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"create calorie deficit" / "eat over 3k a day" contradictory.

Dr Doug's book says that IF you want to lose weight (fat) you should create a calorie deficit. Freelee reccomends eating over 3,000kcals a day. 


If I eat over 3k a day, I am NOT creating a calorie deficit. I am eating more than my body burns.

Then, after reading several discussions and contradictory facts, what IS, for heaven's sake, the correct way to lose body fat constantly and progressively? Oh, and effectively.


I want facts. I want evidence. I want real information. I want to know WHAT to do. I'm confused. Help :/

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80/10/10 (meat/organs/bones)? How is that  even possible to get that ratio with the dog food?

Maybe I can answer better knowing how that is even possible...

I thought you meant the macronutrient ratio, like in 80/10/10...

You can do this, but you would not get enough nutrients that way and get a health energy compromise whilst feeling deprivation. The equation is simple in my own suggestion as well; the more you eat, the more nutrients you recieve and the more you thrive.

Take the dog for some walks lol! 


Ive looked after a LOT of dogs and NEVER seen a fat dog that was fit. The owners tried to tell me that the dog is in great shape and they dont know why its fat. Then I take the dog for a light jog and its shagged by the end of the block.

Yes. If you want to do it by restricting calories (and thus energy). It would work.


I have no clue if a dog metabolism is the same as human metabolistm. If a person is overweight, s/he requires MORE calories then a regular weight person because it s/he is heavier. If you just restrict calories, you would be hampering the person's energy and metabolism levels. Besides that, the person will end up with less weight, but it will be a less desirable proportion of muscle/fat, since in calorie restriction mode the body will hold on to body fat.


Losing weight should never be a goal!


This DR video will answer your question precisely: 

Pinkvil, through my observations it's the people who don't do HCRV 100% that gain. They mix cooked with raw or still eat vegan junk occasionally and wonder why it's not working.


Do the lifestyle 100%, you get results 100% of the time.

Pinkvil, through my observations it's the people who don't do HCRV 100% that gain. They mix cooked with raw or still eat vegan junk occasionally and wonder why it's not working.

Do the lifestyle 100%, you get results 100% of the time.

My experience also. Well said.

I have only read the first page of responses but Freelee is an advocate of exercise and building muscle.  Calorie restriction does not work in the long run but eating enough and exercising enough does.  There are many factors to being a healthy person like food sleep water sun exercise.  If you are truly an architecture student you are probably not getting enough sun sleep or exercise, if you start calorie restriction to lose fat you have a good chance of going down the rabbit whole sooner than latter.  Getting enough fuel for the body of of good nutrition is a very important practice.  Working on the other factors of health are just as important and balance should be strived for.  Moderations in all good things avoid dis-ease causes as much as possible.


Good luck with school that is a challenging road.  I have taken some architecture classes they are quite a job.  I also live with Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi in there home in Philly.  Has nothing to do with your question but being your an architecture student I though you might appreciate what an honor it is to live with two such accomplished architects :)

Welcome to 30BAD, good question, lots of great answers already, here is my addition.


The minimum calorie recommendations on 30BAD are 2500 for women and 3000 for men, add more for activity, including carrying extra weight around.


Dr. D says below that 2000 calories is extremely unlikely to be enough for anyone who is doing enough exercise to be healthy. 

Many who have read your book are choosing to leave out greens because they are not drawn to them and want to just be "fruitarian." Any thoughts on this?

They are not following 811 at that point. I have not seen long-term fruitarians succeed, and have seen huge numbers of them fail (and too many die) over the almost four decades since I first started my dietary journey. My thoughts? DON'T do it. And certainly don't associate fruitarianism with 80/10/10. In my book, I recommend eating 2 to 6% of calories from green, leafy vegetables. This amounts to 40 to 120 calories for a person eating 2,000 calories (which, by the way, is very unlikely to be enough food for a person doing enough physical activity to be healthy). Forty calories is roughly a medium-sized head of lettuce. That is the absolute minimum I would suggest, and two to three times that is far more likely to provide adequate nutrition. People who eat more than 2,000 calories should adjust accordingly.



Appetite is not an objective measure of how much we need to eat, it's just not reliable as evidenced by so many people who under eat when starting 811 within the first year.  Going by hunger/ appetite is one measure but using the calorie model and tracking with chronometer or nutridiary has shown to be almost essential for long term success eating 811.  


There are several threads on here about people coming from a background of eating disorders (ED), or even mild calorie restriction who gain before they normalize their weight.  Therefore making the decision of how much to eat based upon weight gain or loss is another tool but not the only one by any means.  Acceptance of fat gain and being a stronger person Posted by:  Adrienne D. is a good thread about that.



These people all lost weight eating 100% high calorie high carb low fat raw vegan:





Durian Rider explains how to lose weight on 811 so well in this video below:





Reading through the  All aboard the Banana Welcome Wagon!  will give you a few hours of good reading with lots of great links and will answer many questions most people have when starting out. 


Best Wishes! :)

Also Chris' recent awesome video about his high carb weight loss:


...and a great interview with Victoria

Thank you ednshell, I find your responses quite useful :)
I have tried to find this recent thread about this guy who has been eating cooked carbs and feeling great, the title has something about following Durian Rider's advice.  Does anyone know how to find it?

Hey Carrie, this thread might give you some good info.


Amazing results after following durianriders tips



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