stay strong! 
You'll have your ripe fruit before you know it :)
I agree that dates make a good emergency food - they'll keep well in a carrier bag in a wardrobe or whatever. Definitely avoid cereals. Sweet potatos and cooked vegetables would be much better if you can't eat raw. How about buying lots of apples - they never atract fruit flies. Do you have a garden shed which could be used for fruit storage? Hope things improve. xxx

yes... eat low fat cooked until you can get ripe fruit.


Educate your familly.  Educate yourself so that you can speak confidently about the 811 fruit lifestyle.  Be confident.  Dont rebel.  Your family loves you.  Just stick to your commitment no matter how long it takes. 
This is the easiest diet in the whole world and what makes it hard is the commitment...


You are on the right track.  Just be yourself....

i commute to school and have to get to work, a car is necessary for me lol

Hi Jennelle, i've replied to your blog post, but will just add the idea here too. I use a growhouse (http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?action=detail&fh_secondid...) it stays outside, so the fly thing isnt an issue. You may need to slash some air gaps in the material. Hope this can solve your problem.


Take care

Piers x

As horrible as you feel right now, this time will pass and you will feel good again soon. 


Even with total control over my own food, I ran out of ripe fruit while traveling last week, and resorted to eating a couple mangoes which were so close to being ripe but not quite there.  I felt terrible physically and mentally afterward - was in a horrible mood.


Just do the best you can until Thursday and there is no shame in eating cooked food if you have nothing else - please don't let yourself feel bad about that.


You might try to make connections with produce people at different stores.  Maybe you can call them ahead and see if they have ripe bananas you can buy that day for future purposes.


I admire your strength to keep at it despite all the difficulty.  I think others would just give up to avoid the conflict.


As a Mom myself, while I would grant my daughter's wish to do this for sure even if I wasn't eating this way, if I didn't understand it, I'd be very concerned.  As much as her behavior is frustrating, I'm sure part of her behavior is linked to a true concern and love for you. 

Fast. In a few days your fruit will be ripe. In the meantime search out some little Asian market stores-- the mom and pops-- they have ripe fruit or close to it.



I don't think fasting is a good option for a person trying to get the people in the house to understand her diet.  That even to me who lives on my own seems like a bad Idea.  To fast short term will just make the body go into starvation mode and is not a good idea in my opinion.



Ask your Mom to buy a couple of bagas of apples. These can help you out while you wait for bananas to ripen. Try to always have some other fruits on hand (ie apples, watermelon, cantalope, grapes, etc) these will help to carry you.



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