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I'm 5 ft 5 and last September, I weighed 126 lbs. Shortly afterward, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After I came home, I ate lots of fruit and exercised. I gained the weight back, but then a few extra pounds as well. At this time, the doctors were encouraging lots of nuts, seeds & peanut butter. My weight wasn't going anywhere and I still had flubber all over me. So about 2 months in, I cut down drastically  on fat & amped up my carbs. I was eating lots and lots of cooked brown rice and oatmeal, potatoes, and as much fruit as I could, being under my parents' roof (who won't let me go fruitarian). But all those grains and potatoes were requiring me to take a LOT of insulin in order to process. Probably about 20-30 units per bowl of rice.

Well. Since then, my weight SKYROCKETED to 162 lbs. Just to put that into perspective, that's on the brink of obesity for my height. And no, it was absolutely not muscle. It was definitely fat. You could see it all over my body. I was starting to get a hint of a second chin.

When I went to my last endocrinologist appointment and saw that number, I burst into tears. I don't understand how this could've happened. Why are all you people getting lean as @#$$ eating this way, but everything I eat turns me into a gigantic big fat walrus???? I'm so tired of battling my weight. I've tried eating healthier and healthier for YEARS, and I had been eating tons of carbs and next to no fat for months, hoping, believing that this weight gain was only initial/temporary, that my body was balancing, etc, but it never came back down! With every endo visit, I'd find out I'd gained at least 10 more pounds.

So, terrified of gaining even more fat, I've been starving myself for a month and have lost 16.4 pounds so far. I'm just hoping someone can give me a decent explanation and save me from this hell of being fat. Nothing else is working. This is the first time I've seen the number on the scale go down so much in my entire life.

Just so you know, I had emailed Dr. McDougall earlier, and his advice was everything I had been doing, which is obviously not helping. Also, I've had 2 gluten allergy tests, and both came back negative. Lastly, I don't know if it's the insane amount of insulin I have to take in order to process them, but grains make me feel REALLY sick after I eat them. I can't focus, I have the worst mind fog, and I feel really heavy and downright awful.

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I definitely agree with you. That's why I'm planning on moving out as soon as I possibly can after I graduate.

I had been doing 80/10/10 for 6 months and experienced some weight gain two to three months ago. As much as a hate to admit it I came to the realization that I am an emotional eater. For about a month now I have been more mindful about my eating. Every time I get the urge to eat I do a mini meditation and ask myself if I am wanting to eat for nourishment or because I am stressed, or in some physical or emotional pain. I have been looking at a lot of videos from Dr. Doug Graham and his wife on fasting and emotional heating and I am beginning to understand how we can use food, yes even fruit, as a drug. I have lost 10 pounds doing this and my migraines have lessened as I have practiced this mindfulness. I hope this helps.

I have another question regarding this, though...

Harley says high insulin will make you fat, but sugar will never make you fat no matter how much of it you eat.

But if I ate 620g of carbs from sugary fruits, I'd have to take 31 units of insulin for the day, which is quite a lot.

So for me, as a type 1 diabetic, I won't be able to keep slim eating so many carbs because of how much insulin I'd have to take??

(and that's at a 1:20 ratio, which is better than most people)

I would contact Robby about this, he is a type 1 diabetic that has consulted with Dr. Graham, he is doing 80/10/10 100% raw and is into it for 5 plus years I believe. 

Just curious. How are things going for you now? Any improvements?

Me to. I hope everything works out well!

Hi guys. Sorry it's been a while. I'm flucuating between 126-130ish lbs right now and I'm sad to say that I lost that weight through starving because I freaked the hell out when I hit 160. But! I have spent the last three or so months increasing my calorie intake again, and I think I know what my problem was with the weight gain and feeling so sick. I strongly believe it was all of the grains I was eating. I've discovered that my body is really intolerant to them, and I always feel sick after eating them. So I am currently not eating grains, but I do have some beans and potatoes. As you all know, it's really difficult for me to get in the fruit carbs I need under my parent's roof, so I've been trying to see what I can do for my backup, so I've been eating brown sugar, and oh my god does it make a difference! It digests WOOORRRLLDSSS easier than grains, and as long as I give myself the appropriate amount of insulin, I don't end up spiking or feeling really sick. My other backups are juice and applesauce. I am going to get my license sometime in early 2014, and when I do, I plan on joining the YMCA. I also plan to start riding my bike everywhere and getting better at that. But most of all, I am moving out of my house as soon as I possibly can, because the longer I stay here, the sicker I'm going to get. But the bottom line is that refined sugar is an incredibly better backup than grains ever were, and I'm not going to eat grains anymore. So overall, I'm doing better, and yeah I will probably gain some weight when I go completely fruitarian because I starved myself, but I didn't do it for very long, so hopefully my body can recover quicker than it would have, had I continued.

Sol Echo. I am sorry to hear that you went the route of damaging your health in order to be a certain weight that you deemed in your head as desirable. The body is intelligent and gains weight for a reason. I am sorry that weight takes a greater importance to you then health. Gaining weight isn't easy but in the end it would have been temporary be it a year or three. To me it is sad that temporary weight was so distressful you would be willing to starve yourself. I am recovering from severe anorexia and I can assure you being obsessed with a number on the scale or a certain body shape or size is not healthy. When you fail on this lifestyle due to under eating and fear of calories and weight gain because of your disregard for your health you are going to blame this lifestyle but it will be nobody's fault but your own

100% of pro bodybuilders use insulin as its one of the most anabolic hormones around. Its also legal. Combine anabolic hormone with calorie restriction background and you have a recipe for massive rapid weight gain.

Its lucky you found this lifestyle otherwise you could have ballooned out to 220lb+ like Ive seen many people do.

I have not been able to transition to this lifestyle because I'm stuck in my parents' house, and will be until at least August. This comment makes me even more terrified of recovery.

Tash has been consistently under eating for a long time unfortunately.  Under eating always leads to deficiencies.

I should not blame this life style. During summer it works out perfect! I dont now why I wanted sp much to eat, just feltunsatidfyed. Maybe I should make some big sallads intead of eating just mor fruits.

I also meed to eat less and more often. I could not do this mega meal. The mega meal makes me eat even more unteil I feel like crap.

For start anyway I need my 5 meels a day...

Sharon, did you stop this kind od eating? Did it give you the result you wanted?



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