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Creating paradise for all of us .. easier than we thought * PLEASE COMMENT

* UPDATE 16/03/11:
Fururistic plans are in the creation.. soon dreams to reality.
I am currently having active meetings with others who are seriously interested in this project and coming up with a plan, and Soon leading to a fundraising website.

Will update soon.

Has anybody thought of everyone pitching in for a piece of land?
A piece of land for us to each, call our own,
a piece of land for us all to live, and work on,
a piece of land where we found change, even a new society?

I mean with 4000 members on here lets think about it:
A dollar from everyone; obviously $4000

But even $40 from everyone (4000monkeys)

, each month? Were looking at $160,000.



Maybe not EVERY member is that active into 811.
Lets say even 1000 of us wanted such a project.
1000 x $50 = $50,000

Thats still awesome.


So let's look even further into this.

$40 donation every month into a pot to buy some land... in the tropics?
I would personally dedicate my time to work for FREE just to organize

and work on crops there.


Fast forward one year. 12 months.
12 x $160,000 = $1,920,000

Okay.. so maybe a million to the land.

Wait another year and make one massive

paradise for all?

Whos to say we couldn't start our own paradise..
living strictly off the land, and anything else needed

to be bought from our currency of a lucious crop.

I have a dream. A dream that crops would so lucious and large in volume there would
be enough to feed a society.

Heck we could have our own outdoor swimming pool,
A gym inspired by DR.G's awesome bodyweight and monkey bar exercises,

even an indoor one with free weights... everything


To make such a society is not a far glance, it's much closer than we know


I made this discussion for you to point out flaws or rejoice in such an idea.. or just
to think im crazy.

Either way I will attempt to make paradise on earth for myself,
waking up every morning to my job of providing and cultivating food
for myself and other's, through permaculture and every other way to
create sustainability on earth :)


 For members interested in planning and coming on board:



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yes its very possible!! i just heard it is illegal to talk about money exange or even seed exange, so heres my mail... wearefruitarian@gmail.com


lets start the talks!! ya man! glad to have ou on board!

hell yes lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i am in :D

ive personally been thinking about this as well, seems like a perfect idea!

growing a paradise garden in Hawaii  right now
Christopher's garden is amazing. I have seen all his videos and will be staying there later this year. He really has it all set up and others that have stayed with him have bought property near by and built there own farms. You should all check out his videos. :)
Pineapples at all? I have heard of the sacred WHITE pineapple being avaliable over there.
that is lovely, im in :D
Awesome well klets work with our friend pom here and with each other,

I was thinking we could bring these over there , Adrienne. :)




what do you think?
thank god that is amazing! please talk to tanya about that!

Hey Taylor,


Maybe you need to write down a little bit more in detail what your fruit paradise looks like for you.

That way we can see if your idea is compatible with that of Pom in Kenia and that of other people.


Because if you say "tropical fruit paradise" everyone gets a certain picture in their mind. But maybe that picture differs greatly from person to person.


It might be very simple and basic where you live in a little mud hut, far away from society.

Or it might be more advanced. Where you build decent houses from wood, adobe and straw. With certain comforts like solar panels and wind turbines for electricity, an internet connection possibly via satellite.

With compost toilets and showers. Maybe a guest house for visiting family.

With vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, water harvesting and use of animals for instance in chicken tractors.


A great interest of mine is strawbale building and if I think about a community like this I see a big community house where everyone can come together to eat and hang out. I see a work shop for woodworks etc.

I also see us selling our excess produce in order to make some money for stuff we might need to buy.


This however doesn't mean that people would have to work all day.


The way I understand Pom's plan is that they dont' want to use money, nor clothes. They want to sleep outside and move around depending on the season.


They also seem to have jumped into this adventure a bit haphazardly and without a real plan it seems to me. They are in Kenia which is according to some people not the best place fruit wise.


There idea of a fruit paradise is not really compatible with mine.


So I think if you want to organize something like this the first step would seem to me to come up with a descent plan.


And whether if you like it or not you will need money. So it might be important to get that set up a little bit to in advance.


And most importantly: get informed. Know what you want and what you need to do to get that done.

A thing like this is a little to big to just jump in head first.

Im on it HD.

hum hum... if i may...


i have been travelling all over for 7 years now none stop, and i never planed anything, and i was always fine, and with me sometimes were the ones whom needed to plan everything, i kept telling them, things never go as plan!!! and they end up staying behind, dreaming of havind my courage....


we took 2 month of full time planing in canary islands, there was 4 of us for some time, i kept telling them that we had to just go! but im not alone this time, and we planed and planed... i even got about 10 diferent places to sleep for free all over kenya! But nothing went as planed, nothing!


we are on site, we gathered a ton of information, theres a local whom joined us, we travelled all around kenya, and trust me, we are more organize than anyone that has been planing for years through a computer!


Kenya is not the fruit paradise, but is your vision of your fruit paradise is a place where you will be buying fruits forever? we beleive it is unatural to eat more then 2-3 fruits per season, and here there is enough to make us happy (so far so good).


and your right about us wanting to live with only nature's creation, nothing man-made, god's creation should be complete and enough, everything we created has proven to be intoxicating in many levels, we don't like disrespecting what is perfect... a nice day for me is swimming in the river, eating fruits, meditating, interacting with the other beeings, laying in the grass, sunbathing, enjoying the people of the community, and thanking nature... Fresh air, fresh fruits, fresh water, good friends and family, seems just fine to me, so what do you need money for?


(this message was for all the people that are interested in joining us, in case they didnt knowwhat we are all about...)





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