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Creating paradise for all of us .. easier than we thought * PLEASE COMMENT

* UPDATE 16/03/11:
Fururistic plans are in the creation.. soon dreams to reality.
I am currently having active meetings with others who are seriously interested in this project and coming up with a plan, and Soon leading to a fundraising website.

Will update soon.

Has anybody thought of everyone pitching in for a piece of land?
A piece of land for us to each, call our own,
a piece of land for us all to live, and work on,
a piece of land where we found change, even a new society?

I mean with 4000 members on here lets think about it:
A dollar from everyone; obviously $4000

But even $40 from everyone (4000monkeys)

, each month? Were looking at $160,000.



Maybe not EVERY member is that active into 811.
Lets say even 1000 of us wanted such a project.
1000 x $50 = $50,000

Thats still awesome.


So let's look even further into this.

$40 donation every month into a pot to buy some land... in the tropics?
I would personally dedicate my time to work for FREE just to organize

and work on crops there.


Fast forward one year. 12 months.
12 x $160,000 = $1,920,000

Okay.. so maybe a million to the land.

Wait another year and make one massive

paradise for all?

Whos to say we couldn't start our own paradise..
living strictly off the land, and anything else needed

to be bought from our currency of a lucious crop.

I have a dream. A dream that crops would so lucious and large in volume there would
be enough to feed a society.

Heck we could have our own outdoor swimming pool,
A gym inspired by DR.G's awesome bodyweight and monkey bar exercises,

even an indoor one with free weights... everything


To make such a society is not a far glance, it's much closer than we know


I made this discussion for you to point out flaws or rejoice in such an idea.. or just
to think im crazy.

Either way I will attempt to make paradise on earth for myself,
waking up every morning to my job of providing and cultivating food
for myself and other's, through permaculture and every other way to
create sustainability on earth :)


 For members interested in planning and coming on board:



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so what do you need money for?

A few posts back Taylor offered to buy you seeds and have them sent to you.

You replied saying:

thank god that is amazing!

On your blog you say:

we need seeeeeds!!!!


Well, that's one of the things you need money for.


And no, it's not my vision to be buying fruits forever. Fruits would be something we would grow ourselves. But if you are going to build a house you will need tools, equipment and materials.


You might need money for that.


Also if you want to buy land you will be needing money.


If someone in your community has an accident and falls out of a tree, it might be necessary to take this person to a doctor. How will you get there? How will you pay?


You might have some idealised vision of what your perfect dreamworld is all about but you still live in the real world. And in the real world you still need money.

Maybe at one point you will be able to produce or grow something that you can use to trade. But you can't provide everything you need in life yourself.


Maybe if you want to live with nothing, owning nothing you could live without money. But that just seems like a step back for me.


I think it's perfectly possible to live in a natural, ecologically sound way and still have all the basic comforts.


But everyone has a different kind of world they want to live in.

And that's what I'm trying to say. Your world might work for you but not for me.

That's why it's important for Taylor to outline his idea if he wants to start a project where other people are expected to join in financially.


Just to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Thanks, DaSaint, your right on my track my man.

I know Pom has something going but..

Truly I was envisioning next level.. futuristic plans.

I dont want to live in a shack,  id rather  solar powered, highly intelligent households.

I was feeling for their to defiantly have a solid money making aspect to this project.

Something very sustainable.

the only thing truely substaineble is nature, everything we create requires lots of destruction and always breaks!

we can build houses the way we did for millions of years without tools, the way some people here still do....


our goal is to stop using money, after we buy the land, and have our fruit paradise mature, its a long process.


all animals fast when they injure themselfs, doctors are only drug dealers, and living away from technology is the best way to live safely...


the real world is the one that has fully substained itself in perfect harmony for billions of years my friend, the human world is only going toward self destruction, faster and faster.... step by step, is that going forward for you?


good luck in your pocess, im shure if you create a fruitarian community it will be far less destructive than any other community.


DaSaint, I'd like you to come to a discussion with me and BananaNinja. We have had some talks before but are ready for some serious planning.

Skype: taylornovak33

email: Taylornovak33@gmail.com
I'm totally with that! I'm in.



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