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"create calorie deficit" / "eat over 3k a day" contradictory.

Dr Doug's book says that IF you want to lose weight (fat) you should create a calorie deficit. Freelee reccomends eating over 3,000kcals a day. 


If I eat over 3k a day, I am NOT creating a calorie deficit. I am eating more than my body burns.

Then, after reading several discussions and contradictory facts, what IS, for heaven's sake, the correct way to lose body fat constantly and progressively? Oh, and effectively.


I want facts. I want evidence. I want real information. I want to know WHAT to do. I'm confused. Help :/

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Eat as much fruit as you desire = increased motivation to be active = a lean physique over time. Be patient, listen to the lean people succeeding on this lifestyle and shift your focus onto getting fitter & healthier - not losing weight. It's really that simple.

This discussion is turning into a bit of a mish mash of confusion. I trust you have your answer. We have advised you what to do, now please follow our recommendations :)




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